Aspects of Film Studies (Aug-Dec 2015)

This module may be taken as elective by students of Journalism Yr 3 and Communication Yr 4.

Class in the Mediacom Studio on Thursdays from 9.00 to 12.00 in the Mediacom Studio.

Module Outline

20th August
Overview of Film Studies

27th August
We carry on with the Introduction and then we discuss Early Cinema

If we have time, we watch Voyage sur la Lune by Georges Méliès.

3rd September
We review lecture notes (Introduction and Early Cinema) and discuss the documentary on editing which we watched last week (Remember you can ask Ketan to make a copy for you. Just bring a dvd or pen drive).
Then, we can discuss notes on overview of Hollywood

10th September
We carry on with explanations about the lecture notes on early cinema and Hollywood. Please make sure you have the lecture notes and that you have read these in order to move on more quickly.

We will have a small quiz based on the documentary The Cutting Edge.

Next lecture notes: Film Production and Anatomy of Film

Last week, we watched the film Voyage sur la Lune by Georges Méliès:

I found the documentary The Cutting Edge in full version on YouTube:

Some early movies or extracts you may also watch:
L’Assassinat du Duc de Guise

The Last Days of Pompeii

Rescued by Rover

The Jazz Singer

The Kid

The Gold Rush

A funny scene from Singing in the Rain (1952) which portrays the introduction of sound in a movie


17th September
We carry on with explanations about the lecture notes on Hollywood and Film Anatomy.

24th September
There was no class due to Students and Research Week

1st October
We carry on with explanations about the lecture notes on Film Anatomy.

Related online resources:
The ‘Grammar’ of Television and Film
Wikipedia article about editing
Some notes from Yale University about editing

If time allows, we discuss the notes on The Auteur Theory

Related online resources:
Auteur Theory and Authorship
Wikipedia article about Auteur theory
French Wikipedia article about la Politique des auteurs

We will also discuss the forthcoming assignment related to the film festival Ile Courts 2015 which will be held on campus next week (5-10 October). An email was sent to you with detailed information as well as some documentation (film guides) for the short films from UK.

15th October
Assignments are due.
We discuss the notes on the auteur theory.
New lecture notes on semiological approach to film
We also discuss scripting and storyboarding in preparation for your short film.

22nd October
We discuss notes on semiological approach to film. New lecture notes: Psychoanalytical Approach to Film. (Please read both before coming to class and bring your printouts).

Online resources related to auteurism:
Auteur Theory and Authorship
Wikipedia article about Auteur theory
French Wikipedia article about la Politique des auteurs
Stephen Frears: I never believed in all that ‘auteur’ rubbish. I haven’t had a vision in my life

Online resources related to semiology:
Semiotics for Beginners
Semiology and Film

Interesting online resources

29th October
We discuss the notes on Psychoanalytical Approach to Film.
New lecture notes: Exhibition of Film
Teams should finalise their scripts and storyboards for their short film. Please bring your documents for reviewing. Teams should be able to start shooting soon.

Online resources related to psychoanalysis
Psychoanalysis and Film Theory Part 1
Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema (1975) – Laura Mulvey

5th November

We have a quick session on the last lecture notes on exhibition. From now, all teams are expected to start shooting and editing their short film.

11th November
Teams which are ready to shoot may do so. Others, please come meet me in the Mediacom Studio to show me your final script and storyboard. Then, you can proceed to shooting.

For the final assignment (short film project)

Ideally the video should be submitted by the end of first week of December for assessment (Ketan will be on leave thereafter).

The portfolio should include at least the following :
– An introduction to explain the context of the work done and the story and style chosen
– The script including explanation of how it evolved and why
– The storyboard (can be stick figures)
– Explanations about the different phases of the video production + different functions fulfilled by members of the team (it is assumed there is balanced division of labour, otherwise indicate individual contribution and who did what)
– Difficulties encountered and how you solved these issues
– An analysis of the final video (cinematographic style, editing style, acting method, etc.)
– Credits and references used



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