Placement or freelance opportunities

To all Communication Students

Here is an opportunity for either a placement or some freelance work. Maujobs is looking for Communication students who can collaborate on the following projects:

– Production of a short movie
– Setting up of a community blog
– Participation in communication micro-projects

Please see the detailed information below sent by Maujobs. If you are interested, please contact Ms Marie J de Robillard on


As one of the pioneers of recruitment as a service, Service Bureau has been a useful ressource for thousands of graduating students during many years. And now, with the launch of our online recruitment portal we are offering very innovative approaches to the use of IT to start, boost or track a career and are a vivid example, ourselves, of how much can be achieved in terms of communication and collaborative work.

Thus we have recently opened on our website a call for the setting up of a library of keywords related to competencies that will serve to match very precisely expertise with the job market needs. The project is ongoing and has already attracted a lot of contributers who have quickly understood its time-saving and quality-enhancing advantages.

The projects for which we are considering an input from students of your faculty will consist in

a) producing a short movie/footage/animation to be disseminated on various social networks to support the following premise: the exact profiling of specific competencies in a job/HR search constitues a clear value-addition, how can we demonstrate this assumption?

b) building a community blog to provide dialogue forums in order to liaise with local and international freshmen, counterparts, HR managers, recruiters, schools, & so on and

c) various communication micro-projects involving style, design, intelligence, media watch and creative writing.

All projects will imply a temporary and part-time attachment, so will not interfere with the time that they should devote to the normal course of their studies. The idea is to allow them to use the results of their work as thematic subjects in the scope of their project assignments and to have a first hand at the workplace, life-size, and what’s more at one where all modern communication tools are part of the work flow.

Participants will of course receive a stipend depending on the level of involvement they will wish to enter when we discuss with them. We can also provide a progress report at agreed intervals so that you can monitor the various attachments.

We are confident that such a project can provide an excellent opportunity for your students to put in practice what they have been learning and for us the guarantee that we contribute to shaping a work culture that is not only fun but relevant to the future engagements of the young people.


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