Gender and the Media (Aug 2011 – May 2012)

Class every fortnight on Friday from 9h to 12h starting as from the 19th August.

Module Outline

19th August
Introduction to gender and the media

First survey

16th September
Key Media Theories

30th September
Early representations

14th October
Representations today
Students are to submit a one-page write-up (summarising key points) on a contemporary artist using Fiske’s article about Madonna as model. Note that the article was distributed in class on 30th September.

28th October

11th November
LGBT in media
We discussed the upcoming assignments for the holiday break. There will be two assignments: one individual and one collective.

About the individual assignment:
As from now, each student is required to keep a personal diary in which you will log occurrences of media content which you encounter and the diary is to be updated until the end of the year. The notes should be uploaded every 2 weeks for addition to the blog and for presentation in front of class and discussion.

What the log may include: snapshots of billboard ads, print ads, radio ads, TV spots, Facebook memes, movie trailers, TV shows, news items, etc.

What you have to do: write a few lines of analysis on each log item. You may for example address questions as follows. Is there any misrepresentation of gender roles (masculinity, feminity, LGBT)? Unequal representation? Overrepresentation, stereotyping, sexism…
How do your entourage (friends, family) receive, decode and assess the content from a gender perspective? Be careful to interview them in an unbiased way. Finally, do you see any patterns in gender representations?

About the collective assignment
Students should work in teams of minimum 4 and maximum 5. Each team should work on one media format (we have already discussed in class) and prepare a presentation for our 2nd session in January 2012. The presentation should review current local content on the selected media format and propose an original gender analysis.
To date, we have groups working on the following:

  • Billboard ads
  • Radio ads
  • Print ads (newspapers)
  • Print ads (magazines such as Essentielle, Energie, LifeStyle, Panorama and supermarket brochures)
  • Songs – lyrics
  • Video clips
  • News items

Please use the comments section to confirm which group you are in and what format the group has settled on.

Note that class resumes on Friday 27th January for the second semester. Happy New Year 2012 to you all!

27th January
Please bring all your material collected for the assignment so that we can have a round-up of progress achieved so far.

10th February
Oral Presentations.
Please be there on time. The order of presentations will be determined by a drawing of lots. Presentations should not exceed 15 minutes per team. There will be a laptop and RGB for slides (do not prepare too many slides and do not overload your slides). You should not prepare fully written notes, only key words and phrases to guide you if needed.
Note that there will be two sets of marks: a collective mark for the content and an individual mark for each student for oral performance.
All students should pay attention to their classmates’ presentations (i.e. no chatting or preparation for your own presentation) and be prepared to asks questions too during the Q&A.
Good Luck to all!

24th February
We carry on with oral presentations

9th March
Lecture on Gender in the News Media
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– Are Women People?
L’affaire DSK:
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Students’ contributions: Please click on the page to be able to view your contributions and comment on them. As far as possible, please put your contributions in the comments section with links to images and videos.


100 thoughts on “Gender and the Media (Aug 2011 – May 2012)

  1. Group 1 consisting of Beatrice Nayna, Jennifer Clelie, Farah Mohungoo, Ruvina Mootoosamy, Yhesnha Muthoo. We are going to work on television show (Mon cher george, Voisin voisine, C’est la vie).


  2. hello mam, i want to ask if we can work in team of 6,as there are 2 groups of 3 members,so can we merge the two groups n make it one group.


    • Dear Heena,

      It was agreed at the last three sessions that each team should have a minimum of 4 or a maximum of 5 members. I am afraid we cannot change this as this would be unfair to the rest of the class.



  3. Hello,
    There are only three students in our group. Anyone not having a group
    please join us. For the time being our group consists of G Namrata
    Deelchand, Joshika Ramjeeawon and Yasmeen Rohim.
    Thank You!


  4. hi mam, there is only 3 students in my group, we are not able to have a fourth one. I even sent a mail in common mail but we got no response. My group consists of heerma, kiran and usha. we are working on magazines marie claire and cospolitan.

