Short films by my students

Here are four short films made by my students for the module Aspects of Film Studies. These are the very first films that they have ever made so despite the inevitable flaws, I am quite happy with the outcome as they were done with zero budget, during term time and after only one module. Some of them have been quite creative and very motivated so I hope it was fun and a good learning experience for them.

During the semester, they also each had to edit a trailer for a movie of their choice which you cna discover in the playlist below.

Sleep Paralysis by Ashley Seetannah, Joshna Pandoo, Divya Nandhoo, Lisa David and Hansini Nemchand

Phase II by Divya Okil, Shruti Ramnarain, Meenakshi Ramjus and Kirti Pudaruth

Catfish by Agnes Esther, Alia Dookhy, Benazeer Cadersaib and Nir Chetamun

Redemption by Sarvesh Gopal, Thibault Francois, Vidushi Chamroo and Parvin Chiniah

Playlist of trailers

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