Short films made by my students in Dec 2015

students-films2015Here are the five short films made by my Journalism and Communication students for my “Aspects of Film Studies” elective module at the end of last semester.

For all of them, this was the first time that they were making a fiction film and the process was hard as we had limited means and time for doing so. Each group had to do everything by themselves (idea, script, storyboard, acting, directing, filming and editing).

Nonetheless, I am quite happy with what they have produced. There are some very good ideas and causes, some ingenuity to overcome the constraints of limited time and limited facilities. Obviously, there are also some weaknesses such as length, acting, lack of realism, etc., which is a normal part of learning.

Please feel free to share and comment, bearing in mind that this is, for all of them, a very first student film!


4 thoughts on “Short films made by my students in Dec 2015

  1. Je l’ai regardée sans le son. La prise d’image est très intéressante (angles..). Même la qualité est bonne. Bravo. Je sais que cela demande un gros travail qui me ramène à quelques années en arrière.


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