Students assignments for Digital Journalism

This year in my Digital Journalism module, I am trying to introduce data journalism combined with multimedia reporting. Below are the submissions from the three teams for the first assignment. The students had chosen to study road safety in Mauritius. The latest data which they could use from Statistics Mauritius was up to June 2015.

Students were expected to come up with a longform piece which combined text, photos, charts and graphs, audio and video. They were encouraged to adopt innovative approaches to sourcing, data processing and reporting. They were also expected to cover some key points such as trends in number of vehicles registered, number of accidents, road infrastructure (for example, new roads built compared to the increase in number of vehicles, maintenance of roads, road indications, etc.), preventive measures (radars, police check), laws and regulations inter alia.

I found the students eager to do interviews, especially on video and some were good at finding personal stories to illustrate the topic.  The data processing part seemed the most difficult for them as they were pretty scared of numbers at first (this seems to be a big issue with our youngsters and our population at large). Hopefully, their next assignments should provide them with more experience and make them more nimble and more logic-oriented.


2 thoughts on “Students assignments for Digital Journalism

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