US publications on Media

As a follow up to the Digital Conference which was held on 3rd May at the US Embassy in Port-Louis on Press Freedom and Journalism Ethics (on World Press Freedom Day), the US Embassy wishes to share the two following documents:

Global Issues US Department of State eJournal March 2006 – Media Emerging This issue looks at how new technologies shape the news media. It includes articles about the print media, broadcasting, public libraries, culture, the OLPC, photo albums, online communities, universities, online crime, consumer advocacy, wireless devices and an article about blogging by Dan Gillmor, the author of ‘We the Media. Grassroots Journalism by the People, For the People’.

Global Issues US Department of State eJournal Feb 2003 – Seeking Free and Responsible Media. This issue includes articles about US foreign policy in terms of freedom and democracy, the legal foundation of press freedom in the US, financial independence and viability of the media, journalism schools and public trust, and training for broadcast journalism.

These are very interesting complements to the very lively discussion we had at the DVC which featured Elizabeth Bryant, a Paris-based American print/radio journalist and editor. The latter told participants about her experience of journalism in Washington and Egypt. The relative freedom of the press in Mauritius was highlighted as well as the major constraints faced by local journalists (no Freedom of Information Act but an Official Secrets Act), the lack of in-depth investigative reporting, the coverage of politics and elections and the impact of new media on journalism.


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