Gender and Media (Aug – Dec 2013)

Tuesdays from 8.00 to 11.00 in Room 2.12 for BSc Sociology Year 2 + BSc Communication

Module Outline

20th August 2013

27th August
We carry on with the Introduction. Then, we look at Key Media Theories

3rd September
We carry on with the lecture on Key Media Theories.

10th September
Public Holiday

17th September
No classes due to Research and Activity Week

24th September
No class as I am in a workshop

1st October 2013
Class on Early representations of gender in the media

8th October 2013
We carry on with our discussion of early representations then discuss Representations Today
Students are encouraged to bring copies or snapshots of local media content (advertisements or editorial content) for analysis and discussion.

15th October
We carry on with Representations Today (part 2), then we discuss some local media content.
We will also have a small quiz in class.

Instructions for team assignment #1
Teams of 3 are to be formed. Each team to propose a list of at least 3 TV shows for gender analysis in order of preference. Choice of the show to be finalised by 15th October and work to be started on the same day. Teams will be expected to use the session of the 22nd October to carry on with their research work and analysis.
The analysis should be ready by 29th October (written submission + flash presentation of 5 minutes per team).

The next assignment will be about coverage of the National Budget in the press from a gender perspective. You will be expected to start collecting articles and reports both pre- and post-budget (one week before and one week after). Each team to choose one specific media title (newspapers, magazines) or station (radio, TV).

22nd October
Class will start at 9.00 and will end at around 10.30 exceptionally. Lecture on Gender in the News Media.
I will give back your quiz and discuss any questions you have about team assignment #1 on TV shows.

As discussed today in class, the class rep should confirm what time your conference will end on 29th October and let me know if we can take the slot of Mr Suntoo or some other slot during the week for the presentation.

All teams are also expected to get ready for the budget assignment and to choose one media title. They should collect all reports (articles or radio news bulletins / shows or TV news bulletins or shows, etc.) related to the national budget as from 1st November until 15 November. There will be presentations of up to 15 minutes per group as well as a written submission.

29th October
No class as you have to attend a conference so the session is exceptionally scheduled for Wednesday.

30th October
Class from 12.00 to 14.30 in room 1.4 NAC (room may be changed; please check with Mr Canoo on first floor).
All teams are expected to submit their written analysis of their TV serial as well as give a flash presentation (5 minutes) in front of the class (maxmimum of 2 slides and no fully written notes).
We will finish the lecture on Gender in the News Media, then discuss LGBT in the media
We will also discuss the Budget Assignment.

As promised today in class, here is the spreadsheet with the grid containing the gender-sensitive indicators adapted from the UNESCO model which you can use as a baseline (which means you have to add your own as per your requirements).

Next week (i.e. 5th November), I expect to see all teams with the material collected from 1st November. You are expected to do the analysis as you go along. We will also complete all lectures. Please do read all lectures notes which have not yet been discussed in class (gender in news, LGBT in media).
Those who were absent at the first quiz, please also be ready for a quiz anytime.
Finally, we will have a look at some past exam papers.

12th November
Please bring all your material (articles and recordings) as well as your preliminary analysis.
We will also proceed with discussion about exams and revision.

19th November
Final presentations and written submissions for the Budget Assignment.
Please remember that each team has 15 minutes only. Please be ready with your laptop or USB key to show your slides if any. There will be a random draw to determine order of presentations. As there are many groups, we may end later than usual. All students are expected to stay throughout the class. As always, be respectful of your friends during their presentation as you expect them to be respectful towards you.
No fully written sentences/notes will be accepted during presentation.

Past exam paper from May 2012

Past exam paper from May 2013

NOTE (29th November): I am still finalising marks for the Budget Assignment as I was away for a few days. I will post the marks in the afternoon. I will then leave the assignments in registry for collection next week (watch this space for the announcement).

