Media and Ethics (Jan-May 2017)

Core module for BSc(Hons) Journalism Yr 1 and BSc(Hons) Communication Yr 1

Class on Fridays from 8.00 to 11.00
Room 2.10 NAC

Module Outline
Please note that lectures will be conducted in English and French.

20th January
Introduction générale

27th January
We carry on with our discussion of the introduction. We will also do some classwork. Then, we will work on lecture notes on theoretical underpinnings for media ethics.

3rd February
We discuss the lecture notes on the theoretical underpinnings for media ethics, followed by classwork.

10th February
We finish discussing the last slides from last time.
I will give back your classwork from last week and we will discuss your answers.
We then discuss lecture notes on Media Ethics.
If we have time, we discuss the following: Fairness Formula. We read the first two pages in class and work out questions 1 to 5.

17th February
We read the Fairness Formula handout and discuss questions 1 to 4. As planned, question 5 will be in the form of team presentations. Please bring all your articles on a pen drive. Each team will have around 5 minutes to present.

Please make sure you have a brief intro which explains what the article is about (content, structure, elements, etc.). No slides are needed and there should not be any written text for your presentation (just key points to guide you in your oral presentation).

We then discuss lecture notes on Media Ethics.

24th February
Public holiday

3rd March
We carry on with the team presentations. Please make sure you have read the lecture notes on Media Ethics.