    Thank you,


  5. Dear Usha,

    Since there are some difficulties with some groups, we will discuss these at our first session on 27th January. In the meantime, could you please liaise with your class representative once semester resumes to see if all students have got a team?



  6. Hello Madam,

    Happy New Year!Concerning the group presentation,we are five in our group namely

    Meghna,Selvie,Anoushka,Eshwaree and Hanna …
    We will be doing our analysis and presentation on Mauritian Sega .
    kind Regards



  7. hello mam,concerning our group presentation,consist of USHA, KIRAN,NAMRATA,YASMINE and HEERMA.we will be doing our presentation on the magasin “MARIECLAIRE” & ” COSMOSPOLITAN”



  8. hello Madam,
    Our group consistsof 4 members namely Nisha, Purnima, Anne-Lisa and Tasha. We are working on newspaper adds and articles.



  9. Hello Madam,
    our group comprises of Ornella Marie, Vanessa Genave, Dominique Pytambar and Angie Ramos. We are working on magazines namely Essentielle, energie.



  10. Hello Madam,

    I’m Annielle representing the group composed of Anne-Sophie Omarjee, Karenne Ovide and Unaïsah Soogun.
    Assignment theme will be on Mauritian songs (lyrics) and gender representation (mainly Sega but also other genre of music).
    We are ready to collaborate with the 2 other groups working on the same topic and we hope that everything will be done correctly, respecting others choice and without any conflict. On our side, everything is fine with the work. Hope you’ll be satisfied at the end.

    Thank you,


  11. Hello Madam,

    Our group members are: Afiifah Munganee Mea, Shabnam Abdool-Rohoman, Nazifah Moideen, Souhaylah Gooskhan and Joshika Ramjeewon. We are working on the following Mauritian Sega:

    1. “Kilote p desand” – Roger Clency
    2. “Bel chouchou” – Coulouce
    3. “kraz massala” – Alenzo
    4. “Mo mari” – Nathalie Begue
    5. “Si mo ti ene zom” – Laura Beg

    From Afiifah


  12. Hello Madam,

    There are five members in our group namely: Meghna,Selvie,Anoushka,Eshwaree and Hanna.
    As said earlier we will be doing our presentation on Mauiritian Sega and the following are the Sega we will be working on:

    ~ Anita – Ti Frere
    ~ Reprends Mo Mari – Marie Josée Clency
    ~ Fam Exempler – Linzy Bacbotte
    ~ Pa Dir mwa – Alain Ramanisum
    ~ Fam la zeness – sylvain Kaleecharan



    • Like Anne-sophie I am also wondering, whether they are selling the vehicles or the girls?! Also such types of vehicles tend to be masculinised, so maybe their aim was to say at the buyers that by possessing such vehicles alongside you’ll get “sexy and aggressive” girls.


  13. Hello everyone, i wanted you all to have a look at the latest single of Madonna – Girl Gone Wild, which is very popular on the internet these days. Here is the link :

    – It is a black & white video clip.

    – Even at 53 years old Madonna thinks she is a girl.

    – The clip shows her flexibility,sex appeal & well maintained silhouette – these say that her age is not a factor that will stop her.

    – It also features several young topless men in leggings and stilettos who perform seductive dance steps and embraces Madonna all over.

    – Message from clip : Women must have such a body to have man at their feet + comparison between good girl and bad girl. Check out the lyrics to understand the clip better, here’s the link :

    – Rumors are saying that Madonna was inspired by Lady Gaga’s clip Alejandro which shows good v/s evil, men v/s female and domination v/s submission. Here is the link :


  14. This shows how women are treated as an object, rather sexual object! This photograph is for tuning show, and it implies that if a guy has a big motorcycle & he takes part in the tuning show, he can have a girl like in the photo ready to do anything for him! Is this a way to treat women?


  15. Hey girls, I don’t know how many of you have seen this advert on TV, here is the link have a look:

    Personally I don’t find the direct link between the product they are advertising and the concept they are using.

    I really think that this video is damaging the image of women as it is really extreme, exaggerating and making men superior to women in terms of driving.

    It is because of this particular mind-set that women are pressurised, verbally harassed and not respected when they are driving by some chauvinist men.

