Contemporary Issues (April 2010)

Documents distributed in class on 8th April
– IBA’s general guidelines for political broadcasts for General Elections 2005
– The MMM’s proposal for a code of conduct
EISA’s website with reports about the 2005 elections
The Electoral Commissioner’s Office website with a copy of the EBC report and the code of conduct used in 2009 for the partial elections.

Update: New code of conduct 2010 available at

If you have links to other relevant documents (e.g. other parties’ proposals), please share here.

20th April
All students are expected to finalise their proposal for the WPFD material to be produced and to send me an email to explain their project in order to be able to start production now.

22nd April
We will be in the Mediacom Studio.
We carry on with our weekly press roundup. Please note these are evaluated.
I still have not received proposals for some teams. Please do this urgently.

29th April
We will be in the Mediacom Studio to see work in progress for WPFD for all teams.
Exceptionally, those who did not do 3 press reviews will be allowed to do this week’s review to catch up. These are assessed and count towards Continuous Assessment as for the WPFD projects. Please keep me updated about progress made.

Reminder: Last deadline for submission of WPFD projects is Monday 10th May midnight (by email). No projects will be accepted beyond that deadline.
Completed projects already submitted may be viewed at:


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