Use of new media as a means of generating revenue

By Melvin Moonien, Ritesh Subrun, Nidhi Groodoyal, Ganesha Seebaruth and Shamya Lall Mahomed.

International influencers

The phenomenon of earning money online through social media and other platforms has reached the whole world. In each country, we can see people trying to use the psychology of influence to make engaging art and change lives.
This phenomenon does not have any barrier. Even age cannot stop people from being influencers.

Ryan’s World

For example, a 7 year old boy generated $22 million by reviewing toys on his YouTube page.

This young boy has 22.5 million subscribers to his YouTube account. According to Forbes magazine, his YouTube account was the highest grossing among all accounts. He generated $22 million in revenue, double of what he earned the previous year where he was only 8th of highest grossing YouTube accounts.
The account began when Ryan, then a 4-year-old fan of toy-review videos, asked his parents if he could also review toys on YouTube. Ryan ToysReview started out slowly until a July 2015 video went viral. The video featured Ryan opening and reviewing a box containing more than 100 toys from Pixar’s “Cars” series. It has close to 935 million views.

His latest video titled “How to Make DIY Craw Machine from Cardboard!!!” was posted on 10th November 2019 and as of 13.32 on the 12th November 2019, he already had 2,125,121 views. To this day, this young lad has a grand total of 33,656,318,037 views on YouTube.

 This kid is not stopping anytime soon.


Gender is also no barrier to the phenomenon. Several women are major actors in the influencers industry.

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, better known as Zoella is a British fashion vlogger. She was born on March 28, 1990 in Lacock. A 19 year old Zoella started her blog zoella280390, dedicated to beauty and fashion, in February 200Collecting a thousand followers by year end—while employed by English fashion brand New Look—the blog metamorphosed into YouTube’s Zoella. On YouTube, Zoella has 11.6 million subscribers for a total view count of 1,113,291,735 as of 12th November 2019.

According to Spears magazine, her net worth is $2.5 million dollars. As per CelebsNow, YouTube vloggers earn approximately ‘£0.0007 per view’ and Sugg’s channels draw 22 million clicks per month on average, equating to monthly earnings of £15,000. CelebsNow also reported that her written blog makes around £4,000 per month from ads, with approximately 7.4 million clicks each month.

According to CelebsNow and Superdrug, Sugg’s beauty line has sold around £1,430,000 worth of products. Overall, brand Zoella has reportedly earned £3,884,338 in the last one year.

Sugg has written blog has recorded over 540 million clicks as of September 2015, while views for Zoella have crossed 663 million (over 9.9 million subscriber base). MoreZoella claims over 290 million clicks (subscriber list: 3.4 million plus). Her Twitter following is over four million and Instagram, seven million. Zoella has an approximate viewership of 12 million a month.
Inking a two-book deal with Penguin boosted by a £100,000 advance in 2014, Girl Online, her first novel, was launched on November 25, 2014. Selling 78,109 copies in the first week, it broke the record for highest sales by a debut author (beating Fifty Shades of Grey and even Harry Potter).
Zoella is an example of female influencers who have made it on their own.

Zoella has 9.6 million followers on Instagram.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is among the highest grossing male influencer in the world. Logan Alexander Paul was born on the 1st April 1995. HE is an American You Tuber, internet personality and actor known for his YouTube video content. As well as posting on his own YouTube channel.

The 24 year old has 20 million subscribers on YouTube with 4,756,655,709 total views as of 12th November 2019.

He started his YouTube channel on the 28th August 2015. According to the vlogging channel, Logan Paul Vlogs, has over 20 million subscribers growing by over 2,000 new subs daily and has accumulated over 5 billion views so far. This one gets an average of 1.6 million views per day which should generate an estimated revenue of around $6,400 per day ($2.3 million a year) from ads that appear on the videos.
Logan makes extra income from his acting career and sponsorship deals. He has appeared in shows like Law & Order, Weird Loners, Stitches, Bizaardvark and Walk the Prank. His web series outside his YouTube channel include Logal Paul vs, and Bad Weather Films. He also sells his merchandise called Maverick Merch on his website which is estimated to generate an annual revenue of over $10 million. He also made a lot of millions from his fight with KSI which is said to have been watch by 773,000 people who paid $10 each to watch the stream.


Influencers also do not have any age. This is best exemplified by Helen Winkle, better known on social media as baddiewinkle.

Helen Ruth Elam was born on 18th July 1928 at Hazard, Kentucky. She is an American internet personality. She became an Internet sensation at the age of eighty-five. Her social media tag line—”Stealing Your Man Since 1928″—has become a popular saying for teens and young adults. She is characterized by wearing eccentric clothes, promoting the legalization of medical marijuana, and her innuendo. She has millions of followers and views on social media, where she posts photos and videos of herself, often with suggestive clothing with peculiar prints, or little clothing. She shot to social media fame last year when her great-granddaughter, 19-year-old Kennedy Lewis, posted a photo of Winkle in cut-off jean shorts and a tie dyed shirt on Instagram. She has attracted some pretty famous followers, like Miley Cyrus, Nicole Richie and Gwen Stefani.