    According to surveys, nowadays women appear to have a positive image of themselves as safer drivers than men, yet how come in Mauritius those denigrating jokes about female drivers have not yet vanished.

    Even on the road, in reality drivers show their arrogance especially towards women by using foul language or using comments like: “Li ena la main di bois r li or kot tone gagne to license?!”


    • Completely agree with you Vidya …
      Remembering something which truly put on my nerves this Monday .
      My male coach was driving me home from tae-kwon-do classes with another friend (male),and
      there was a lady in front of him.She was cautious and not in haste.Cautious like most ladies I will say.

      And he made a comment like :

      ” Fouf.trouver c’est 1 fem ki lor volant,zamais zotte koner ki zotte faire lor chemin”.

      And being a lady driver same as you Vidya you can imagine,I was stunned but I replied back with respect as He is my coach,

      “Oh really!?”

      He said : “Oui! Tou ban accident lor chemin c a cause fem lor volant sa”.

      I replied : Il ne faut pas generaliser.And he kept on and on denigrating woman driving.

      It’s indeed true that man chauvinist will not eradicate so easily in Mauritius.

      And the most irritating in all this is when a woman drives,we just need to see these males reaction: through horning and all …

      I call this barbarism.



  16. This is a very famous and popular video clip about Mauritius, C`est 1 plaisir.

    I have noticed that the woman figure is shown mostly may it be Mauritian or Strangers, that is, tourists.

    What shocked me is that women are clearly shown as sexual objects. but is to be noted that this implies only the creoles and the tourists ( but that`s another issue).

    From a gender perspective, I argue that this video is very discriminative towards women, in the sense that it portrays the woman as only a ‘plaisir’… I mean emphasis is laid upon their bodies, their breasts, their butts, sensuality,beauty and so on. It just appear just like, for Mauritius to be a ‘plaisir’ it`s a matter of how sexy and sensual the women are in all ways. The rest, that is the leisure activities and others are just a plus.

    Why don`t they show women working in fields, or even fishing and such things like they have done for the men??!!!


    This particular picture portrays a Bollywood actor doing an advertisement for Levis’ jeans and the actor is been perceived as the “modern Superman” who by his heroic attitude can easily lure any women. Further, there is an overrepresentation of masculinity as we can see the image of an ultra-machismo male body. It also portrays a facet of the patriarchal society that only men are strong and women are fragile and vulnerable beings. This clearly demonstrates the male supremacy in the modern world.


  18. Hi everyone, I noticed a billboard ad on the highway to Port-Louis. It was about a car repair agency. Maybe someone among you might have seen it but haven’t taken it into consideration.
    The ad is about a car repair company and the board is divided into two parts. The first shows a lady whose car has broken down whereby she appears anxious and does not know what to do? On the next board you can see 1 or 2 men who appear to have helped her (service dépannage) and she is happily driving away.
    On the same company, another ad has been put on a billboard itself. This one comprises of a lady in a car with 3 men accompanying her to ensure that if there is a breakdown she is not going to face any problem.
    Analyzing these two ads on the same company, it clearly shows that when women face difficulties like car breakdown, they always need the help of a man to fix the problem. Women are projected as always dependent on men. Men always have to be there in case there is a problem, like a car breakdown, and a lady alone will not be able to fix that particular problem.What do you think?



  19. Girl gone wild-Madonna
    It seems that it is Madonna and the gay community which have gone wild.There is lot of sexual allusions and sensual gestures.The gay seem to be care free.
    -Men wearing high heels;it is usually women wearing high heels and men complaining.Men wearing tight clothes which make them appear sexy and reveal their curves.
    -The only female presence is madonna.
    -The gay community seem to be dominating in this clip which is quite provocative.
    -The man are as good dancer as women specially on high heels.
    -When they are hanging on madonna,it seems that they are in adoration to Madonna(like the virgin Mary and they look like her children)


  20. J’eleve seul mon renard-une fable
    -infidelity of the woman instead of the man
    -the Man refer as ”seducteur”,liar.
    -A single mother who brought her child alone…


  21. The man referred here as an object which every woman desire and need.
    -The man having many utilities to trap the women.
    -The man not as a sex object but someone who can replace a woman since he is able to do everything that a woman does.


