List of past dissertations

Supervisor: C. Chan-Meetoo


  • La lecture parmi les jeunes Mauriciens de 13 à 15 ans: État des lieux. Melhia Bissière
  • An analysis of the communication process around the Pandemic H1N1 in August 2009 in Mauritius. Yaveen Bholah
  • The impact of advertising and media on consumer buying behaviour – A case study of yoghurt light in Mauritius. Roomila Dookhee
  • Use of social networks by NGOs (Exact title to be checked). Roumaan Issemdar
  • An Analysis of the Impact of Tobacco Regulations on Adult Smokers in Mauritius. Amishka Dussaye
  • La couverture des délits sexuels dans la presse écrite (Exact title to be checked). Patrick St Pierre


  • Intercultural Communication at the Workplace: Challenges faced by Mauritian Immigrants in the Montreal City of Canada. Vishwadev Sooknah
  • L’Education prend une nouvelle tournure avec l’ère numérique. La technologie transforme-t-elle les méthodes d’enseignements traditionnels? Eesani Nagen
  • Analyse du Traitement de Rodrigues dans la Presse Mauricienne avant et après l’Autonomie . Daniella Ithier
  • L’Influence du Téléphone Cellulaire sur la Relation entre Parents et Adolescents. Fabienne Pallany


  • Crisis communication and media coverage in a natural disaster context – case study of the torrential rains of 26 March 2008 in Mauritius. Atisha Appadoo
  • L’importance de la publicité dans les médias. Caroline Assy
  • Une Etude Critique de la Communication entre l’Etat et les Medias. Miguel Hermelin
  • Mauritian Bloggers, their Social Circle and Identity Construction. Rizwana Bahadoor
  • Employment Rights Act and Employment Relations Act 2008: A Content Analysis of L’Express and Le Mauricien. Shivanee Augnoo
  • Music Consumption & Social class: a study among the youth in Mauritius. Pranesh Bholah


  • The ‘Rise and Fall’ of Jocelyn Gregoire: A case study of the relationship between the written press and ethno-politics in Mauritius. Bucktowarsing Amrish
  • Brand Consumption of Cars in Mauritius in Relation to Ethnicity and Socio-economic stratum. Byraub Rizwana
  • Digital Divide: The case of Mauritius Gobin. Belina Fokeer
  • Ethnic Patterns in brand consumption in Mauritiu. Hosseny Nasreen
  • Newsroom credibility and ethical practice: The public’s perception of the private radio stations in Mauritius Narayen. Kamla Devi
  • Social Networking Sites: Usage Patterns and Attitudes of Young Mauritians aged 19 to 29. Rathacharen Deepa


  • Hi5 et identité culturelle chez les jeunes (Exact title to be checked). Ishtiba Meeajane
  • Impact of anime/manga on viewers/readers (Exact title to be checked). Kareina Govinden:
  • Local News Consumption amongst youth (Exact title to be checked). Rakesh Gooljar


  • Gender representation in the 19hrs30 news of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, Avinash Bissoondoyal
  • The local advertising world. A critical study of the working culture of six advertising agencies in Mauritius, INOUS Yumn Zaynah
  • An investigation into civil servants’ (Ministry of Agro-Industry & Fisheries) Perceptions of Information and Communication Technologies, RAMSURRUN Sareena


  • SMS in Mauritius, A qualitative study on usage patterns and value, Gilbert Deville
  • The Impact of the Introduction of ICT in the Public Sector, A case study of the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, Rajshree Matoo
  • Portrayal of women in Newspaper Advertisements, Reena Appadoo


  • Internet Usage by Tertiary Students, Véronique Ramsamy
  • An Analysis of Corporate Culture in Call Centres, A case study of Call Services Ltd, Janita Jugurnauth


  • A Critical Analysis of Public Relations Culture in the Public Sector, A case study carried out at the Ministry of Commerce, Chandrawtee Pothunnah
  • A Study on the Importance of Public Relations in the Success of Private Limited Companies in Mauritius, Kersley Khadoo

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