Integrated Communication Strategies-Yr2 (Jan-May 2008)

Module outline

Lecture Notes

24th January
Introduction to Communication Strategies

14th February
Research in communication (part 1)

21st February
Research in communication (part 2)

28th February
Research in communication (part 3)

6th March
Communication and Public Opinion

13th March
Internal Communication

20th March
Corporate Social Responsibility
Case Study on CSR on the Times 100 website: This case study describes how the work Amway does with UNICEF supports its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

For next week (27th March):
You are expected to submit three pieces:
– A detailed draft with key points for either one of the two essay questions given in class with the MCQ
– A completed CSR matrix for your current organisation (for those who don’t work, use the organisation where you did your placement or your last job) with examples of activities being done or that could be done
– Answers to the questions in the Amway case study

27th March
No class as per instructions of University Management due to yesterday’s bad weather.

3rd April
Crisis PR Management
Don’t forget to bring your three written pieces. These will be graded!
Interesting online resources about Crisis PR:
A blog about crisis PR
A website about PR with info on crisis PR
Another website with sensible advice
A blueprint from Northern Illinois University for Crisis Communication Plans

For next week (10th April):
You should select 1-2 cases of crisis communication in the local industry and provide a press review of the articles published in the media about it. Write a summary of the crisis situation, how it was handled, and the impact it had on the organisation.
Indicate how successful the organisation has been in managing the crisis and its impact, what were the mistakes that were made (if any), how should the organisation have handled these according to you?

10th April
Bring the above material for presentation and discussion in class.
I am unable to upload the lecture notes for the time being. I will give hard copies in class. The topic will be: Media Relations.
Interesting additional online resources:
Managing the media (a handbook for activists)

For next week (17th April)
You should work in teams of 2. Using what you have presented in class about Crisis Communication cases in Mauritius, you should select one organisation and look for complementary information about it and about the crises it has faced. You will have to imagine that a new crisis emerges for the same organisation (to be discussed in class) and you will be asked to organise a mini press conference on the 24th April to handle the crisis.
All teams should indicate in the comments section which organisation they have chosen for the project.

17th April
I am still unable to upload lecture notes. Hard copies will be given in class. Today’s topic is Corporate Citizenship, Community Involvement and Sponsorship.
Interesting resources online:
What is Corporate Citizenship? at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship
Canadian Corporate Sponsorship Tooolbox (Though this is a guide for those looking for sponsors, it contains interesting information about the benefits sought by sponsors)

24th April
All teams are expected to organise a mini press conference to handle the fictitious crisis for the organisation they have chosen. When a particular team is presenting, the rest of the class should act as members of the press (and therefore are expected to ask questions to the presenters). Here’s the list of teams/organisations/imagined crises:

– Joyce & Pradha: Gamma Civic – the group of protesters are suing the company + there are allegations that the company has tried to bribe influential activists to squash the movement
– Naime & Saylesh: Beachcomber – allegations of diversion of funds which are destined to the community programmes of the company
– Yaveen & Atisha: Ministry of Education – rain is pouring down and the ministry is now over-cautious and closes down all schools during exams time but it turns out the rains were not torrential and there was no flooding. Term has to be extended to catch up and all are angry, specially teachers.
– Sapna & Ariele: CMT – someone dies at La Tour Koenig and death is attributed to the factory pollution.
– David & Nausheen: Mauritius Telecom – after a similar operation of rebranding of a national operator in another country by Orange, that operator goes bankrupt. Many think the same thing will happen to MT.

Note: all the above are totally fictitious…

Here are the marks for continuous assessment

Some marks are missing for those who have not yet submitted some pieces. Please submit urgently for finalisation of marks.


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