Applications open for UOM

Hi all,

Just a note to let you know that applications are open for courses at UOM until 6th March, including for the Communication Studies programme.

If you are interested in applying for the Communication degree, click on the link below for detailed information on how to proceed:

To get a copy of the course structure, go to:
The course structure is currently under review and there will normally be more specialisation modules to integrate more practical work in the curriculum. For info, there are two specialisations, Business Communication and Journalism. And if you are interested in both, you should apply for both as the intake is separate (if you are given a seat in only one specialisation, you will not be allowed to change after joining. But, you can take the other specialisation’s modules over and above your regular modules if you wish).

Also, note that this is a part-time programme targeted primarily at employed people. But, there are some seats for fresh school-leavers. Tuition fees apply to all though… If you have a job (whether part-time or full-time), your chances of getting a seat are enhanced, whatever be the nature of the work.

Many prospective students have asked me whether this degree is recognised internationally. The answer is yes. Many of our students have pursued or are pursuing their studies abroad (in Reunion, France, Australia, South Africa, UK, Dubai & Singapore) with no difficulty for entrance in their Masters, Maitrise, DEA and even PhD. Also, many of our students have obtained interesting job offers after studying with us. Some have become prominent journalists, Communication/PR officers, etc. with a few having even obtained management positions.

So, good luck if you are applying! And hope to see a good crop of candidates in August 2009…

C. Chan-Meetoo


One thought on “Applications open for UOM

  1. Hi

    I accidentally found this blog why doing a search on advertising agencies in Mauritius. While I am now completing my MBA at UOM, I would have loved joining this course. This blog is speaks it all for the professional guidance given to students from the assignments to its resources uploaded.

    Well done and thanks for the quality of work

    MBA (Spe. Marketing) Year 2


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