IMC-Yr2 (Jan-May 2007)

So far, only five (5) persons have filled in the feedback survey. It takes less than 2 minutes to fill in!

Final Continuous Assessment marks: click here (pdf)

Online survey
Thanks for taking some time to fill in a short survey on this module. The survey is entirely anonymous!
The results of the survey will only be used to improve this module in the future.

On this page, you will find information concerning the module ‘Integrated Marketing Communication’ for Year 2 students.

All lecture notes will be posted here as well as details of assignments.

  • Assignments
    FOR TOMORROW’S SESSION (Monday 30th April)
    Please ensure that all of you come no later than 1.15 p.m.
    – Oral presentation of your project for the end of semester (not more that 20 mins per group)
    – Submission of the written proposal
    I am making arrangements for a laptop and projector in the classroom. If you need anything else, please let me know early in the morning.

    End of semester assignment
    Oral Presentation & submission of the report for the year-long project (on a brand of your choice) on 30th April 2007.

    Previous assignments

    Hummer case study (3 separate pdf pages to be downloaded). The pages have been scanned; let me know if you are having any difficulty to read them. They are taken from Philip Kotler’s book ‘Principles of Management’ 11th edition, chapter 7, pages 227-229.


    Dealine for submission: Monday 26th March 2007

  • Lecture Notes

    23 April
    Lecture was cancelled due to a day-long meeting off-campus. Sorry!!!
    Marketing Ethics & Social Responsibility

    16 April
    Marketing in the Digital Age

    9 April
    Personal Selling & Direct Marketing
    Discussion questions
    Note: Don’t forget to bring the material for your project for discussion!

    2 April
    Advertising, Sales Promotion & Public Relations
    Discussion questions

    26 March
    Setting the Budget and Promotion Mix

    5 March
    Designing Communication (part 2)

    26th February
    The Planning Sequence
    THe Communication Mix
    Designing Communication (part 1)

    Christina Chan-Meetoo

  • One thought on “IMC-Yr2 (Jan-May 2007)

    1. Hello Madam. Sorry i could not find the feedback paper to fill in. i think i’m such a nut concerning blogs. Anyways, ur classes were just too good. Thank you so much for all u’ve been teaching us. It was an enriching class. Hope to have you next semester with us.



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