Advertising (Jan-May 2007)

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On this page, you will find information concerning the module ‘Advertising’ for Year 3 students.

All lecture notes will be posted here as well as details of assignments.

  • Assignments

    Assignment for end of semester
    Your agency has been selected to participate in a pitch for an advertising campaign for the Honda Jazz. Prepare a proposal that will enhance the chances of your agency in the pitch.
    Each team will comprise 4 members. All teams will present their proposals and submit on the 3rd May 2007. This assignment will assess research and analytical skills as well as imagination and creativity in the formulation of proposals.

    Previous assignment (already completed)
    You are expected to visit an advertising agency of your choice to gain knowledge about the way an agency operates. You must write a short report on your visit and the information you have obtained (e.g. What kind of agency is it? Its structure? How is work organised within the agency? Kind of ads they work on?, etc.)
    You can each collect a letter signed by me to facilitate your contact with the agency at the Registry of the Faculty. Please ensure that you insert the name of the agency on the top left hand side as well as your name on the dotted line.
    Deadline for submission of the report is Thursday 30th March 2007.

  • Lecture Notes

    25 April 2007
    – Reports of visit to agencies were given back. Please have a look at your friends’ reports and let others have a look at yours too to get more insight about the local ad world. Do not hesitate to share and seek info from your friends!
    – We also discussed answers to the past exam papers of 2004 and 2005. Click here for a copy of the exam papers.
    – Finally, it was announced that the ad agency Amadeus intends to launch a competition for its anniversary and students will be invited to participate by sending TV spots of their own creation (no need for high quality equipment; you can use your camcorders or phone camera!) for any of three fictitious campaigns. The agency intends to present the competition either on the 7th or the 10th May (I will post an announcement) at the University.
    At the same time, I have asked them to do a presentation on the local ad world and their agency. All students should therefore attend. Opportunities for placement, who knows???

    19 April 2007
    We studied ads in the local papers and critically analysed the following elements:
    – message strategy
    – appeal
    – executional framework

    Direct marketing and response ads
    Media choice and measuring Ad success
    Selected glossary

    12 April 2007
    More media planning exercises today. Please bring your calculators!
    Notes on media planning

    5 April 2007
    Media planning exercises today. Please bring your calculators!
    Article du Mauricien (7 nov 2005) sur l’industrie locale de la publicité

    29 March 2007
    Developing ads
    Ad types
    Advertising techniques

    15th March 2007
    Example of creative brief: Appletise
    Stages in Advertising Management
    Creating Ads (Source: ‘Advertising’ by Roderick White)
    Interview of Vino Sookloll (Director of Cread & Former President of AAA) on the Mauritian advertising world

    8th March 2007
    Advertising Management Source: Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communication by Clow & Back (2nd edition)
    The VALS segmentation
    IPSOS planned to study Mauritian lifestyles (Source: L’express)

    1st March 2007
    The agency setup
    Actors of Advertising

    Christina Chan-Meetoo

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