Diksha & Boikoonauth #1

1st picture
1. This food truck business is found at Reduit near UOM. It is a good location to attract clients.because of the comings and goings over there as a bus stop is also found nearby.

2nd picture
2. Students and staff from the university are regular clients and are knowbn to visit this place. Food items available range from junk food to dishes made by the owner herself.Drinks are also available in the form of panaccon, juice cartons, soft drinks and water bottles. The food truck is open as from 09.00 to 17.00 on week days. Saturdays are exceptions as it closes earlier on those particular days.

3rd picture
3. The owner is a woman called Rajenree. Her job is a means to earn her living. It is primarily for financial reasons that she has opted to start this business five years ago;the fact that she is the mother of two underage children means that she has to provide for their educational needs. Her passion for cooking has influenced her choice for this specific job as well.

4th picture
4. The mother-in-law of Rajenree (above) is of great help to her as it is she who accompanies her to her truck to handle some of the work. They both attend to clients and handle the money on turns. While one is at the counter, the other is busy in the rear area of the truck, preparing ingredients such. Rajenree’s mother-in-law is actually ,in the picture above,cleaning green leafy vegetables. Altogether it takes 3 hours for them to prepare pastes and doughs at home.To ensure the good quality and freshness of the food,they do the frying and cooking of some foodstuffs in the truck itself (below)

5th picture
5. These are some of the savoury snacks that can be found displayed at the ‘’Caravane Jaune”;they are commonly referred to as ‘’gateaux de l’huile’’.The above snacks are more specifically “gateaux piments’’, ‘’chanapuri’’ and ‘’du pain frir’’. They can be served with the ‘’chatini’’ made with green chillies.

6th picture
6. Not only snacks are available but you can also find dishes like the Chicken Stir-Fry This chicken is prepared with green leafy vegetables and carrots. It is used as a type of filling for the stuffed bread which is also a food item in sale there.

7th picture
7. Rajenree also prepares confectioneries, more precisely Indian sweetmeats. It is due to her Tamil background and Indian origins that she possesses the know-how required in the preparation of these sweets.The knowledge has indeed been passed down from generation to generationthrough family members like her father and her mother-in-law herself.

8th picture

8. These are some kitchen equipments that can be found in Rajenree’s food truck. The kettle in the first picture is Next for boiling purpose. Next to it,the other ustensil is used for food storage.
11th picture
12th picture
The second picture shows a ‘’tawah’’.this disc shaped metal griddle has origins coming from various countries in Asia, India being one of them. The ‘’roti’’, originally an Indian food, is cooked by Rajenree with the use of this ustensil.

13th picture9.Beside the truck, a few tables, benches and big umbrellas are placed as sitting area . This facility is a nice advantage as not all trucks can boast of having this option!


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