Audiovisual Production (Jan-May 2010)

Classes every Tuesday from 13h00 to 16h00 in the Mediacom Studio (flexible)

Audiovisual Production-outline

26th January
Read tutorial at:
Documentary Making (a slideshare presentation by Andy Carvin).

2nd February
We will practise camerawork and interviewing.
Watch these videos on YouTube for an illustration of shot types and shot angles discussed.

9th February
Derushing and editing of the interviews and footage from last week. We will also assign responsibilities for the Research week assignment.

16th February
Please liaise with the technician to get a camera. We will be doing the coverage for the Research week and also some editing in the studio.

23rd February
We look at your first productions. We do some editing and discuss about new assignments.

2nd March
We carry on with ongoing assignment as discussed last week.

9th March
We carry on with the assignments.

16th March
Public holiday

23rd March
Both teams should carry on with shooting and editing.

30th March
To finalise current videos.
We will also discuss production of material in the context of World Press Freedom Day which will be celebrated on 3rd May.

6th April
All teams should be present today in the Mediacom Studio to view finalised videos and to decide on WPFD videos.

13th April
I gave two copies of a book chapter on Interviewing. Please make sure you all make a copy for yourself.
Videos have been uploaded (see below)

20th April
We meet to check on progress made on videos for the WPFD.

27th April
All teams should be present to finalise all videos.

Students’ projects:

First video on the UOM Printing Press produced by Sandra Selvara, Stephania Mellier and Melhia BIssière

Video on the Mauritian Creole language and the first monolingual dictionary (featuring Jocelyn Chan Low and Arnaud Carporan and his team) produced by Stephania Mellier, Melhia Bissière and Naima Dauharry

Video on the UOM Farm produced by Axelle Nanette and Sandra Selvara


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