  22. -The man which seem to be at the head of every business.
    -The woman in the role of a prostitute but which seem to be a honest job like any other.
    -The woman using a sexual language.


  23. This song can be refer to as an hymn to the gay love…
    -Throughout the lyrics we can clearly see that the singer want people to accept the homosexuals in our society,they want their love to be accepted,they want to be accepted.
    -Gay,;lesbian is said not to be a disease
    -This song is the awake of the gay community.
    -Gender differences need to be accepted according to the singer.


  24. -God is very often refer to as a male,same for the demon..
    -This clip is male dominated,the woman seem to be in an oppressed role.
    -Adam is refer to the perfect male,good looking,brave,strong but he appears with feminine attribute specially the way he walks and talks.
    -Eve referred as the inferior sex,stupid,ugly,weak.
    -Though Eve is the stupid one she is the one to reject Adam,and Adam seem to need her.
    -Eve reserving herself for the good one(a virgin woman not wanting to commit adultery)


  25. -Man disguise in woman
    -Men playing several women role(gender equality)
    -”want to break free” can be the woman wanting equality.
    -”don’t need you”-the woman not needing the man


  26. -This clip begin with the singer looking well dressed and smart.
    -The woman(as we thought at the beginning is considered as a prey for the man)
    -she is also describe as ”magnifique” which later prove to be false since the singer was refering to a man,though the girl was dancing provocatively in front of him,all he wanted was the black man.(man not needing the woman)
    -fatal bazouka turn out to be romantic with the gay.
    -This song is like a flirting song where a guy is proposing to another one.
    -very often for clip to have audience,girls need to be half naked,here it is man who are half naked.
    -there is also a part where they are all doing aerobics to keep fit,it is usually woman who wants to keep fit and remain beautiful; to please man..
    -The final part fatal is seen married to the black man which seem to be passing a message that gay marriage need to be legalized.



    The following advertisement shows a woman promoting the “10 Cane Rum” brand. It portrays the woman as a sex object to be looked at. In fact, we can say that she is half nude and is looking quite provocative and sensuous. For promoting this particular brand, they have used an ideal female body- slim, fair, sexy and who will eventually become the fantasy of the men who will consume this particular brand.



    This image conveys the message of male dominance in society and the stereotypical bias against women, and rightly so because media is one of the social institutions that can shape a person’s identity, promotes gender equality as well as inequality. In such images, we usually find that females are younger than males; the actor will be casting in serious roles, leading roles while females will be seen in light roles or portrayed as victims. They are depicted as more tolerant, attractive, and patient while men are represented as smart, strong. Females tend to get scared easily, cry, scream, get hurt easily, get raped, and killed. They are the only ones who make exclamations like ‘im tired/ i’m scared/ i’m hurt’… Thus they are portrayed as the weaker sex, which eventually perpetuates inequality.


    • Nowadays youngsters, mostly females thinking is much more than one can think. Most of the females youngsters try to attract men who is older than them (say 20 to 30 years old). As those females are young , more attractive, they try to attract those men for their own advantage. In this new trend of life, females forced males to have sex so that they can take more advantage . This is the new picture of the world that one cannot imagine. Thus, sex cannot be portrayed instead its one’s thinking which finally perpetuates inequality in age. Today’s youngsters do not respect age and they even fall in love with men who is like their father and they do not have respect. So, it can be concluded that this new trend of life will finally destroy the family and society itself. The humanity will lose its own identity, no respect towards each other, so where the world is going………….


      • I guess it goes both ways. The old guys who get into relationships with young women have no respect for themselves and for the girls! There are also some young guys going for old ladies for their money. The thing is money is a perverting factor.


