Elections.mu is online

Check Elections.mu, the new blog about politics in Mauritius.


3 thoughts on “Elections.mu is online

  1. I would have gladly contributed. Unfortunately I am already running an #electionmu page on my blog during this period. Except if the articles were duplicated and posted on Elections.mu as well, I don’t honestly see how the new portal can gain in momentum in the last 14 days of the current campaign. Well better late than never, some would say, but I guess you’ll have to archive all that has been written about the campaign so far to give a coherent and global vision of what is happening and what will happen.


    • What a coincidence that you chose a similar name. Yes, why not replicate, or at least, provide a summary of your key points. Send a mail to avinash@noulakaz.net to be able to contribute.

      This blog will not change things overnight but it can contribute to making more information available and foster more rational discussion about politics amongst citizens of this country.


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