Advertising & Marketing Communication (Jan-May 2011)

Mondays (13h00 – 16h00) in Room 1.2 Eng Tower

Module Outline

17th January

Introduction to Advertising
Complementary slides to Introduction

24th January
Overview of consumer response models
4 classical response models
Frameworks model

31st January
The agency world
Example of a contact report
The creative brief
Example of a copy strategy
Example of Appletise

7th February
Advertising strategy & planning
Advertising stages
Students are expected to contact advertising agencies or in-house marketing departments for appointments in order to be able to complete the first assignment. The assignment should be completed for the 21st February 24th February. Each student should prepare a brief presentation of their findings on the agency/department they have visited and also a report for submission on the same day. The key information should involve the following inter alia:
– What kind of agency/department is it? What kind of structure? How does it compare with the classical model in the case of agencies? Which key advertising functions does it have?
– How is work organised within the agency/department? Who does what? What are the competencies that exist in the agency/department?
– What kind of ad campaigns do they work on? How do they proceed?
If you can get copies of past adverts, please by all means bring them to show in class.

14th February
Classes on Thursdays as from this week, i.e. next session on 17th February

Notes on Assignment 2
Students (in teams) should start working on their advertising project. They should use the material developed for the Marketing classes last semester and share the data collected for their situation analysis to all the teams.
Additionally, each team is expected to work on a draft copy-strategy and creative brief for their advertising campaign. Please bring your ideas for discussion every week in class.

17th February
Class in Room 2.2 NAC today
Designing Ads.
Types of ads by objective
Media Planning.

Interesting online resources
Top 100 advertising campaigns according to Ad Age
40 of the Most Interesting and Creative Guerrilla and Ambient Advertising Campaigns
Eight Interesting Ad Campaigns
19 Best Ads I Have Ever Seen

CK Case Study
Nike Case Study

Some local ads
Photos from Design & Advertising in Mauritius
Perimeter Design Magazine
Permoglaze paint. We speak your colour.
Circus Agency ads

Some Mauritian ads on YouTube
The Dream, le film promotionnel de la MTPA

Local ad agencies and designers
Circus agency
Maurice Publicité
Logos Agency
Island Info
Gung Ho
Wideye Studio
Jean-Lou Désiré’s Portfolio

24th February
We will be in the Mediacom Studio.
Presentations of assignment related to visit to ad agency.
Last week, we did the first exercises in media planning. Those who were absent need to catch up. We will do some more planning this week. Please bring a decent calculator in class.
I also need updates about your second assignment (draft copy-strategy and creative brief). Please put them in the comments section here.

Interesting online resources
Brochure about Pubstop (ads on bus stops)
Case study on Logos ad agency
AAA launches its code of ethics (The Independent & Le Matinal)
Understanding Magazine Circulation: A Guide for Advertising Buyers and Sellers by MPA
Three advertising agencies join forces

3rd March
Still more media planning exercise. I will upload an exercise here soon. Please download, print and do it when you are in class. I have an important meeting at 1 p.m. and will probably be in class as from 1.30 p.m but please do work out on the exercise until I come. Also I need to see your creative briefs / copy strategies. Please send at least your drafts to me by email by 2nd March and bring them in class. Watch this space until Thursday next.

Note that there will be a media planning test on 10th March.
Last lecture will be on 17th March. I will need to see some dummies by then.

Here’s the media planning exercise to be done in class:

Here are also the two former exercises we did in class:
From exam 2010
From Test 2010

10th March
Test on Media Planning exercise. Please bring a proper calculator.
Please also bring all creative briefs and copy strategies in class.
As I told you in class, the assignment will be due end of April. During my absence, students are expected to carry out the work. The major phases are:
(1) Finalise creative brief and copy strategy
(2) Work out a media plan. Budget is set for Rs 1 million. You can use any combination of mass media channels (only above the line media) (from press, billboards, radio, TV or web)
(3) Create dummies. You can use the Mediacom Studio for any audio or video recordings.
(4) Write up and submit report.
I will send you an email for the presentation which will most probably be schedule around middle of May.

17th March
Revision session

Friday 27th May
Presentation and submission of final project at 1.30 p.m. in the Mediacom Studio


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