  29. (orange mardi follies)

    girls do see this video, in fact i don’t understand what does “mardi follies” means?
    I’ve been unable to catch the link between the old woman and mardi follies.
    In this ad the old women wants to become fashionable with a weird hairstyle.
    For me, it is seen as unjust, in fact they made fun of the old one.
    It is a female dominated ad, but what crossed to my mind is that why they used an old woman in this ad instead of a young lady.
    If a young lady would have proposed for this style, then i would have understood, but why the old one????


  30. (pepsi ad)

    In this video, the young girl is trying to be funny, using childish voice as well at the same time showing her breast.
    In fact the whole ad is on showing her big breast and at times making it becomes more bigger and even vibrating up and down.
    this kind of things usually disrupt the simple image of woman and it is even influential to young girls.
    In fact this video is promoted to attract more males or even females to her show.
    If she had shown her whole vibrating body then that would be awesome too, the audience had liked her even more and her show would have been more successful.
    That’s so disgraceful.
    I appreciate that Mauritian girls are not like this but ya some are exceptionable…


  31. This is really non-sense..Its always the women who is the bitch and man viewed as master ” ” and people laugh at such sexist joke!


  32. Tv advert-“Kram Kram Kram” in this advert the lady is learning how to drive a car being monitored by her husband. She does not know how to drive properly and is under pressure. Meanwhile,her husband tells her to let him drive the car in her place but she refuses. Latter,heard a strange noise of scratching,it was their son who was eating in the car. This shows indirectly how they consider women as bad drivers,cannot be on same footing as men. I find this very sexist as not all men know driving very well,some women drive more carefully than men on the road.


  33. Vidya Balan symbolises what changed the definition of eroticism in a film actress over the years. It is truly shocking to see this journey through a movie; the portrayal of sensuality of women in Bollywood has taken ampler.


    This is a Nude shot of Madonna..
    below are the comments for the pictures..
    I Quote:
    1)Why would anybody want to pay $8,000. for that photo? When you can make copies of it for “Free”! And you can blow it up as big as you want. Duh!!!

    2)Great photo taken back when cigarettes were used as props to enhance. This would now be seen to make someone look bad. I do like Madonna, think she’s a good businesswoman and I like how she thinks just because she’s over 50, doesn’t mean she still can’t be fit, have fun and work hard.

    3)cant you pixilated the nipples? its a family newspaper ,

    4) What gave you that idea? The hard-hitting, factually correct, well researched news stories or the long-lens shots of celebs is various states of undress in the right-hand column?

    5)Madonna — stunning then, BEYOND STUNNING NOW!!! Thanks, DM, — try to bring more positive articles on Our Queen and maybe you’ll garner more respect amongst the journalists with cred and your readers.

    6)….. well, it’s a ‘nice’ picture, but to describe it as ‘stunning’ is a tad over over the top!

    I think this is totally absurd and such an advert such be ban.People seem to be enjoying this picture as you all can read from the above comments..!!
    Women are portrayed as sex objects..It is normally men smoking,why is there not a nude man instead?


  35. The film “Bol” has really shocked me and make me realized how we women till in the modern world are still being discriminate, scapegoat and stereotype. we said that in the modern era women have been emancipated but through this film which show a traditional Pakistani family , we realized how we women are being oppressed, discriminated and even being bated for trying to voice out their opinions and claiming for their rights. through this film we realized that women is seen also as a sexual and entertaining object. This film show us how the taboo of being preserved either taboo and stereotypes concerning women or on homosexuality. Through, this film we realized how our world is a patriarchal one and how discriminatory it is!!!! finally, through my analysis this film shows us all the discriminatory and sexist attitudes of people towards women..


  36. In this video we found that the man are referred as an object which every woman desire and need.
    Also, they are dancing in a very very sexual way that can drive a woman crazy .
    even we found that in the video there is a competition between men who should proud that they are much more better than the other again a sensual and sexy way…


  37. this video we found that the man are referred as an object which every woman desire and need.
    Also, they are dancing in a very very sexual way that can drive a woman crazy .
    even we found that in the video there is a competition between men who should proud that they are much more better than the other again a sensual and sexy way…


  38. This clip and show show how woman is being abuse, harass and bated by man but still suffer in silent. this reflect many true cases of women who are being victims of domestic violence and not voicing out for justice. this prove how our society is still now empowering women and that they are still considered as subordinates.


