Black Screen – Africa Film Festival 2016 by Australian High Commission

Blackscreen_Exp_160x250During the Black Screen Africa Film Festival organised by the Australian High Commission, there will be the screening of two films at the University of Mauritius on Saturday 2nd July at 2 pm in Lecture Theatre 2:

Short film: Plains Empty – 27 mins
Dir: Beck Cole – Prod: Kath Shelper – Writ: Beck Cole
A young woman, left largely to her own devices, is drawn into uncovering hidden stories of the past.

Feature film: Jandamarra’s War – 55 mins
Dir: Mitch Torres – Prod: Eileen Torres
Jandamarra’s War is a documentary film that recreates the life of the almost mythic hero from the Bunuba Aboriginal people who led the resistance against colonial power in the Kimberley in the latter part of the 19th century.

Those who still wish to register for the workshop with film director and producer Rachel Perkins, please fill in the form below:


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