Broadcast and Digital Journalism (Jan-May 2011)

Class on Thursdays from 13 to 16h in Mediacom Studio (FOA Bldg)
Class on Mondays as from the 14th February

Broadcast ouline 2011

27th January
Stages of production

Useful reading:

The Grammar of TV by D. Chandler
News and Documentary Production
Camera Work Tutorial

10th February
Students are expected to schedule appointments for an interview with a well-known person within the next 23 weeks.
This week, we will do some shooting on campus on UOM-related news. Potential news for this week are:
– Election of student rep to council
– Donation of IT Equipments by RECOMAP for the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (FOS)
– Eco-campus campaign
You can also watch out for any event on campus at

As from next week (14th Feb), class will be on Mondays.

14th February
Please liaise with Melissa to get information about what we did on Thursday 10th Feb. We will carry on with some editing basics using the shots made by our technician during elections for student rep on council.

Students are also expected to choose one campus news item in teams of 2 and to prepare to start shooting as from Monday. This means determining an angle for your item, finding out what persons can be interviewed, what shots can be made and thinking about how to edit. Students should try to come during the week on their free time to complete the assignments. Ideally, there should be one news item which is produced every 2 weeks. Please also let me know which well-known person you are planning to interview.

21st February
Students are expected to carry on editing of the item on the Valentine Day during the week in order to show the finished product on 21st Feb.
They should also plan to shoot on the items they have chosen for their next piece. Please use the comments section on this page to raise any queries you may have or make any comments (about assignments and reading material).

28th February
Students should have finalised their first two videos (Valentine Day, Students’ elections). They are also expected to complete their next video (Eco-campus or whatever theme they have chosen). I need to know who you plan to interview for your next assignment. Please use the comments section on this page. The interview should be done within the next week, i.e. all shots taken by 7th March and editing finished by 14th March (which will be our last session together before I go).
During my absence, students should produce one longer video (5-10 mins) on a more in-depth issue. This will have to be finalised and submitted by 30th April.
Remember that all your work will have to be assessed for your final grade in the module.

Please have a look at the blog page for the Audiovisual Production module which I taught last year to see some of the videos the students did (at the bottom). Also check out the Filmmaking tips and techniques videos (top of page).

7th March session was cancelled due to torrential rains but I will come by the studio to check on your progress so please make sure you come when you are free to carry on with your work.

14th March
Updates on progress made. We carry on with the ongoing videos. Last session.

During my absence, all students should finalise the interview. Please make additional shots if you need to as discussed (plans de coupe, gros plans, plans sur les objets, etc.). Maximum duration should be 10 minutes.
They should also produce a longer in-depth video on the themes discussed individually. Maximum duration should be 15 minutes.

If you have any queries or comments, please use the comments section on this page. You may upload a low resolution version of your videos (or work in progress) on YouTube if you wish show me before finalising. Please make sure you liaise with Ketan for camera/tripod/recorder and for uploading your final videos. You should go to the studio on a regular basis (Monday afternoons are still booked for the module).
You can also email me though I cannot guarantee I will be able to answer all emails rapidly.

Student videos
On student elections for council (editing by Melissa & Reina)

On Valentine Day (shooting & editing by Karishma, Sabine, Melissa & Reina)

On MTC elections (by Sabine)

Interview with artist Billy Ng (by Sabine)

Ile aux Aigrettes (by Karishma)

Interview with editor-in-chief Rudy Veeramundur (by Reina)

On UOM Open Day (by Reina)

Interview with D. Chutoo (by Karishma)

On Infinity BPO – Le combat de Jeff Lingaya (by Melissa)

Interview with writer-journalist Sedley Assone (by Melissa)

UOM Megashow 2011 (by Karishma)

Radio Campus de l’Université de Maurice (by Reina)

A la rencontre des plongeurs du centre Capitaine Mimi (by Sabine)

Radio Amateur à Maurice (by Melissa)

Journée Internationale de la Femme (by Sabine)


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