  39. This clip show how woman is being abuse bated and still suffer in silent and cannot voice out their rights.
    _ reflect many true cases of women who are victims of domestic violence and still not empowered.
    – woman is still in subordinate position to man in a patriarchal society..


    • -Eva engaging in a hot steamy lesbian action
      -Women are the main characters in this movie
      -Showing that women can survive without men and that among themselves they are independent and can meet for their needs even if it’s sexual desire as seen in the hot scenes involving Eva Longoria and Kate del Castillo


  40. this photo from my opinion shows that women only think or want a perfect body for themselves whereas man want to have a body to impress the women


  41. Hello everybody please take a look at this clip. I am sure you all have been watching it, it’s about orange Adsl.
    How i find it ironical as they have still here also used a mother and her daughter to do the ad and not a father and the daughter.
    Is it because it is one of a mother’s role to care about the education of her children that they have been using only female in this pub? Do men not need to be connected to the world via internet?
    Also the clip is not sexistn but it still reflects how women are here to publicitise products and services.


  42. Hello girls!
    I wonder if some of you remember but I have been sharing out in class about the trailer of a movie where the lead role was taken by a woman.
    Finally I got the title “Colombiana” with Zoe Saldana- a black women as the actress.
    I found this film really out of this world, where the lady plays the character of a cold-blooded assassin.revenging the death of her parents.
    It is very interesting to see how when the actress engages in a complete action movie which we would think only a man can do.
    I really appreciate the fact that although she has lead a male character role, she was not given a feminized character.
    In the movies she is characterized as a professional killer in disguise of a woman if i can permit myself to say.
    Please have a look at the trailer and sure watch the film after exams.


    • As you can see it is a compilation of several videos act,in all of them depicting woman in a very sexual way … We can see a gender bias in this compilation as,among all the combined videos only one of then depict the man in a “sexy” and sexual way.

      It is indeed hilarious because,personally I do not think any sort of connections between the adverts and the exposure of the body,apart for pleasing male viewers in enjoying them …


  43. People’s “most beautiful women” perpetuates a narrow definition of beauty.

    Clearly, our culture’s standards of beauty are racist.

    People’s “beautiful” women tend to stay within a narrow range of size, shape, and colour. If they stretch those parameters, they do only so for women who are influential, powerful, or undeniably successful.

    Check out this link:

    For the first time in 9 years, People magazine has named a black woman as “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman” and the honour goes to Beyoncé. (The last one was Halle Berry in 2003, and the two are the only black women named in 22 years.)

    So are white people prettier than black people?

    And the irony is that she is shown as a blonde!


  44. Girls, I would recommend you to watch the film – Iron Lady; a film of ideas and concepts rather than action, by director Phyllida Lloyd and actress Meryl Streep which was made available in 2011. It has also won Oscar awards in 2012.

    Here is a link to its trailer:

    It shows in this that we forget Margaret Thatcher was once a wife, mother, a shopkeeper’s daughter who struggled to earn respect and gain support in an exclusively male domain, since her as a formidable politician is so firmly rooted in our minds.

    Makeup aside, Streep disappears completely into Margaret Thatcher – both physically and emotionally -with an authenticity and authority.

    We also witness an interesting transformation that highlights the changing perception of what is desirable in a female leader. The contrast between then and now is striking.


  45. It seems to me that fashion is no more about clothes, perhaps it never has been! It is more about those models be it men, women or children! Yes yes children!!! It is still about getting too thin, and getting younger.

    Here are some images, have a look:


  46. You can see that the girl is not happy about what she is doing and the huge crowd behind her is enjoying her sexy body.

    Truly,it would have been good if that man commanding her of removing the clothes suffer from the same humilation …


  47. Belly dance is a sensual and sexy dance,I agree …
    But see the way the camera is being focussed on specific part on the gir’s body …


  48. this clip is very provocative. Normally,as my friends have shown above,its woman who is being provocative but in this album, its man. Itsone of the rare cases that we find this.Where is the worldgoing on friends? Likethe title says “Sexy and i know it”, but, does for a man being sexy mean doing all these?


