This new page has been created upon a suggestion of Ishtiba. It is designed to constitute a repository of links to resources of interest to students in Communication (as well as others interested in the field for that matter).

It is intended to grow continually with the help of anyone who wants to contribute worthwhile resources (send me an e-mail or temporarily put a comment on the page with the resource you want to add here). We may eventually convert this page into a wiki to enable direct contribution. If you know of any free wiki hosting facilities or any other solutions, please let me know.

There is also a page devoted to students’ work. It can be accessed here (‘papiers des étudiants’)

1. The Media and Communications Studies Site created by Daniel Chandler of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK:
It is described as “an award-winning portal or ‘meta-index’ to internet-based resources useful in the academic study of media and communication”.

Audio-Visual Production

1. Audio-Visual Glossary

2. The ‘Grammar’ of Television and Film

3. Project based learning with multimedia

4. A free resource website providing educational and reference material in the field of electronic media.
Topics covered include video & television production, audio work, still imagery & graphics, website design and more.

5. Globalization of culture

6. CCMS- Communication, Cultural and Media Studies
The CCMS Info base attempts to cover most of the basics of what you’re likely to need to know as a student of communication, cultural and media studies in your last couple of years of secondary school or in your first year of university.

7. Communication Theories for Everyday Life
by John R. Baldwin ,Stephen D. Perry , Mary Anne Moffitt,8761,1152134-,00.html
From the Back Cover
Communication Theories for Everyday Life introduces readers to the complexities of theories in communication studies, mass communication, and public relations, emphasizing their connection to everyday life. Instead of utilizing a “theory-a-day” approach, this text cuts across content areas and clusters related theories, making them easier for readers to process and apply to real-life situations. Communication Theories for Everyday Life also addresses theories in emerging areas and growing fields, such as media research, organizational communication, and computer-mediated communication, while still featuring the traditional theories that always have defined the field.

Some online JOURNALS:

1. The American Communication Journal

2. Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine

3. Journal of Intercultural communication

4. We can also access SAGE journals online

Future of the Media
A PDF report published in July 2006 by the Future Exploration Network on the Future of the Media
A resource shared by Shaan Cheekooree.


10 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Indeed, it is a good initiative…

    The Media Awareness Network is a website dedicated to both young people as well as their parents. It deals with sensible issues such as smoking in the media as well as stereotyping… here is the adress:

    In fact, there is also a wiki for media literacy. I’ll post its website if i fall on it!


  2. for SAGE journals…

    often u get free access to some journals for a limited time period… you register and you will get access ..check Sage Online


  3. Hi Christina,

    Brilliant initiative to have such a blog 🙂

    “If you know of any free wiki hosting facilities or any other solutions, please let me know.” The only one i’ve come accross so far is wetpaint which allows you to create a free website as a wiki where others can also contribute.

    Hope you find it useful 😉



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