Intro to Media & Coms (Aug-Dec 2007)

Module Outline

14th August & 21st August
Introduction to key concepts & Levels of communication

21st August
History of writing & printing

27th August
History of telecommunications, radio, cinema and television

4th September
History of CMC, Internet and mobile communication
Overview of theoretical models of communication – Information Theory

11th September
Technically we are in Sports Week but I shall be on standby for a lecture if students are present and wish to have class.
You can drop a word in the comment if you do not want to have class.
Components and Functions of Communication
Important Themes & Issues in Mass Communication

18th September
I will not be able to lecture. See you on the 24th.

24th September
We will carry on with the lecture on ‘Important Themes & Issues in Mass Communication’, before looking at:
Perspectives on Media Theory and the concept of Mass
People’s use of mass media and Debates on mass media

2nd October
On 24th September, we took much more time to cover the lecture ‘Important Themes & Issues in Mass Communication’. We thus did not have time for the two other topics. These will be addressed today. So bring the lecture notes uploaded on 24th September…

9th October
People’s use of mass media and Debates on mass media (see lecture notes above)

16th October
Media market structures

No lecture on 23rd October
Students are expected to prepare their team assignments, i.e., visit a local media outlet, then prepare a 10-15 mins oral presentation and short report on the information they have gathered.
Oral presentations are to be done on 30th October (report also to be handed in). All team members are expected to participate in the presentation.
Teams which have not yet notified me about the media outlet they have chosen as well as the composition of their team are requested to do so urgently in the comments section.

Update (19th Oct)
I am sorry I could not be in my office yesterday afternoon to give you the letters to facilitate the visit to the media outlet.
I have made 7 signed copies (one for each team) and am leaving them in an envelope on my office door. One member of each team can thus collect one copy.
I have left blank spaces for your names. Please fill the names of your team members accordingly…

30th October
Further to requests, presentations are postponed to next week.
We will have a small quiz test on past topics and a lecture on the following:
Introduction to Semiotics
Article for reading: La Rhétorique de l’Image by Roland Barthes
For those who were absent, here is a copy of the small quiz test.

6th November
Oral presentations were made

13th November
We completed the lecture on Semiotics.
A handout was distributed in class. It is a copy of part of a chapter written by Stuart Hall on representation with examples related to the representation of black identity in the media. Please make sure you all make a personal copy of it.
We also worked on deconstructing the content of some Mauritian advertisements in the local press in order to uphole common representations about gender, race, ethnicity, social class, etc.

20th November
Complementary notes
Normative media theories

27th November
We had a class test

4th December
Revision & recap

A useful online portal for media studies is Daniel Chandler’s website at


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