Students’ Contributions to Gender and Media

Aniisah Boodhun

This particular picture portrays a Bollywood actor doing an advertisement for Levis’ jeans and the actor is been perceived as the “modern Superman” who by his heroic attitude can easily lure any women. Further, there is an overrepresentation of masculinity as we can see the image of an ultra-machismo male body. It also portrays a facet of the patriarchal society that only men are strong and women are fragile and vulnerable beings


Beatrice Nayna

(1)Bitch slap

Bitch slap is an action film which has been released in 2009.
The main role are played by three girls-a down-and-out stripper named Trixie, a drug-running killer and ex-convict named Camero, and a corporate powerbroker nicknamed Hel.
Analysis of the film
According to the Daily Variety 2010, Bitch slap can be considered as “a pure exploitation Picture — chicks, boobs, guns and bad guys.”
Indeed, the image projected from this film is very degrading for women. Women are portrayed as sex object. The image that I received personally is that women can do a man-job when they make use of their sex appeal.
We might see also the promotion of lesbianism in the film but from a gender perspective and through some interviews, men find it more interesting to watch a film with girls kissing other girls. They say it “sexy and exciting”.

(2) The Dirty Picture

The Dirty Picture is a Bolly-wood film which has been released December 2012.
The main character in this film is a young lady, Reshma. Reshma wanted to become an actress and she was noticed through her erotic movements and expression. Throughout the film, Reshma transform herself as actress. She was named as Silk. She shows lots of confident and determination. She keep on playing bold characters, wearing sexy and revealing clothes, and dancing seductively with lead actors. She gains many male fans that drool over her, and within a short span of time, becomes immensely rich and popular as the Southern sex star.
Analysis of the film
According to The Time of India, The Dirty Pictureture represents “a seminal work that will be studied in feminist discourses.” For my part, this film is really a degradation of the image that a woman has of herself. Women who are career-guided do not need have sex in order to gain importance. This film reflects images like women use their body to succeed and men enjoys from them, making fool of women who act like this actress in this particular film.

Picture 1 & Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

This is a bill-board picture. Actually I heard two guys commenting on the woman saying she was sexy and all but none was interested about the site written down the bill-board. They were more captivated by the woman.

Analysis of the Pictures
Pictures 1, 2 and 4: Men believe that women are better companion if they talk less. And according to the comments posted below the pictures on Face-book, it encourages men to degrade women even more. Many men like the pictures and say that it was “true”.

Picture 3: This picture appears to be really funny for some Face-book viewers. It was titled as “when women don’t want to take pictures” and the comments that went on disgrace completely the two women (the lady is ugly, she is too fat etc).

Picture 5: This picture is actually a profile picture of a Face-book user. For him, women are meant for pleasure. They need to “agreeable a regarder.” Women post comments like “you’re really a pervert etc” while men was arguing “it was really nice, good etc”

Press articles showing the inequality among man and woman.
Women are always half nude or in bikini while men are dressed covertly. It is becoming the norms nowadays.

Le Dimanche/ L’Hebdo 22-28 jan 2012
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Wikipidia on Bitch Slap retrieved from (26.01.12)



9 thoughts on “Students’ Contributions to Gender and Media


    This link shows a picture of a blond posing with a car. She is wearing a bikini and high heels. The picture portrays women as sexual objects, to be looked at. The car is meant to be bought by a man and the latter will buy the car only because of the lady exposing her body instead of looking at the quality or type of the car itself.


  2. The above link, concerning wage differential between men and women can be categorised as bias. The woman portrayed in the picture is a white while the man is black. it is very rare to see pictures of black women in adverts. White women are portrayed because they are believed to be beautiful, objects to be looked at.


  3. It seems to me that fashion is no more about clothes, perhaps it never has been! It is more about those models be it men, women or children! Yes yes children!!! It is still about getting too thin, and getting younger.

    Here are some images have a look:


  4. In this clip, Nicki Minaj is referred to as a King.. To me this might be a good thing as it could mean that a woman can endorse responsibilities and perform tasks done by men…. Just MY point of view… What I don’t actually appreciate is that this clip is just like a fairy tale where everything ends for the better while this is not the case in real life…. Also, Nicki finds her Prince charming and gets married to him as if women always have to find a man to be happy


  5. I actually want to comment on thee lyrics of this song…. Actually it is about a wife cheating on her husband… It says she gets home at night after her husband is already back home. She does not do household chores, clothes are always left dirty, unwashed.He is asking her to leave her, he will find someone else and take care of the children.
    Well actually the fact that the singer is a man may explain the fact that he is talking about a cheating wife but we all know that there are sooo many men having extra marital affairs and this is seen as normal but when it is a woman it is as if she has committed a crime.


  6. Watch this ad friends. I don’t really see the point.. Why do they have to make a black man turn into toothpaste?? I have never seen an ad for toothpaste (white) which refers to a white person.. Though this ad shows that black people are good(helping the little girl) it is very discriminative by saying don’t be by the looks as if one has to be deceived while seeing a black person.


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