Panel Discussion on Obama Administration

As you all know, Barack Obama will be made President of the USA tomorrow 20th January. His election has created a lot of interest and now, all eyes are set on his new administration. There has been lots of criticism against Bush and the expectations are very high for Obama. But, how far will he be able to meet them?

These issues will be addressed in a Panel Discussion which is being organised by the Department of Social Studies and the American Embassy. The theme is: ’21st Century America: The Challenges Facing the Obama Administration’.

Venue: LT 2
Time: 12.30 – 14.30
Date: Wednesday 21st January 2009

The panellists will be: Craig White (Cultural Affairs Officer, US Embassy), Quentin Barber (Economic and Trade Advisor, US Embassy) and Mamoud Cheeroo (Secretary General, Mauritius Chamber of Commerce)
Moderator: Roukaya Kasenally

You are all invited to attend and participate in the discussions. Please feel free to invite anyone else who might be interested.

C. Chan-Meetoo


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