Videos of Dialogue Session on the Media in Mauritius

Here are the videos of presentations made at the UOM/UNESCO Dialogue Session on the Media in Mauritius which was held on the 16th and 17th September 2010 at the University of Mauritius.

The Media in Mauritius: A UNESCO/UOM Dialogue Session – Opening Ceremony
Introductory Remarks: Mrs Christina Chan-Meetoo (convenor of the National Dialogue Session)
Welcome Remarks by Professor Sobhee, Dean of the Faculty of Social Studies & Humanities and Associate Professor Puchooa, Ag Vice Chancellor of the University of Mauritius
Keynote Address: Mr Amadou Mahta Ba – CEO African Media Initiative

Session 1 – Freedom, Media and Democracy
Chaired by Ibrahim Koodoruth
1. Constitutional & Legal Frameworks: Opportunities & Constraints for the Media Industry – Maneesh Gobin
2. Freedom and Transparency: A Journalistic Appreciation – Subash Gobine & Gilbert Ahnee
3. Enlarging the Mauritian Democratic Space: Creating an Informed Citizenry – Catherine Boudet

Session 2(i): Media Systems and Policies – Highlights
Chaired by Amadou Mahtar Ba.
1. Integrity of Public Institutions: The Case of the MBC – Dan Callikhan
2. Private Radio: Serving Public or Commercial Interest – Striking the Right Balance – Abdoollah Earally
3. 21st Century Broadcasting: The Need to Revisit and Reinvent Established Systems – Roukaya Kasenally

Session 2(i) – Media Systems and Policies-Extended version

Session 2(ii) – Media Systems and Policies
Chaired By Roukaya Kasenally
1. The Role of Regulation — Gilbert Ithier
2. Experiments in Self Regulation: The NEPA Code of Conduct — Lindsay Rivière
3. State or Self Regulation: The Search for Common Ground — Christina Chan-Meetoo

Session 3 – Media, Politics and Democracy
Chaired by Sheila Bunwaree
1. Mainstream Political Parties and the Media: Cehl Meeah (FSM), Steven Obeegadoo (MMM), Nita Deerpalsing (LP)
2. Extra-parliamentary Dynamics & The Media: Ashok Subron & Nilen Vencadasamy
3. The Media and the Notion of ‘Free & Fair’ Elections: Mayila Paroomal

Sessions 4 – Citizens & The Media
Chaired by Caroline Ng Tseung Wong
1. New Spaces, New Challenges: The Relevance of Regulation – Krishna Oolun
2. The Advent of Digital Content: Experiences in Online Journalism – Rabin Bhujun & Avinash Meetoo
3. The Emerging Digital Environment: Opportunities and Constraints – Azhagan Chenganna

Session 5 – Challenges to the Journalism Trade: Training & Professionalism (Round Table)
Chaired by Christina Chan-Meetoo
With Jean-Luc Emile (Radio One), Jean-Claude de L’Estrac (La Sentinelle), Henri Marimootoo (Week-End), Axcel Cheney (Radio Plus), Kiran Ramsahye (Le Matinal)

To view all videos made at the Mediacom Studio, go to:


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