  49. In the video clip of the film “Dirty picture’ Vidya Balan is shown as sexy, provocative,sensual even though she is not thin as other actresses. She can attract any man with her beauty and gestures. In the clip ooh laa laa ,we can see this. This shows a contrast that though a lady is not thin but beautiful,she can attract any man towards her.



    In the movie “Fashion”, the three actresses are portrayed as sex symbols who are eventually met to be consumed by the male. It also promotes the idea that success has a price, for instance, the leading actress had to leave up her morals and to have an affair with her boss to achieve success. The other super model started taking drugs when she became notorious in the world of glamour. On the other hand, the one who once aspired to be a model landed up getting married to a gay. This clearly demonstrates us that success has a price and not only “Fashion” but “The dirty picture” and also the new film “Blood Money”, portrays the real fact of success.


  51. This is a quite interesting video i found on a banned commercial for mercedes.

    The commercial reflects the typical stereotype of the dumb blonde.The stereotype of the dumb blonde portrays the blonde haired females as attractive,desirable,sexy character but who definitely lack intelligence and common sense.She makes little use of her brains and relies on her looks rather than on intelligence.
    The blonde asking for a burger in a library is considered as an object of ridicule,and her symbolic annihilation in the commercial is evident.Interesting also is the fact that we are presented with two types of women:the sexy barbie like blonde,object of male gaze,and the rather dull,fat,middle aged woman who appears to be quite careless about her appearance.
    Similar images of the dumb blonde in the media could include the actress Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen prefer blondes” or Phoebe in the TV serial “Friends.”However it should also be noted that attempts have also been made to combat such stereotypes;e.g: Reese Witherspoone in the film “Legally Blonde.”From a personal point of view I found this commercial blatantly sexist,and an open invitation for men to degrade female blondes,added to this is that it is completely irrational and irrelevant as advertisement,it seems to me that mercedes marketing departments clearly need to rethink their strategies and be more politically correct.


    This commercial represents the slow emergence of gays in the media.Quite unsurprisingly,even in a gay advert,where they should be the focus,we are presented to the innocent girl on the forefront,whose packet slips from her hands,and and falls down.This is quite typical of the hollywood scenes of love at first sight,but referring to this particular case,things are different.Again,the female is portrayed as a symbol of sensuality,promiscuity(particularly when she looks deep into the man`s eyes).The fact that she takes the apples could also represent the sin of Eve in eden gardens.
    Until 1980s,gay characters were often seen as marginals,or ridiculed,they were rarely shown openly having intimate relationships.However,today there is increasing visibility of the LGBT community in the media.E.g:”The L world” serial, “Brothers and sisters,”Will and Grace,” “Two and a half men.”Furthermore the video shows to us that,as Judith Butler puts it in “Gender trouble,”gender is performative,hence the old feminine man presented.
    In our Mauritian society,I think we could generally agree that a significant portion of the local audience watching this video would have taken it negatively,in virtue of the fact that we are still a very conservative society,where homosexuality is still considered as taboo.


  53. This is a video based on gender role stereotyping in the media,and it draws particular attention on children films and advertisement and its impact,the interview of the little boys and girls in the end is quite interpellating and interesting.Some films presented in the video are probably those you enjoyed in your childhood,and perhaps unconsciously,it significantly forged your perception of femininity and masculinity.Make your own judgement..

    The portrayal of womens` role in this video is strictly limited to the exemplary housewife whose place is essentially in the kitchen or doing the chores here and there in the house.The women are portrayed as passive,subservient to their male counterparts,particularly in the second video where the man orders a pizza to the lady,as if she was a mere servant.This is quite interpellating as in the Mauritian society too,there are many macho husbands who,when back from work,ORDER THEIR DINNER,usually in rather authoritative terms like: IS DINNER READY?? The videos show women as made or born for domestic chores,and her role is restricted to bringing happiness to the family,taking care of the baby etc…It seems to be saying to the female audience that her place ought to be at home.The world of the woman,as presented,is a world of blissful domesticity,a world crammed with food,cosmetics,furniture,household and domestic appliances.This is a typical example of gender steretyping against women and their symbolic annihilation in the media.

