Gender and Media (Jan-May 2013)

BSc (Hons) Sociology Year 2
Class on Wednesdays from 9.00 to 12.00 in Room 1.1 ET

Module Outline

23rd January

30th January
We carry on with the Introduction.

6th February
Lecture on Key Media Theories

13th February
We carry on with the lecture on Key Media Theories.
Then, we look at Early representations of gender in the media
Lecture is cancelled today. No class at University due to torrential rain alert.

20th February
Please refer to the notes for 13th February. We will catch up on our programme.

27th February
We complete the class on early representations of gender in the media.

6th March
As announced last week, there will be a small quiz.
Then, we have class on Representations Today

13th March
There has been a request by Mr Koodoruth to postpone the class as some students are attending the Honoris Causa ceremony. However, please make sure you read the handouts given in class (4 master copies from the Sciences Humaines dossier with the class rep – each student to make a copy – I need one copy back). And also have a look at the lecture notes on Representations Today (part 2). We will soon discuss the next assignment.

20th March

  • I gave back your first test (quiz) and we discussed on the shortcomings of your submissions.
  • We discussed the notes on Representations Today (part 2).
  • We also discussed the next assignment which is due in 2 weeks i.e. on 3rd April. I gave master copies of the chapter on Madonna from John Fiske’s book “Reading Popular Culture”. Please ensure you all have a copy. The assignment is to write an analysis of a celebrity of your choice using the chapter as model. The essays should be well written (in correct English and well structured) and should not exceed 1 page recto-verso or 2 one-sided pages.
  • I also gave master copies of my paper La représentation de la femme dans les médias mauriciens. De la discrimination subtile aux stéréotypes flagrants.
  • As explained in class today, you are all expected to read all handouts and online resources and to jot down questions or comments for discussion in class.

27th March
LGBT in the media

3rd April
We carry on with the lecture on LGBT. We will also do some analysis on print media. Please bring newspapers and magazines in class.

10th April
I gave a master copy of one big handout of 100 pages in class last week. Please ensure you all make a copy or scan for yourself.
We will do another media analysis exercise in class. Please bring copies of newspapers or magazines.
We will discuss any questions you may have about lecture notes, handouts, exercises, exams, etc.
Teams which have not yet notified me about membership and topic are required to do so urgently through the comments section. These will be discussed in class. Remember that the oral presentations are scheduled for the 17th and 24th April. Order of presentation will be determined by drawing of lots. All students should be present both days.

17th April
Oral presentations. All teams should be ready to present. You can bring your laptop for connecting to the RGB projector. Each team will get a slot of 15 minutes maximum. There will be questions and answers. As explained last week, there will be 10 marks for collective content and 10 marks for individual presentation skills as well as a few bonus marks for Q&A. No reading will be allowed. Only prepare a few key ideas as support material and prepare only key ideas on slides with scans of media content where relevant. Very short video can be shown (only relevant snippets). You may also give handouts.

24th April
We carry on with oral presentations.

Interesting online reading
Sexist Super Bowl Ads: Women React On Twitter
An Interview with Judith Butler
Gallagher, Margaret (1995) ‘Lipstick Imperialism and the New World Order: Women and Media at the Close of the Twentieth Century’
Femen partout, féminisme nulle part
UK Esquire editor says photos of women are like cool cars
A woman walks into a tech conference
Feminisms, unchained

Students are invited to send their links and resources for sharing here and for discussion in class.

Pictures sent by Bibi Oonaizah Peerbux





glamorous womenmanEssentielle




155 thoughts on “Gender and Media (Jan-May 2013)

  1. Story Books also tend to influence women’s behaviour in society. Books like the Mills and Boons who tend to influence young girls mostly in their phase of secondary socialisation. For instance, in these books even if a woman is successful and powerful, she has no resolve but to succumb to a man in the end and most of the time giving up her career for her true love.


  2. Hello mme, so i have chosen pop star, Justin Bieber (celebrity) for the assignment (an analysis of a celebrity of your choice using the chapter as model). Please confirm if the subject of study is ok. Thank you


  3. Mme concerning the assignment if possible I would like to do on Avril Lavigne instead of Justin Bieber.

    Is it possible for change?


  4. Hello Madam. Concerning the work, I have not look at those posts and i have already begun my work on Britney Spears. Can I proceed?


  5. Good Evening Mme Concerning the Asignment i have chosen to work on Matt Pokora. Please confirm if i ca proceed with the work. thank you


    • Gillard is not really a celebrity in the sense of popular culture. She’s current PM in Australia. She’s an interesting figure with a feminist discourse though. Can you send me an outline by email?


  6. bnsoir Mme, jai decider de travailler sur Michael Jackson,est -ce que c’est possible?
    Pui Bhavna Mawooa, souhaite travailler sur Kiley Minogue


  7. hello ma’am. I will be working on Shah Rukh Khan for the assignment. Sorry for the lateness.Please approve. Thank You.


  8. Bonsoir Mme, je m’excuse pour le retard, je souhaiterais travailler sur Amy Winehouse. Merci de bien vouloir donner votre validation.


  9. Hello mme, Janeshta Jukhoop, Bhavna Callee and I myself; Yushiira Emambocus have decidided to work together for the presentation. We want to present on “Loto and Media”.Is that fine?


  10. Hello Mme, can you discuss the structure of our exam paper, next Wednesday? so that we know what type of questions are awaiting us.

    Can we also bring our problems concerning certain topics that we discussed in class?

    Thank you.


  11. hello Mrs Chan 🙂 for the presentation Geraldine Benoit, Michaela Roussety, and I ‘Devin Mulliah’ will be working in the same team..please, take note that we will analyse the public radio as comparing to the Private radio. we will select the Radio One in contrast with Cool Fm as an example.