Here are the marks for the Budget Assignment: Budget Assignment marks

And here are the marks for the Continuous Assessment: BSc (H) Sociology Yr 2-CA marks-Gender

Additional reading
Academic papers / Research / Reports
La représentation de la femme dans les médias mauriciens. De la discrimination subtile aux stéréotypes flagrants.
Gender Gap in the 2012 election coverage in the USA
From Counting Women to Making Women Count
Gender-Sensitive Indicators for Media
Glass Ceiling report: Mauritius
Gender and media audience study: Mauritius
Media Education for Gender Equitable Development and Gender Sensitive Reporting (including A Gender Code of Ethics for the Media) from Ethical Journalism and Gender-Sensitive Reporting edited by C.Chan-Meetoo, published by UNESCO/UOM, July 2013
Report by University of South Carolina on ethnic groups and movies
Women’s magazines ignore technology and demean women
The Economist Daily chart / Sex and equality: How women fare around the world
The Hollywood Problem

Curtain Is Rising on a Tech Premiere With (as Usual) a Mostly Male Cast –
How ‘sexy’ avatars can affect real-life women | Futurity
Media tends to portray black women negatively, Essence study says
Twitter, Women and Power
Southern Africa: Gender and media activists call for strong global alliance
Mainstream Media’s Issue With Chelsea Manning’s Gender Identity
How ‘sexy’ avatars can affect real-life women
Latinos Attend More Movies Than Anyone Else But Are The Least Represented On Screen


98 thoughts on “Gender and Media (Aug – Dec 2013)

  1. Hi Mrs.,
    My group G (Audrey Rosette, Jeshna Jhundoo and Sandra Cunnusamy) of sociology year 2 – module gender and media, are interested in the following TV serials to talk on: Expert Miami or Manhattan, Desperate Housewives and Friends.


  2. Hello Madam,
    My group (Neema Khoodeeram, Luxmee Devi Juleemun, Bhoomita Persand) is interested in the TV serials : The Vampire Diaries, Drop Dead Diva and The Simpson. This is in order of preference.


  3. Dear Madam,
    please accept my apologies for not remembering in which group we (Ashna, Elodie and Sandrina) are. We opted to discuss on the following TV serials:
    1. The Vampire Diaries
    2. Gossip Girl
    3. Baby Daddy


      • Hello Madam,
        My group (Nishi Singh, Nawsheen and Sneha) appologies for not recalling the group in alphabetical order, will revert back to you on tuesday regarding the matter. We are interested in the following Serials:
        1.Breaking Bad

        Thank you, Nishi.


  4. Hello Mrs Christina,I was browsing through my notes and I was confused on something,Uses and Gratification theory and reception studies are 2 separate theories? Or reception studies is an example of Uses and Gratification theory?Because in the internet am getting it as 2 separate and different theories.
    The same goes for encoding and decoding theory and cultural studies.Are they 2 separate theories? Or cultural studies forms part of the encoding and decoding theory?


    • Dear 🙂
      Could you please put your name?

      Uses and Gratification theory and Encoding/Decoding are examples of theories which adopt the approach of Reception Studies i.e. they focus on how people receive (and use) media content.

      Reception Studies belongs to the Cultural Studies tradition of Media Research.


  5. Hello Madam,
    well, I don’t really remember to which group we belong but myself, Sharuna Appadu, Jenyta Bachwa and Amrith Bhola would like to choose one among these TV serials:
    1)Drop Dead Diva
    2)Desperate housewives
    3)Modern family
    Our first choice is Drop Dead Diva, would it be fine?
    Thank you


  6. Hello Madam,
    well, I don’t really remember in which group we belong but we (Sharuna Appadu, Jenyta Bachwa and Amrith Bhola) would like to choose one among these TV serials:
    1)Drop Dead Diva
    2)Desperate housewives
    3)Modern family
    Our first choice is Drop Dead Diva, would it be fine?
    Thank you!


  7. Dear Madam,
    please accept my apologies for not remembering in which group we (Nishi,Sneha and Nawshin) are. We opted to discuss on the following TV serials:
    2. Charmed
    3. Breaking bad


  8. Dear Madam,
    Our group is ( Jessilah Maurimoothoo, Anaelle Bauda, Karen Francois
    The series which we would like to do is 1. Les Freres Scott ( One tree hill)
    2.Hawai 5-0
    3 .Dr House


  9. Hello Madam,
    Our group ( Chady Pryeshma,Diya Mathoorah and Christina Donald ) would like to do on the following serials :
    1.Ally Mac Beal
    2.Ugly Betty

    Thank you,


  10. Hello Madam,
    My group (Warda, Shaii and Valerie) would like to know whether we can opt for a serial which has only one season and three episodes for the time being.
    Our first choice is The Originals and as options we have Friends and True Blood.


