Broadcast & Digital Journalism (Jan-May 2012)

Module Outline

Classes on Wednesdays from 13.00 to 16.00 in the Mediacom Studio.

18th January
I gave module outlines and 2 sets of handouts in class:
– The main stages of production
– The Grammar of Television and Film: shot sizes, camera angles, camera movements and editing techniques

25th January
We will start using the cameras to be familiar with the equipment. The first exercise will consist in interviewing a classmate (in pairs) on camera in order to prepare for the first assignment (interviewing a well-known person).
Note that I gave out 3 series of handouts in class on:
– The grammar of television (from The Essential TV Director’s Handbook)
– Effective Interviewing
– Interviewing Tips
Please make sure you all have a copy.

30th January
Mr Chenganna has agreed to let us use the first half hour of his class to view your mock interviews in the Mediacom Studio. Please come at 13h00.

As Wednesday 1st February is a public holiday, please prepare for the exercise and assignment as required.
By 1st February, finalise your mock interviews. Liaise with Ketan to upload your videos to the iMacs and ask him to show you the iMovie software.
By 8th February, decide on who you will interview for your first assignment (in teams of 2), do your background research on the person and the issues to be tackled. Prepare a draft list of questions and bring in class on 8th February for discussion and validation. Start contacting the person to schedule an appointment for the interview between the 9th and the 15th February. You will have to liaise with Ketan for booking of the camera and tripod. Note that cameras are taken for classes on Tuesday mornings and Friday mornings (please check with Ketan).

8th February
We will view updated mock interviews, discuss your upcoming interview assignment (bring your proposed questions) and do some video editing.

15th February
We made shots and interviews in the open days

22nd February
We work in the Mediacom Studio. We do the editing on the Open Days. Students may go on their appointments for interviews if need be. We will have a look at those who have completed shooting for the interviews.

29th February
We view final edits of Open Days video. Then, we look at all interviews done. Please make sure you have all recorded those interviews to be able to do the editing work.

Useful online resources
How to Produce Video Interviews
News and Documentary Production

7th March
Teams present carried on with editing of video on UOM Open Days. These should be finalised by 14th March latest. Teams were also asked to finish all pending shootings for the interview assignment. These are to be edited on 14th March.

14th March
Teams are to edit their interview assignment.

21st March
Carry on editing and shooting

28th March
Editing of footage.
For the rest of the semester, students are encouraged to shoot as much as possible and do the editing of their footage. Once finalised, please let me know and then notify Ketan for uploading to YouTube.
Note that for all videos done, students have to submit a recap at the end of semester with the following information:
– Name of team members (in case of team work) and contribution of each to each phase of the project (i.e. concept, shooting, interviewing, editing, voice overs, etc.)
The more you have done, the better it is. You will be assessed with respect to the real work done as well as quality and originality of material submitted.

4th April
Shooting and editing

12th April
Shooting and editing

The videos for open days have now been posted online as follows:

Oomeyr, Nadia, Martine:

Kashish, Manuela, Sandrina, Estelle:

Seeroomy, Valerie, Waziha:


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