Integrated Communication Strategies (Jan-May 2010)

Lectures every Wednesday from 13.00 to 16.00 in Room C2
First 9 weeks taught by Mrs C. Chan-Meetoo
Last 6 weeks taught by Ms L. Seebaluck

Outline-Integrated communication-2010

20th/27th January

3rd February
Research in communication (part 1)

10th February
Lecture will start later, i.e. around 2 p.m. as I have to attend a meeting.
We carry on with Research in communication (part 1). Please note that last week’s printouts were in the wrong order.
We will also look at: Research in communication (part 2)

17th February
We will complete the lecture on Research (part 2), then move to the Research Week to do the video coverage.

24th February
Research (part 3)

3rd March
Lecture/discussion on Crisis PR Management.
About the upcoming assignment: Students should select a case of recent crisis communication in the local industry and provide a press review of the articles published in the media about it. Write a summary of the crisis situation, how it was handled, and the impact it had on the organisation.
Indicate how successful the organisation has been in managing the crisis and its impact, what were the mistakes that were made (if any), how should the organisation have handled these according to you?

10th March
Each student to present the case they have selected.
Lecture/discussion on Corporate Social Responsibility
Case Study on CSR on the Times 100 website: This case study describes how the work Amway does with UNICEF supports its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

17th March
All teams are expected to come with a compilation of press articles about the crisis for in-class discussion. Also, you must finalise the new episode to the crisis in order to do a mock press conference on 24th March. Journalism students will be invited to attend as well as other lecturers.
Bring your answers to the case study on Amway.
We also worked on MCQs about strategy and crisis.

24th March
The mock press conference is postponed to next week to allow the Journalism students to join in.
Normal lecture on Internal Communication.

30th March
Mock press conference postponed to 7th April at 2 p.m.

Interesting online resources
NCRS Project – Communications and Engagement Strategy (a sample Communication plan)
Internal Branding: A University’s Most Valuable Intangible Asset
A blog about crisis PR
A website about PR with info on crisis PR
A website with A Primer for Crisis PR
A blueprint from Northern Illinois University for Crisis Communication Plans
Managing the media (a handbook for activists)
Crisis communication on social networks (with reference to the Nestlé case)
Business Strategy Not Philanthropy (A criticism of CSR initiatives)


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