Advertising & Marketing Communication (Jan-May2009)

Lectures at 1pm in Room 1.1 every Thursday

Module Outline

Lecture Notes

22nd January
Introduction to Advertising

29th January

Overview of consumer response models
4 classical response models
Frameworks model

12th February
The agency world
Example of a contact report
The creative brief
Example of a copy strategy
Example of Appletise

Advertising strategy & planning
Advertising stages

Students are also encouraged to bring advertising material collected from local or international sources for class discussion.

Assignment 1
Students are requested to contact advertising agencies for appointments in order to be able to complete the first assignment. The assignment should be completed on 26th February. Each team should prepare a brief presentation of their findings on the agency they have visited and also a report for submission on the same day. The key information should involve the following inter alia:
– What kind of agency is it? What kind of structure? How does it compare with the classical model? Which key advertising functions does it have?
– How is work organised within the agency? Who does what? What are the competencies that exist in the agency?
– What kind of ads do they work on? How do they proceed?
If you can get copies of past adverts, please by all means bring them to show in class.

Assignment 2
Students (in teams) should start working on their advertising project. They should use the material developed for the Marketing classes last semester and share the data collected for their situation analysis to all the teams.
Additionally, each team is expected to work on a draft copy-strategy and creative brief for their advertising campaign. These should be brought in class on 19th February.

19th February
All teams should bring their draft copy-strategy and creative brief
Lecture on Actors of the local advertising context

26th February
Class in Mediacom Studio
Students to do oral presentation on the agency they have visited. Reports to be submitted latest by next week (5th March).
Teams to bring their final copy strategy and creative brief as well as their revised communication plan (with media mix).
Dicussion/lecture on Designing Ads

5th March
Class in the Mediacom Studio until end of semester.
All reports on visits to advertising agencies to be submitted.
Students should start working on their advertising dummy. They should brainstorm potential ideas to work on in the Mediacom Studio, starting with print media or web platforms. Dummies should be ready in 2-3 weeks time.
Discussion/lecture on Types of ads by objective and Media Planning

12th March

Public Holiday. Happy National Day.
Please take this opportunity to make some progress on your assignments 😉

19th March
– We will do some media planning exercises.
– Teams should finalise their revision of their marketing plan and more specifically their promotion mix. As announced in class, the maximum sum allocated is Rs 2 million for the whole campaign. Consequently, you will have to review your media mix and planning to work within this budget (from creative costs to media buying). All planned expenditures will have to be documented and justified (according to impact sought).
– Teams should also bring their initial material and ideas for the advertising project in class.

Some media planning exercises:
Fashion brand
Cosmetics exercise from 2008 exam paper

26th March
Class in the Mediacom Studio.
Bring your answers for the above media planning exercises.
We will study some local ads in order to analyse their message strategy, appeal, targeted audience, executional framework, etc.
You can bring your own selection of local ads for discussion.
Teams should also bring their material and ideas for the advertising project.

Announcement: Class Test on 9th April

2nd April
Class in Mediacom Studio
Teams should keep on working on their advertising project and should start executing the creative part (i.e. recording, editing, and designing ads).
Students who still have difficulties with the media planning exercises should bring their work for discussion on a one-to-one basis.

9th April

Class Test (in normal classroom R1.1 in NAC)
Don’t forget to bring a calculator

Answers to previous media planning exercises
Fashion exercise
Eam 2006 (Aida car)

16th April
Class in the Mediacom Studio. I will hand back all tests and we will do a roundup of continuous assessment marks earned so far. Any questions pertaining to revision for exams should be formulated as early as possible in order to give us time to address them.
All teams should keep on working on the project. Members are requested to bring all their material. Presentations are scheduled for 30th April (as well as submission of full project). There will probably be no class next week, so this will be the last week before final one. So, please make sure all of you attend and bring everything for discussion.

23rd April
No class. All teams should prepare for the project submission and presentation next week. The Mediacom Studio has been booked for you. Those who need additional access should contact the technical assistant, Anishta, in the Faculty’s photocopy room.

Interesting online resources
In France Ads Aim at Heart, Not Wallet (New York Times – 19/02/2009)
Télé et Radio: la quatrième dimension (Tarif
Guess Which Medium Is as Effective as Ever: TV (Advertising Age – 23/02/2009)
The Vocabulary of Snacking, Lightly Sweetened (New York Times – 02/03/2009)
Visa to Break First Global Marketing Theme (Advertising Age – 02/03/2009)
Gender-Bending Brands an Easy Way to Increase Product Reach (Advertising Age – 02/03/2009)
The Best Print Ads of 2008 in the US. Click on the slide show to view the ads (with and without captions).

Mauritian ads on YouTube:
Permoglaze by Circus
Phoenix beer by Circus


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