Broadcast and Digital Reporting (Aug 2012 – May 2013)

Class on Friday mornings in the Mediacom Studio

Module Outline

Semester 1

24th August

31st August
Story ideas and interviews
Interesting resources to read

7th September
We do a roundup of the two teams’ proposals and work done so far. All teams are expected to report to their respective editor-in-chief. Please bring all your recordings and edits (if any). All students are encouraged to install Audacity on their laptop or PC to gain time on editing of all reports. Teams which need to go out to do their recording will be allowed to but they need to come to class to sign in first.

14th September
All news bulletins should be finalised. You may use the class to do your final edits but the bulletins have to be ready for listening during the last hour of class. Then, Ketan will upload these on our YouTube channel.

21st September
No classes due to the Semaine de l’Etudiant. Both teams should finalise all their sounds, texts and the whole bulletin by Friday 21st September.
Please also start thinking about potential news stories for the next bulletins. You may even do your recordings during the week to gain time. I am sure there will be a lot to cover about the activities of La Semaine de l’Etudiant. Please make the most of it.
We will have to designate new editors in chief for the next bulletin. Please let me know who wishes to act as editor-in-chief by next Tuesday by email.

28th September
We listened to the two news bulletins and kick started work for next one.

5th October
We continue work on the forthcoming news bulletins. All teams should report back at the beginning of the class before proceeding to edit sounds or go for recording.

12th October
We listen to the second news bulletin and start planning for next one.

19th October
Please note that our class is maintained as Dr Paroomal is not available this week. She will let us know for her replacement class later.

26th October
We listened to third bulletin and started preparing for fourth one.

2nd November
Public Holiday

9th November
We check on progress made so far.

16th November
Dr Paroomal-Chan Low will take the slot from 9.30 to 11.30.
I will then take the 11.30 to 12.30 slot to listen to the last news bulletin.

Semester 2
Class is now on Tuesday morning from 9.00 to 12.00 in the Mediacom Studio

22nd January
Oral presentation exercise
Introduction to video
Stages of production
Grammar of Film

29th January
Please do not forget to bring your texts for the oral presentation exercise.
Teams are to be finalised for the audio and video news bulletins to be completed within 2 weeks i.e. for Tuesday 12th February.
Teams will be expected to brainstorm news stories, assign coverage and plan production of video or audio items.

5th February
We work on the audio and video news bulletins (shooting or editing). I will have a look at all items. All editors-in-chief and journalists are to report on progress made.

12th February
On request, one week extension is granted. So, all teams are expected to work on their bulletins and show progress made. If time allows, we can carry on with the voice tests for those who have finished their news items.

19th February
We listen/watch final radio/TV news bulletin (assignment #1 for the semester). We check on progress made on second wave of news bulletins as per teams assigned last week. We also carry on with voice tests for those who wish to do it.

26th February
Teams are expected to carry on working on their respective bulletins. We will check on progress made and listen/watch to any bulletin which may have been completed. Voice tests also ongoing for those willing to do the exercise.

5th March
We listen/watch all radio/TV news bulletins then kickstart work on next bulletin.

12th March
Public Holiday

19th March
We listen to radio bulletins which have been finalised. The TV bulletin will be due on 26th March.

26th March
We listen/watch all radio/TV news bulletins then kickstart work on next bulletin.

2nd April
Teams continue to work on their respective bulletins. Voice tests for those who wish.

9th April
We listen/watch all radio/TV news bulletins then kickstart work on our last bulletin.
I am sending you an email to respond to a survey about this class. Kindly make sure you fill it in before class.

16th April
We take stock of progress on our last TV news bulletin. All teams should be ready to show footage gathered so far.

23rd April
I was very unhappy to see many absences this week as well as last week. This creates unnecessary delays and worse, I am unable to help and guide you prior to your editing.
To speed up matters, I need all teams to report to me by email on the following:
  • Topic(s) you are working on
  • Status of work i.e. whether (i) nothing yet done (ii) in progress or (iii) completed. If in progress, please specify which parts have been completed (footage, editing, text and voice over)
  • Texts for newscaster (lancements)
Please treat as URGENT.


Radio News Bulletins

Television News Bulletins


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