Winter and its effect on the work of beach hawkers

When one goes to the beach, it is inescapable to think about the delicious fruit salads or as we call it “ ene bon ti salad fruits” and about the ice-cream from the colorful vans.

Many Mauritians have opened up snacks near the beach where tourists and locals alike come to enjoy the delicacies on offer. Since amendments to the law concerning hawkers were made in 2011, the Ministry of Tourism has been regulating the business of the beach hawkers. They are all gathered around one spot, usually near the parking lot to sell their products. It is the customers who need to go to them for any purchases. Moreover, the hawkers need to have an official permit in order to work. Because of this new rule, the number of hawkers has decreased and those who have a permit now also have trouble selling their products. During the winter season especially, i.e. from June to September, the volume trade of these hawkers decreases drastically.

For some of them, this is the only way they can earn a living.  And so, many hawkers still come to work even during the cold season. As a result, making ends meet becomes a real struggle. Others acknowledge that winter is not likely to be the most fruitful season, but they are still grateful that they get to earn some money to be able to survive. [ Find more in the video below]

Zainah Peerally


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