Winkle can make up to $5,000 for a paid post on Instagram. Baddiewinkle’s net worth stands at $1.3 million as of 2018

Local Influencers

Mauritius is also being caught by the influencers’ phenomenon. Mauritians had so many chances to grasp the moments but probably they never realized. Now they are maximizing their talents and being influencers. Some like Raju Birion are going down the tried and tested way of comedy but others are going for more unexplored territories like Nehal Mohabeer who tries his hand at gaming. Through this report, we are going to profile these neo-influencers and show how Mauritians lack nothing in terms of talents.

El Mehsen Khan

El Mehsen, the talented make-up artist who can do mostly any
transformation with his magical touch and brush stokes. Being
the talk of the town, this young passionate of art is not only a
make-up artist but also a fashion and model influencer. With his
aestetic touch, his artistic imagination and creativity, this young
man created a name for himself in the make-up industry
through his determination and creative side.

The now famous make-up artist of the M.A.C showroom of bagatelle
was a topper at Arts during his college days and loved playing with
colours. Being so agile and clever with paint, the artist decided to try
mixing colours of a make-up palette. It was in 2007, where the artist
was only 13 years old that he did his first trial on his mother which
turned out to be a masterpiece. Moreover, his first bridal make-up was
done on his bestfriend for her wedding.

From fairy wolrd to digital world               

It all started in 2008 where El Mehsen posted a first picture on
social media. The number of views,
likes and comments kept
increasing as he updated his
pages with his creativity.
Furthermore, he claims that
nothing pushed him to work
online but now, everything is done
through the internet. This tool
helps him a lot to keep in touch
with his fans and followers, and to
communicate more effectively
with his clients, and for bookings

Social Media’s impact on his life

Always having great feedbacks on his social media platforms, the
artist with magical hands now has 6K followers on his Instagram and
nearly 7K followers on his Facebook page. Being an influencer in the
same area of his daily job is simply wonderful as he wants to inspire
people with his unique style. Moreover, he claims that in 2007, there
was no such focus on make up and could not be portrayed easily due
to lack of technological tools. Nowadays, make-up is everything and
technology has made everything much better and easier.

El Mehsen claims that he obtains contracts based on his works
portrayed online as being an influencer is part of his daily life. You can
easily get a glimpse of what he posts through his stories and feeds.
All you need to do is to search for Mehsen_artistry and click the
follow button to enter his colourful and unique world.

Everyone has dreams to            
accomplish and El
Mehsen wants to be on
international platforms
to showcase his work. He
is indeed a very friendly
person who is always
ready to talk and give
some advice when it
comes to make-up.

Raju Birion

Mauritian, Raju Birion is a young and fresh graduate from the University of Mauritius and has a very interesting hobby, which is to make people laugh. He is very well known in Mauritius as well as in other countries through his entertaining videos. Seems extrovert but is quite shy, yet, he always tries to spread happiness everywhere he goes. He was, at the beginning, a simple young man with a Facebook account where he would upload various interesting posts, which would interest many of his friends. Later, he started making videos on snapchat and suddenly he is famous for his great sense of humor!

Factual review of Joseph Guy Vincent Duvergé

Vincent history

In 2012, Vincent Duvergé created a YouTube channel where he regularly posted comedy clips that he produced with his best friends Yann Charlotte and David André. The channel encountered its first big success after he released a parody.

In January 2014, Vince Duvergé flies to Australia to study cinematography. During his studies he was awarded at the Kogarah Film Festival with Best Actor, Best Script and Best Film awards.

Young comedian, director and producer, Vincent started vlogging right from the year 2012. He became the most watched YouTube comedian of Mauritius in 2013 especially the Miss Mauritius vlog with a record of 184,801 views on YouTube 6 years ago.

Figure1: Vincent Channel

Before his career to One TV, Vincent Duvergé developed a series of videos in his early twenties. Each 100,000 views, Vincent gets a total amount of 100$. Starting with his personal channel on YouTube, Vincent did the maximum to achieve a good number of viewers. It can be clearly noted that with the use of new media Vincent has proved that a Mauritian vlogger can stand out and make a difference.

At its most basic level, influence can be estimated by examining the size of a person’s social networks, such as Facebook connections or YouTube subscribers’ especially local Mauritian bloggers, which is very minim. To a more thorough analysis, Vincent keeps having an increase of followers as people tend to keeping up regularly with his relatable videos to day-to-day issues and trends.

Vincent Duvergé’s videos has helped
him immensely in shaping his future and
gaining more exposure through new
media and hence securing a job
establishing a new strategy at One TV,
Radio One, thus increasing the number
of subscribers hereafter.
The young man has found a way
of gaining remuneration with his YouTube videos.

Wa, Man. Zafr la local

The YouTube Channel “Wa Man” has been recently created this year, precisely on 15 March 2019. The director of the channel is a young man named Ayush Ajoodhea and the producer is Prashin Lutch. The videos’ purpose is mainly based upon entertainment related content. Since the creation of the YouTube channel, it has gained 2,522,247 views and has 34.5K subscribers upon this date, 14th November 2019.

