Aspects of Film Theory (Aug-Dec 2007)

August – December 2007

Module Outline

23rd August
Introduction: Why study films? Early beginnings of film.

27th August
Overview of history of film industry up to 1950’s

3rd September
No formal lecture as I had a very sore throat 😦
Instead, we viewed a documentary on film editing (‘The Cutting Edge’) and the film ‘O’Brother Where Art Thou?’ (by the Coen Brothers).

10th September
No lecture

17th September
I am uploading two versions of the lecture notes, one with the pictures (filesize is 1.1 MB), the other without pictures (filesize is 46.3 KB for faster downloading)
Overview of Hollywood cinema
Overview of Hollywood cinema (without pictures)

24th September
Film Production and Anatomy of film

Link to online article about film directing:

Link to online resource about the grammar of film and TV (from Daniel Chandler):

1st October
No lecture

8th October
The ‘auteur’ theory
Some online readings on the ‘auteur theory’:

15th October
The Semiotic Approach to Film Studies
Extracts from Semiotics, The Basics by Daniel Chandler

Note on Assignment#1
Students are requested to do an oral presentation (10-15 mins) and submit a written assignment on a film of their choice on the 29th October. Your analysis should be original and the result of personal work (don’t just copy from one or two sources, provide your own analysis/point of view) and you may use any or a combination of the analytical approaches discussed in class.
All students should notify me as soon as possible about the film they have chosen.

22nd October
Psychoanalytical approach to film studies
Some online resources on the psychoanalytical approach to film:
There was a handout distributed in class in 2 copies about Psychoanalysis and Film taken from The Oxford Guide to Film Studies. Please ensure each one of you makes a personal copy of the document.

29th October
Assignment #1
Oral presentations + submission of written piece on a film of your choice
There will a laptop+RGB as well as a TV set and DVD player.
If you are planning to show some specific film sequences on DVD, please ensure that you jot down the time code for rapid location.

List of students/films
– Kim Lynn Lam Kam Yue: Memoirs of a Geisha
– Annabelle Larose: also Memoirs of a Geisha
– Varsha Gunesie: Banaras: A Mystic Love Story
– Amrish Bucktowarsing: Children of Men
– Pranesh Bholah: The Crow
– Nadine Hector: Déjà Vu
– Valérie Lamarre: Because I Said So
– Joanna Seenayen: My Brother Nikhil
– Jennyfer Racoude: Dancer in the Dark
– Simla Ramsamy: Provoked
– Amishka Dussaye: Black
– Christophe Arokeum: Abyss
– Wahab Goonoo: Blood Diamond
– Shamirah Mahamodally: La Cité Interdite
– Malini Venkiah: Hills Have Eyes
– Kamla Narayen: Rang de Basanti
– Tasleemah Joomun: American History X
– Ranjeeta Boyjoonauth: KamaSutra
– Melanie Anthony: Le Parfum
– Rizwana Byraub: Baghban
– Mooneswar Satyan Nowbuth: Page3

If your name does not appear on the list above, please let me know.

5th November
Presentations ongoing

12th November
Presentations still ongoing. We are running late. So we will have a longer session today (up to 5 p.m.). Mrs Dubourg has agreed to start her class at 5 p.m. instead of 4 p.m.
I’d like to finish with all presentations today.

19th November
Presentations ongoing

26th November
Cinema as an industry
Articles about local cinema attendance. Other articles will be given in class.
An overview of some cinema schools
Reminder: Teams of 3 are to be formed to work on the second assignment to be submitted on the last week of the semester (i.e. 3rd December). Each team will work on a particular cinema school or style of their choice (please let me know which one you have chosen for approval) and will have to submit a written report.

3rd December
Exhibition of films

Here are the marks for continuous assessment.
I am particularly disappointed to see some plagiarism in the last assignment, which accounts for the marks given in most cases.

BTW, I have not yet received written assignments from Wahab and Joanna. Please do the needful or your mark will remain zero.


5 thoughts on “Aspects of Film Theory (Aug-Dec 2007)

  1. Dear Mrs Chan-Meetoo,
    i just wanted to make a request regarding the lectures notes posted on the blog. Will it be possible for you to post the notes in the powerpoint format because the pdf format requires too many pages(hard copy).
    Hope that my request will be taken into consideration.


  2. hello Mrs Chan-Meetoo,

    Please note that i shall be doing my film review on ‘The notebook’ by nick cassavetes instead of black.
    hope it wont create any prob.



  3. hello Mrs Chan-Meetoo

    I wanted to know if I could do my presentation next week. I am taken up with work here. Can I send you my written work. Is it possible?


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