UOM admissions are open

If you are interested in applying to follow a course at the University of Mauritius, please note that admissions are now open. For more information, visit the UOM website at:

There will also be some Open Day consultations during this week:

For more info about the degree in Communication (specialisations in Business Communication or Journalism), visit the About page or the Course Structure page

2011 UPDATE:
For 2011 admissions, go to: http://www.uom.ac.mu/PROSPECTIVESTUDENTS/index.htm

For people interested in Media/Communication, please note that there will be a new programme this year. We will offer a full-time Journalism degree with specialisation in (i) Economics or (ii) Politics or (iii) Digital Media. The programme is still being finalised so it is not yet listed on the application platform of UOM’s website.

If you are interested, you should watch out for a separate advertisement which will come later on the website and in the newspapers. However, candidates are strongly advised to apply for other programmes in which they are interested right now to enhance their chances of securing a place at UOM.
The part-time Communication degree will not be offered this year (We will offer the part-time Communication degree and the full-time Journalism degree on an alternate basis).


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