Digital Imaging (Aug-Dec 2013)

Class on Fridays at 9.00 in either FSSH Computer Lab or Mediacom Studio. Sessions will also include field work (to take pictures)

Module Outline

23rd August
Students are asked to take pictures of an object of their choice and bring the pictures to class next week.

Useful reading:
Interview of inventor of digital camera

30th August
We meet in the FSSH computer lab. Please do not forget to bring your digital pictures (on a USB key or external drive) as we will do some processing on the computers. We will also visit the Mediacom Studio and do some shooting.

6th September
We meet in the Mediacom Studio to go for a shoot. Please bring your cameras, USB keys or external drives.

13th September
We meet in the FSSH lab. Please bring all your photos (after selection and processing) as well as your texts for the slideshow.
Please refer to as a model.
I gave a handout in class.

20th September
No class due to the Research and Students’ Activity Week.

27th September
There was no class as I was in a workshop

4th October
Class in the FSSH lab.
We have a guest lecturer, Avinash Meetoo, who will talk about how to take pictures. You may bring your personal cameras if you wish.

Regarding the first assignment, I need all teams to review their work, for instance to rename their picture files (in order of appearance in your document), to resize their pictures so that these are appropriate for online posting (e.g. Jpeg files under 200 KB).

11th October
Class in the FSSH lab
Please don’t forget to bring all your pictures. These should be renamed and resized as per instructions above.

18th October
Here are the slides from last week: Rules of composition
Reminder about Assignment #2
Take pictures illustrating:

  • Rule of Thirds
  • Rule of Space
  • Focal Point
  • Showing Scale
  • Balancing Weight
  • Leading Lines

Class in the FSSH lab. Please bring your pictures for viewing and analysis.

25th October
Class will start at 9.15 and end around 10.30 exceptionally. Please bring all your pictures from Assignment #2. We will view and analyse all of them.
I will then brief you about Assignment #3 for which you will have to take pictures illustrating the following:

  • Symmetry
  • Patterns
  • Viewpoint
  • Background
  • Depth
  • Framing
  • Cropping

Reminder: I distributed handouts on resolution, file formats and size, compression last week. Please ensure you all read them carefully. When you shoot pictures, choose a high resolution. Then save the original high res copies and make duplicates to work on (cropping, colour correction, etc.) still in high res. Only export in lower resolution at the very end (Jpeg, around 80%, around 600 pixels in height or width, less than 200 KB) for publication online.

1st November
Public Holiday
Please work on your pictures for Assignment #3. Please also send me your finalised pictures for Assignment #2 for online posting.

8th November
Please bring all your pictures for Assignment #2 (only two teams have submitted adequate material so far)
Also bring your pictures for Assignment #3 for processing and analysis.

13th November
Class will exceptionally be held on Wednesday 13th November instead of Friday with our guest lecturer Avinash Meetoo.
Please send me all finalised pictures or bring all final pictures on Wednesday.

Students work
Assignment #1: photo-reportage on hawkers around the campus
Anesh, Ritesh and Yahya
Diksha and Boijoonauth
Dooshika, Eloise and Hemy
Eloisa, Joella and Sophie
Girija and Pakyalakshimee
Joanna, Julie and Melanie
Rachel and Shalini
Shreshta and Divya

Assignment #2: Thematic (part 1)
Eloisa and Joella
Joanna and Julie
Chandni and Diksha
Divya and Shreshta
Girija and Pakyalakshmi
Hemy, Dooshika and Eloise

Assignment #3: Thematic (part 2)


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