Digital Journalism (Jan-May 2014)

Class on Fridays at 9.00 in the Mediacom Studio

Module Outline

24th January
Overview of Digital Journalism

31st January
Public Holiday

7th February

14th February
We will proceed with our first practical assignment on the UOM Open Days

21st February
We proceed with editing of all videos. Please ensure you come on time in order to carry on the work.

28th February
We will work on a chapter New Media and Journalism which I will distribute in class. We will also start to work on the next assignment.

7th March
All teams are expected to be collecting data for their reports (either audio, video or text/photos) and to start writing up, editing, etc. I need to see work in progress this week.
Also, all students need to show progress made on their analysis of local online media as discussed last week.

14th March
We finalise all reports.

21st March
All reports have to be finalised TODAY so that we can discuss the next assignment.

Please follow me on either Twitter or Facebook and read all the resources related to journalism through the links I share.
The latest: What the Fox Knows

28th March
We discuss the next assignment. We also look at the chapters I have given you last week. I will give back your assignments on local online media. All students are expected to be present.

4th April
Please bring all work in progress for the latest assignment. A small test will also be carried out with respect to all notes, handouts, online resources given so far. Please do not forget to check either my Twitter or Facebook feed for online resources related to digital journalism.

11th April
We look at work in progress for the latest assignmnent (on Dengue). I will give back the tests from last week.

Please view and share your reports from the last two assignments at:
Les Journées Portes Ouvertes de l’UOM
La Violence Domestique

18th April
No class. However all teams are expected to finalise all reports on dengue. Please submit to Ketan for uploading and send me all texts and graphics by email.

25th April
We will discuss one last assignment for the semester.
All teams who should have finalised all reports on dengue since last week. However, I have not received all submissions. Please submit to Ketan for uploading and send me all texts and graphics by email.

2nd May
All teams are expected to work on the last assignment related to the dholl puri / faratha market. Please refer to the following as per our discussions on the type of project: Planet Money T-shirt by NPR

Update (6th May): I expect all teams to come meet me for progress monitoring and advice on the faratha/dholl puri project. I will set a day for the appointments and each team will be expected to come at a specific time.

We will have a final session on 20th May {postponed to 29th May} to view all final projects and wrap up. I will also answer any questions you may have for revision and review any topics which need to be looked at again in view of exams. You can also start asking your questions in the comments section of the blog page as usual.

Interesting tools to be explored (will be updated as I come across other tools)


Assignment on Dengue

Sneha Peryag, Manissa Soubrayen, Shaili Neerbun, Ali Soliman and Rizwaan Khodabux
Campagne pour l’élimination des moustiques, vecteurs de la dengue
Qu’est-ce que la dengue? Comment se propage ce virus? Quels sont les traitements préconisés? Quelles sont les moyens de prévention?

Yoveena Bunsy, Anne-Lise Yap Kee Sing, Caitkie Vaghjee and Irfaad Olitte
Dengue : Les mesures prises par la municipalité de Port-Louis
La municipalité de Port-Louis qui opère sous le Local Government Act est responsable du ramassage des ordures et de l’identification des terrains vagues. Cela se fait dans le but de réduire la propagation de la dengue dans la capitale. Explications du ‘Chief Health Inspector’, Monsieur Erigadoo.

Shreshta Seechurn, Sakinah Caunhye and Sabine Azémia
Modes de transmission, symptômes, précautions sanitaires et moyens de prévention, facteurs de risque, diagnostic, traitements et effets secondaires. Entretien avec Dr Baichoo

Janice Armel, Coralie Sampson, Maureen Edouard and Karina Bhoobun


Assignment on Dholl Puri

Coralie Sampson, Maureen Edouard, Karina Bhoobun and Janice Armel
Une nuit avec des producteurs de dholl puri.

Sakinah Caunhye, Shreshta Seechurn and Sabine Azémia
Histoire du dholl puri et interview avec une nutritionniste.
Infographie sur la composition du dholl puri

Caitkie Vaghjee, Yoveena Bunsy, Ali Soliman and Yohan Balloo
Dhollpuri (Mauritian pancake) is a booming business in Mauritius. The national pancake of Mauritius has a unique exotic taste which leaves no one indifferent. Dhollpuris are consumed all around Mauritius and is a very popular meal among Mauritians of all age groups. We have surveyed and interviewed some dhollpuri sellers in some schools to get an indicative revenue generated through students only, by the dhollpuri business and built an infographic
Infographie: Le business du dholl puri

Anne-Lise Yap Kee Sing, Irfaad Olitte and Rizwaan Khodabux
Le dholl puri à l’étranger

Shaili Neerbun, Sneha Peryag and Manissa Soubrayen
Le prix du dholl puri


2 thoughts on “Digital Journalism (Jan-May 2014)

  1. Hello ma’am,

    My team (Sabine, Shreshta and Myself) had to contact NGOs and psychologists concerning “La violence domestique envers la Femme”. We have conducted and shot all the interviews required. We have to finalise the voice overs and edit the footage.

    Thank you.



  2. Hi ma’am,

    As you suggested to my team (consisting of Shaili, Sneha and I), we had to find women who used to be victims of domestic violence and write a ‘success story’ on them. As far as I am concerned I could find only one woman who volunteered to do so and I already wrote a text after interviewing her. Unfortunately I have no picture to include in it. I will send it to you by mail in a while.

    Thank you,


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