New Forms of Media (Aug-Dec 2016)

This module is a core for BSc Journalism Yr 3 and may be taken as specialisation module for Political Science Yr 3.

Class in the Mediacom Studio on Tuesdays from 9.00 to 12.00 in the Mediacom Studio.

Module Outline

16th August
Introduction to New Media

23rd August

We carry on with the Introduction, then discuss Manovich’s notes on new media and the History of ICT.

Handout to be read: New Media History by Patrice Flichy

30th August
Class with R. Kasenally

6th September
Public holiday

13th September
Short quiz exercise on reading material and discussions so far.
Then, we discuss:
The Coming of Age of IT & the New Economy
The Technophilia vs Technophobia debate

Handouts to be read:
Technological revolutions and techno-economic paradigms by Carlota Perez
Introduction of the book ‘La Révolte du Pronetariat’ by Joël de Rosnay. Please note that the whole book is freely available at

20th September

No class due to Research and Activity Week. But, please complete the exercise I gave in class and read all material shared with you.

27th September

Short quizzes on any of the reading material or lecture covered so far.

Please start thinking about potential topics for oral presentations in teams of 2. Also bring your answers to the previous quiz.

We discuss lecture notes on Web 2.0 (will be available in class).

Note: On Wednesday 28th, there will be a workshop on photojournalism for Journalism Yr 3 students at 14.00 during Mr Chenganna’s class in the Mediacom Studio. Please attend.

Here are the lecture notes on Web 2.0

Handouts to be read:

The Long Tail by Chris Anderson

We, the Media by Dan Gilmor

What is the web 2.0  by Tim O’Reilly

4th October

As this is the last session with me, please be prepared for a series of marked quiz tests. All students are expected to be in class by 9.30 latest.

Interesting online resources (further resources may be added until exams)