What happens to those who leave school early?



The Mauritius map above englobes the whole education system in the Republic of Mauritius in the year 2015. It is divided into zones and categorized in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education.

A study was carried out to analyze three cohorts. One can notice a significant decrease in the number of students over the years.


Total number of pupils examined over the years
Year  Number of pupils Decrease
 NOV 2016    HSC 9 285 pupils   13 891


 NOV 2014     SC 15 632 pupils
 NOV 2009     CPE 23 176 puplis
 NOV 2014 HSC 10 429 pupils  13 235


 NOV 2012 SC 16 967 pupils
 NOV 2008 CPE 23 664 pupils
 NOV 2013 HSC 10 287 pupils 13763                                     pupils
 NOV 2011 SC 17 192 pupils
 NOV 2007 CPE 24 050 pupils

There is a decrease of about 13 000 pupils for every cohort when reaching the HSC level. For each cohort, there is a decrease of about 6000 – 7000 pupils for each main stage (i.e. CPE to SC and SC to HSC). These are not able to finish their HSC despite having taken part in the CPE exams. Why such a drastic decrease? Do they have numerous failures and dropouts? Where do they go if they do not take part in the SC and HSC exams? Do they look for a job or register at the MITD? The year 2015 saw 6 884 youngsters enrolled at the MITD, which is not even a third of the amount of pupils who disappeared from the system after the SC level.

Throughout several years, there has been a constant decrease in the number of SC students who passed their exams. Through the Ministry of Education’s recent statistics, we deduce that among the 15,295 students who participated in the SC exams in 2013, only 11,461 passed and 9,917 participated in the HSC exams in 2015.


Figure 1: Total of students in SC&HSC and numbers who passed the exams

What did the students do if they left school after the SC examinations? Did they start working or join technical schools like MITD?

The MITD is a training center that promotes vocational education, technical and training. Throughout the island, there are now 15 training centers that are open for different courses and training.

For the last three years, more than 10, 000 people have been enrolled in the 15 centers of MITD in the island, according to the statistics found on the Ministry of Education’s website.

graph 2.png

Figure 2 : Enrollment in MITD

However, it is to be noted that the number of admissions in the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development has been declining. In 2013, the institution welcomed 10,463 students while in 2015, only 6,884 students were enrolled for the courses.


Jaya Bhujun & Zainah Peerally


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