Our team gets in touch with Ayush through Instagram’s private message and asks him some questions about the “Wa Man” YouTube channel. The young man tells us that his passion for videography begins in 2017 and that it was his new year’s resolution for 2019 to be a YouTuber. He is fully concentrating his time in making the videos, as it is his full time job. He is remunerated by google through ads and asking about an approximate amount of what he gets and if it is sufficient for his living, he prefers not to say anything about it by replying “no comments” for his own privacy.

Inside “Wa man” is a video that aims at showing viewers what is happening behind the scenes. It shows the efforts that are put together in the objective of satisfying the viewers’ needs and expectations. The video is informative and highlights the daily struggles which a YouTuber may face.


Their main target audience are primarily adolescents. Youngsters often see themselves as being rebel and like to associate their social identity to extreme contents that include using vulgarity and sex related contents. There is always a need for adrenaline through experiments and challenges by young people. This is also illustrated in the videos. Here are some examples of the type of videos that are proposed by “Wa Man”.

Mauritius has many people who use their different talents on social media platforms and are major influencers in their fields of specialization.

Nehal Mohabeer

Nehal Mohabeer is a 19 year old, who has a YouTube channel which focus on mobile gaming. His contents are related to the popular game, “PUBG- Player Unknown’s Battle Ground”. His channel’s name, BBC NEHAL has been created May 21, 2013 and has 197,830 views and 3.12K subscribers in total. He is not getting any money from it and does it out of passion and as leisure time. His aim is to enhance the gaming experience and PUBG community in Mauritius.

Oliver Thomas

Oliver Thomas is a young man of 26 years old who was an independent candidate at the 20th constituency for the 2019 legislative. He has a diploma in Marketing from Charles Telfair Institute and a certificate in Political Studies from l’institut Cardinal Jean Margéot. He decided not to take the traditional path for his political campaign and instead chose to use digital platforms. He created a YouTube channel where he posted videos of him in his constituency and showed people why he deserves a shot to be elected from there. His total of 1,286,119 views on YouTube as of 14th November 2019 helped him get 3890 votes for the legislatives, which was roughly 12.13% of total voters. This shows that his way of using digital platforms certainly helped him in a big way.

Visham Ramdoo

Javesh Visham Ramdoo is one of the most popular and recognizable face in the entertainment industry in Mauritius. He has a very strong social media presence with over 783,594 total views on YouTube, nearly 44,000 followers on Facebook and more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. Visham started out by imitating famous people like “Mami Kloune” and his passion drew him to do videos. Now he is a comedian, humorist, singer, voice impersonator and animator. He generates revenue from his social media presence but also through shows and events. As of now, he has done more than 400 shows. He has shared the stage with various others celebrities like Alain Ramanisum in collaborations. In addition, he endorses brands like Jetha Tulsidas.

Jochen Kirstätter

Jochen Kirstätter, also known as “Joki” is a software craftsman, blogger, community founder and speaker. He was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Developer Technologies as well as Visual Developer for Visual FoxPro in the past. He also founded the now largest IT community in Mauritius, Google Developer Group Mauritius. He also has a big blogging presence with over 400 articles on various IT topics on his blogGet Blogged by JoKi.”

Nalini Aubeeluck

Nalini Aubeeluck is the director and choreographer of the Nalini Dance Group. She recently received an award in the prestigious competition, The Outstanding Young Person 2009, organised by Junior Chamber of Commerce. She anchored various well-known TV shows and presented the weather forecast at peak time on the National TV channel, Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation. She was a member of jury for the famous national dance competition Dance Fever.  She had the female lead role in the successful feature film LONBRAZ KANN that has been acclaimed in different film festival around the world. She also has her own clothing brand FAITH. This woman has a big social media presence with over 22,000 followed on Facebook.

Om Lombard

Om Lombard is an international model based in Mauritius. He created a French Bio Organic Traditional Bakery in Mauritius : La Provencal Boulangerie. At the end of 2010, he created his own FASHION BRAND: OM MY GOD!! With his first shop in Grand Bay. He has a strong social media presence with his followers amounting to 255k on Facebook and 142k on Instagram.

Anne Murielle Ravina

Anne Murielle Ravina has had a dream run in the world of fashion. She was 1st crowned Miss Uom, which opened the doors for her to be to participate in Miss Mauritius. She won the crown of Miss World Mauritius 2018 and was 2nd Miss World Africa in China. She is an ambassador for Global Rainbow Foundation and Rodrigues Tourism and her posts on social media are followed closely by her loyal fanbase.



In the modern era, social media influencers have carved a niche for themselves. With the meteoric rise of social media usage, these influencers find themselves on the phones of people 24/7. The influencers industry has transgressed any barriers, where a 7 year could earn $22 million a year, to make someone in Mauritius being paid by a company located in California, United States. Surely the smart thing to do nowadays is to nurture a talent and be an influencer cause thats’ where the money is…

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