    It should also be noted that there images can have a potential impact on young audiences,and particularly on children.Studies have proved that media content can have a tremendous effect on children,in that they generally internalise what they see on tv(hypodermic syringe model).The children,as we see in the interview have already prejudices about particular gender roles.When askes who stays at home,who looks after baby,it`s unquestionably the woman,and when asked who goes to work,they pinpoint the man.

    Gender stereotyping is a factor which is embedded in the media,and unfortunately,it largely accounts for the fact that women are still considered as the “second sex” in many spheres of society.Media watch organisations should probably impose more gender balance parameters on media broadcasting to avoid such under and misrepresentations of women`s position in the media.


  54. This video illustrates the sexualisation of women in the media.The statistics and reports given are very enriching!

    The video is particularly reflects the idealism of the popular contemporary image of young women in society:skinny,addicted to the latest cosmetics,half-naked.
    From a hypodermic syringe or uses and gratification approach,these images can have a significant impact on female audiences,most important of which is the increasing phenomenon of anorexia nervosa among young women.The women are portrayed as meat,ready to be consumed,objects of male gaze.A new phenomenon actually gaining popularity is “sexting” Denuded and provocative women in the media incites delinquent acts such as rape,harassment of all sorts and many other social and psychological ills.


  55. This is an article about the introduction of marc ravalomanana`s wife,lalao in the political arena of Madagascar.

    What particularly strikes me in this article is the introductory line which says:

    “Des actions sociales en faveur des enfants et des femmes sont en préparation. Marc Ravalomanana a envoyé sa femme pour séduire la population.”

    The lady is portrayed as the possession of her husband,added to this is the fact that the woman is sent into the political arena to do caring,compassionate work.This stereotypical image of the leading wives,caring social,activist role is recurrent in the media.Some examples of other ladies are Lady Diana,Michelle Obama,Eleanor Roosevelt.
    Another striking factor is the fact that the journalist writes :”Marc Ravalomanana a envoye sa femme pour SEDUIRE la population.Even in the political arena,which is a core,formal sphere of society,stereotypes of women exist.The woman has been sent into politics,therefore,not to bring her contribution to the system,but to use her charms and SEDUCE the masses.Again,the woman is symbolically annihilated,and still considered as a mere object,a dice thrown as strategy in the political Monopoly of Madagascar.


  56. This video illustrates the new image of man:conscious of his appearance,cooking,object of “femlale gaze”??Masculinity traits are changing in our modern societies,hence we see that as Butler said,gender is simply performative.Some commentators have also outlined the fact that adverts as this one(man using rejuvenating cream) suggests a reversal of gender roles.There seems to be an increasing pressure on men,nowadays,to care about their look.This has led many researchers like Natasha Walter (“The new Feminism”) to claim that :
    “today`s women are more or less happy with how they look,whereas a vast majority of men feel unsatisfied.”


  57. I don’t understand why women are so sexualised in this video.. & it is noticed that in almost every video of Pitbull, it’s the same, there are women who have a very sexy body and making them even more sexy by wearing sexy clothes and dancing in a sexy manner… it is for the pleasure of men?
    Take a look at the thumbnails at the right of the link, u’ll see for yourself



    This picture is for an advertisement of Nikon camera, and it consists of 2 girls who are very slim, practically nude on a bed, what is the implication of this picture? Does this mean that when someone has a nikon camera, he can have girls like that in his bed? Or is it only for the pleasure of men’s eyes? Just to attract clients, especially males?



    Advertisement for perfume, but i wonder why everyone is nude in the picture.

    And i also don’t understand the meaning of a girl in a very sexy outfit and pose cutting onions for the ad of 1 perfume in the link below…what is the relation??

    All of them are perfumes of D&G which is very expensive as we all know…


  60. Hi mam, i have send u an article on homosexuality and scanned the photos so that u can put in in the blog.



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