Inaccurate reporting of Homicide cases in Mauritius

In the Spotlight analysed the way homicide cases are investigated and reported by journalists in Mauritius.

By: Bacchoo Chavee, Boyjoo Ethan, Heeramun Hanshika

Everyday around the World, women are killed by men and most from their intimate circle. A new report Feminicide Census based in the UK claims that a woman is killed by a man every 3 day. During the pandemic of the Covid-19, the number of feminicide cases went even higher.

In the Spotlight believes that the media does not investigate these cases properly but instead they use these types of news pieces to increase traffic on their social media pages for a day or two. Reporters do not dig through to reach the root of the problem in order to better educate and inform the audience about such crimes. In turn they tend to put the victim in the limelight by providing unnecessary details, especially details of the latter’s personal life.

As such, we chose to analyze the reporting done around three murder cases which occurred in Mauritius and we’ve also put out a number of questions which could have been answered but the media chose to overlook.

Case Number 1: Farida Jeewooth, 10 years old, killed by her mother and the latter’s partner in March 2020

The case of Farida definitely shocked the citizens of Mauritius but the way the media reported this murder case was bland with a lack of investigations and most importantly, a lack of follow-ups. Below are some example of the articles which were published regarding this case through the headlines/sub-headlines of which we can already spot a basic coverage of such an atrocious murder. None of the media organizations around Mauritius went for an in-depth reporting to provide a more balanced and accurate report since there is more to what meets the eyes.

Case Number 2: Deepa Takoordyal, 33 years old, killed by her husband in January 2014

“Ashish Takoordyal écope 35 ans de prison” – a popular headline written by a few media organizations 3 years after the murder of Deepa Takoordyal. During these 3 years, no other articles were published regarding this homicide case of a husband killing his wife and cutting the dead body into pieces. Once again, a murder case turned into a sensational piece of news which attracted a number of viewers and was later forgotten.

Case Number 3: Our unnamed victim, killed by her partner in June 2020

The unnamed victim was in her fifties when she was killed by her partner who later committed suicide. The dead body was discovered by the victim’s sister. Only one article was published by l’Express to inform its audience about a murder which took place at Cap Malheureux. The other articles found online were from random groups which usually publish sensational news.


In this video, there is a more in-depth analysis about the inaccurate reporting of homicide cases by the media in Mauritius.

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