Girija & Pakyalakshimee #1

Daily Life in Reduit

Every day for the past 40 years, 63-year-old Kala wakes up at 5.30 am to set up her stall near the Reduit bus stop. With her fresh merchandise, a variety of vegetables, fruits, candied mangoes and cakes, she works until 5pm together with her sister.

She silently sorts out the vegetable leaves as she waits for the occasional customer. Today she has many competitors and she needs to survive. The social security aid she receives from the government is of no help to her and her handicapped husband. “I will work until the wind pushes me”, she says.

On the other side of the road, Rina leads her life with a daily routine – waking up at three in the morning, she carefully displays all the vegetables in baskets on the lorry and makes her way to the place where we find her with her husband everyday until 4pm. It’s been 20 years her husband and her have been struggling to make both ends meet for the future of their children.

The scales ensure fairness to both Rina and the buyer.

Moving further, we notice Mr Yogambrum Supramanium (heir to the family business since 50 years), working out of passion today rather than to make a living. His ‘gâteau du riz’, ‘gâteau roche’ and ‘kettitopo’ among others are all cholesterol free cakes which inhabitants of Mauritius appreciate for their unique and rare combinations. “Interesting and delicious”, says one of his usual customers.


No matter how hot or cold it is, no matter if it is raining or scorching hot, our usual vendor does not miss his rounds in “The University of Mauritius”. He starts his journey within the campus at 10.15am until 11.15am and moves to another region within his car to propose his exclusive cakes until 5pm every day.


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