Student videos

See the latest student videos on YouTube at

These may also be viewed on the Broadcast and Digital Media page.

The latest videos are:

Student videos
On student elections for council (editing by Melissa & Reina)

On Valentine Day (shooting & editing by Karishma, Sabine, Melissa & Reina)

On MTC elections (by Sabine)

Interview with artist Billy Ng (by Sabine)

Ile aux Aigrettes (by Karishma)

Interview with editor-in-chief Rudy Veeramundur (by Reina)

On UOM Open Day (by Reina)

Interview with D. Chutoo (by Karishma)

On Infinity BPO – Le combat de Jeff Lingaya (by Melissa)

Interview with writer-journalist Sedley Assone (by Melissa)

UOM Megashow 2011 (by Karishma)

Radio Campus de l’Université de Maurice (by Reina)

A la rencontre des plongeurs du centre Capitaine Mimi (by Sabine)

Radio Amateur à Maurice (by Melissa)

Journée Internationale de la Femme (by Sabine)


One thought on “Student videos

  1. Très bonne initiative je trouve…en passant j`ai fait un stage de trois mois chez Capital..donc je connais le rédacteur en chef Rudy Veeramundar…la radio campus me plaìt beacoup et pourquoi pas..j`aimerais bien un jour moi-même former partie de cette équipe..:)


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