  12. Concerning the presentation…My team & I are planning to work on Print Media- Where we’ll compare some Local Newspapers

    My team consists of : Sarvesh Nuckcheddy , Aurelie Mardiapoulle and myself.

    Do we get your approval?


  13. Good afernoon madam, concerning the presentation, my group comprise of myself, Bhavna Mawooa and Ravina. We will analyze six different editions of the magazine Essentielle. We want to identify key variables through the portrayal of women on the different covers, the nature of themes that are being explored in terms of dominant ideologies, the different profile of women in the section of dossiers and whether the magazine give us a clear image of the mauritian women or it identifies only a segment of our societal composition? Please confirm if we can proceed with our analysis.


  14. Hello ma’am
    My team consists of 3 members: Pahlavee Ramgutty, Anicksha Sumputh and myself Lawreen Meetoo.
    We’ll be working on defi sexo…
    Our research will be based mainly on sex taboo among women…how are women represented as the epitome of sex in the society.


  15. Hello Ma’am,

    My team consist of myself (Naomi Jaunky), Anusha Bookoa and Anistah Teelokee. We have chosen to analyse a page on facebook called Mauritroll because of the gender stereotyping it contains and because of the sexual connotations present in the content. There’s a lot to say about the representation of women also in the caricatures.

    Please approve.


  16. good evening mam. my group comprising of Lorna Seewoogalam, Poovanum Samynaden and myself Karishma Ramdhun wish to work on our folklore sega to analyse gender stereotype. we are planing to analyse 3 videos to depict how women are portrayed in this particular form of the media. kindly give your approval so that we may proceed.


  17. Good evening madam. We are having a little problem.One of our team members will not be able to attend classes until the end of the semester as she had undergone an operation.Hence, I have not been able to have another member and so there is only Selvanee Ungamah and I Melanie Felicite on the team. We were planning to concentrate our presentation on a comparison of the magazine’s Essentielle covers of 2010 to 2013 so as to have a clear analysis of women’s portrayal in the media. We look at the evolution of women on the covers. There will be an analysis of age, social class and ethnic group. Moreover, we will analyse if women are portrayed as sex symbols or not and how it is viewed by men. We will do a little interview to see how men see those covers. Can we proceed? Thank you.


  18. It has been arranged Madam and my team consists of: Melissa Beloiseau, Selvanee Ungamah and I Melanie Felicite. Can we proceed please?


  19. hi mam.. my team consists of myself; priyanka gungadin, Ashita kanoosing, Janesha Bantooa.. our topic is on an analysis on the evolution of women in the mauritian sega world; here we are going to compare past segas with that of the contemporary ones, where women stands as singers and dancers and as well as the streotypes attach to them.. i hope u’ll approve this topic!


  20. Good evening maam, my team members are Idamban Parasmanee, Shwetasingh Doomun and myself, Thawkalkan Warda.
    The media form is Advertising…we will concentrate more on advertising in newspapers and on tv, we will analyse how women are portrayed, is there any streotyping and seggregation…Hpe u’ll accept our topic…thnx maam


  21. Mme for the Oral Presentation:
    My group consist of Yushiira Emambocus, Bhavna Callee and myself, Janeshta Jukhoop

    Mme, we have decided to choose the theme Bhojpuri Songs for the presentation instead of “Loto and Media”

    We intend to analyse how females are portrayed in Mauritian Bhojpuri songs and analyse some of the lyrics also.

    Will it be fine to opt for this particular theme?

    Thank you,


  22. Bonjour Madame, finalement on a changé de sujet parce qu’on n’arrive pas à trouver des anciennes publications du defi sexo… Donc, finalement, nous avons decidé d’analyser les panneaux d’affichage en tous genres et surtout montrer comment la femme apparait sur ces images et comment elle est mise en avant. Est-ce que cela vous va?


  23. Good evening Mme, sorry for the lateness. For the presentation, my group and i will be working on Gender Portrayal in the “Faits Divers” section of two Newspapers namely “Le Dimanche” and “5-Plus Dimanche” since January 2013 to March 2013. The name of the group members are Jennifer Luquet, Emilie Sheik Bajeet and myself, Pascaline Marianne. Please, can you approve?

    Thank you

    Pascaline Marianne


  24. Mme, just to add that we will be using the newspaper “Le Dimanche/ L’Hebdo”, i forgot to mention that in the comment.

    Pascaline Marianne


  25. (Je vous ai envoyé ce message via votre mail uom durant la journée)

    Bonjour Madame,

    J’aimerais vous faire parvenir une demande concernant la présentation demain matin. Le problème c’est que je viens de me faire opérer et je me sens toujours pas d’attaque pour reprendre les cours cette semaine et les membres de mon groupe pour la présentation notamment Melanie Félicité et Selvanee Ungamah auront besoin de mon aide mais vu mon état cela n’est pas possible.
    De ce fait, je voudrais savoir si mon groupe pourra faire la présentation la semaine prochaine?
    Je vous assure aussi que notre présentation est déjà prête!

    Dans l’attente de votre réponse, je vous souhaite de passer une bonne soirée,

    Sincèrement vôtre,

    Melissa Beloiseau.


  26. Bonsoir Madame, c’est à propos des présentations, juste pour vous faire part que cela nous mettra dans une situation difficile, si vous les repoussez à la semaine prochaine car nous serons en plein examens ainsi que les révisions. Pourriez – vous arranger pour ce vendredi ?


    • Sorry, there was a mix up with another class. Session for tomorrow morning is confirmed, that is, Thursday 2 May at 9.15 for presentations and revision. Resubmission so for celebrity assignment may also be done.


  27. Madame, pour les projets, sera- t -il possible pour nous de les quitter dans votre “assignment box” plus tard dans la journée?


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