    • Dear Warda,
      Can you tell me a bit more? Is the serial which has only 3 epsodes the Originals, which is a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries. If so, since there is another team working on the latter, it would be better to choose another one unless it is really different and provides for interesting gender analysis. Let’s discuss tomorrow morning.


  11. hello madam,
    my group( Gitasha Kallutee, Seebaluck Tarjanee and Rakhsina Ramparsad) is interested in the indian tv serial; iss pyaar ko kya naam doon or choti bahu. this is in order of preference.


  12. Hello Madam,My team (Bella Kanhye,Zabeen Caunhye,Tiroomalay Mathurai) want to do the serial Hollywood Girls,White collar or Arrow.This is in order of preference.


  13. Hello Madam,
    my team (Amrith Bhola, Kalisetty-Appadu C. and Jenyta Bachwa) has decided to opt for the newspaper (L’Express) as our choice of media for the assignment about coverage of the National Budget in the press based on a gender perspective.


  14. Hello madam,
    my group ( Neema Khoodeeram, Luxmi Devi Juleemun & Bhoomita Persand) would like to take 5-Plus Dimanche for the budget coverage work.


  15. diya mathoorah team( diya mathoorah, pryeshma chady and christina donald) is unable to have access to ally mac beal tv show. we would like to do the analysis of sasural ghenda phool
    As for the budget coverage we would like to do on defi quotidien or news on sunday


  16. hello madame
    the group of boys chetan, kawshiq and ritesh would like to overview le ( online newsletters) for the coverage of the budget 2013


  17. HellO mam! My team( Naveena Awootar, Anishta Lovena & Pooja Neypaul) would like to opt for the serial of Agle Janam mohE bitya hi kijo. For the budget presentation, we would like to take L’express dimanche.


  18. Hello madam, the group with Bella Kanhye, Zabeen, Caunhye and me Tiroomalai.. Can we work on the newspaper Mauritian Times for the national budget?


  19. Hello madam, we are so sorry for lateness, as we are still deciding. the group with Abishai Emrith, Warda Ishreen and me Valerie Dubois, can we work on the newspaper Capital?
    but its not available online and i have been at the local shop where i use to buy newspapers; and it is not available?
    is the le Mauricien and Le Mauricien (weekend) considered as the same as i have been searching for all the newspapers online?
    Thanking you..
    and So many apologies for lateness 😦


  20. Hello madame , i wanted to ask you if we could go for ‘Capital’ for the national budget ? and we’re having some problem on the blog , yesterday i’ve posted twice but neither me nor my friends can see the post.


  21. Hello madame , i wanted to ask you if we could go for ‘Capital’ for the national budget ? and we’re having some problem on the blog , yesterday i’ve posted twice but neither me nor my friends can see the post.


    • Yes it is in the sense that both model the flow of information. The information theory is based on Shannon and Weaver’s mathematical model. It documents the different stages and actors of the process. The two-step flow theory was developed by Katz and Lazarsfeld and its main focus in on the role of opinion leaders as mediators whose personal influence impacts on reception of the message.


  22. Dear Madam,
    the film you were talking about in class, entitled ‘the piano’. Is it the one which was released in 1993 or later?


    • Normative refers to the fact that norms are erected and upheld as accepted standards or models. Dominant refers to the fact that some opinions become more visible than others (for instance because they are voiced out more forcefully or repeatedly or are given more prominence than others by the mass media). Some types of discourses thus are both normative and dominant.


    • Weren’t you in class when we discussed these concepts?
      In the context of this module, fetishism refers to the fact that a part of the woman’s body or accessory is focused on heavily (in an erotic or sexual manner) in the media, especially in films. She is objectified as her body part (e.g. pouted lips, slender legs, long eyelashes) or accessory (e.g. high stiletto shoes) is obsessively displayed.
      Commoditisation of culture refers to the fact that culture (which is normally not associated with goods as it normally cannot have any price tag) becomes the object of merchant transactions. Cultural content thus becomes standardised and homogenous rather than unique and original. The mass media favours simple recipes that appeal to our basic senses in order to make quick money.


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