Media Advocacy (Aug 2010 – May 2011)

Lectures every Monday from 10.15 to 11.45 in Room 1.2 ET

Module Outline

9th August 2010

16th August 2010
Key concepts
Official PRSA Definition
Targets and Images

23rd August 2010
Lecture is still on Mondays from 10.15 to 11.45 a.m. for the time being.
We carry on with last week’s lecture.
New lecture notes: Organisational Settings

30th August 2010
We discuss the lecture notes about Organisational Settings

6th September 2010
We finish discussing Organisational Settings.
We also discuss the cases of crisis communication which all students have been asked to research (Perrier, Exxon, TWA, Johnson & Johnson, Texaco) and we have a look at your table of target audiences for the organisations you have selected.
Handout with MCQs to be worked out: Cutlip-questions
If we have time, we look at Publics and models

13th September
I will not be able to lecture this week due to the upcoming conference. Please ensure you prepare as discussed for next week though.
If you are interested to attend or to help out in the organisation, please let me know. Details about the event can be found here.

20th September
Class as discussed on your exercise. Then, MCQ and lecture.

27th September
We discuss Publics and Models and possibly Planning PR

4th October
Class on Planning PR

11th October
We carry on with Planning PR
If time permits, lecture on Press Relations

18th October
Class on Press Relations
Students should bring their first assignment (situation analysis of an organisation) for presentation.

25th October & 1st November
Oral presentations

8th November
We discuss the notes on Press Relations

15th November
We will be doing some exercises in class

Reading material: an example of a Press Relations Campaign
– E/S Orcelle Clean Ship Case Study for Press Relations
Presentation of case study
Trade release
Consumer release
Daily Telegraph article

Media Relations – lecture notes available on the MIT OpenCourseWare

17th January
Welcome back and Happy New Year 2011!
We resume with a class on Corporate Social Responsibility

24th January
We carry on with our class on CSR. Note that class will start at 10h30 due to a meeting at 10h00.

31st January
Lecture/discussion on Crisis PR Management.
Class exercise and discussion on: Case Study on CSR from the Times 100 website. This case study describes how the work Amway does with UNICEF supports its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

7th February
We carry on with the class on Crisis PR Management. Please bring your answers to the Amway case study.

14th February
Small MCQ test
Class exercise and discussion on: Case Study on Effective Communications from the Times 100 website

Notes on CRISIS PR assignment
Teams should select a company in the local industry and research any crises cases related to that company recently. Teams will also have to look for articles published in the media about the crisis situation to assess how it was reported and how the company handled the problem as well as the impacts on the organisation.

On 21st February, all teams should present a brief overview of the company and crisis situation which has really occurred. Duration should not exceed 5 minutes and there should be no notes or slides. Content should include an explanation of the nature of the crisis, the coverage it received in the media, the actions taken by the organisation and your own appreciation of the way the crisis was handled. All teams should bring a compilation of relevant press articles.

Note that the second phase of the assignment will be to invent a new episode to the crisis such that the teams will have to do a mock press conference in front of the class to present the organisation’s position and actions. Students will be assessed on the quality of their press conference (including ability to answer questions from the floor) as well as on their participation and questions to other teams. The mock press conference is scheduled for the 7th March.

Also note that students will be assessed for their participation as journalists while their classmates are presenting, i.e. you will all be expected to ask tough questions to the other teams.

21st February
Brief presentations by all teams. Each team should also think about the fictitious crisis episode for their mock press conference.
If we have time, class on Research

4th March
Replacement class at noon. Lecture on Research.
Please do not forget to add your fictitious crisis episode for the mock press conference in the comments section of this page.

7th March
Mock press conference. Session was postponed to Friday 9.30 due to torrential rains.

11th March
Mock press conference at 9.30. Please ensure you are all present as there will be a draw to determine which team presents first and to be able to participate as members of the press (for which you will be evaluated).
Reminder: each team will be given 10 mins maximum (excluding Q&A). Extensive notes are banned: you either come without any or only with key elements. All team members should talk. There will be two sets of marks: (1) a collective one for content (2) an individual one for presentation skills. If teams feel that there is unequal distribution of work, they should let me know for the collective marks.

14th March
Mock press conference at 9.30.
Last session.

To all students, please post your questions in the comments section of this page. I will leave all assignments in the Registry by Monday to be picked up by one class rep for each group.


45 thoughts on “Media Advocacy (Aug 2010 – May 2011)

  1. Dear Madam,
    I wish to inform you that today my friend Hema Ramnarain, the Vice Class Representative and myself, Rista D Chutoo, the Class Representative of Economics and Law year one, will not be able to attend the class.This is so since we will have to attend a Board of Studies on this Monday 30 August 2010 at 10 a.m in the Faculty Committee Room.

    Thank you for your kind consideration.

    Best Regards,
    Rista D Chutoo


  2. Dear Madam,

    Please accept this letter as written notification that I was not be able to attend Monday 01.11.2010 lecture and I will not be attending Monday 08.11.10 lecture as well since I am sitting for the HSC Final Examinations.

    I was supposed to do an assignment together with my friend Hélènka, but finally she did it alone on Monday 01.11.2010 as I was not present.

    Please let me know what shall I do about the assignment that I could not submit.

    I will go through whatever I have missed with my friends later on.

    I hope that my absence did not cause any inconvenience to your class.

    DWARKA Dinesh

    ID- 1010945
    Economics and Law- Year 1


    • Dear Dinesh,
      A notification is supposed to be given in advance, not after. Surely you knew well in advance that you would have to sit for exams on those dates and you could have informed me.


  3. I did inform you together with Rista Chutoo that I won’t be attending your lecture on two consecutive mondays the day you announced that we will be having a presentation.


  4. Dear madame i am writing to you to let you know that our group which consist of Dorothy, Zohra, Neha and myself annaelle,will do the mock press conference on another company that we have mentioned on the list; we will do on the McDonald fastfood outlet that will be soon opened at Pheonix instead of the Med Point clinic.

    yours faithfully
    Annaelle Riche


  5. Hi, we are the poliical science group which should present on PBL but we woukd like to change the company for the crisis presentation as we have not been able to found any crisis situation related to PBL so we have opted for the CWA…


  6. Svp (law and economics) il ya un garcon de votre classe qui est suppose faire la presentation avec nous(political science) demain, g oublier son nom, il a les cheveux un peu long,on arrive pas a rentrer en contacte avec lui, il n’a pas laisser c coordonees, il ne c meme pas sur koi on va presenter, il ete absent la smaine drniere, il avait juste mi sn nom sr le papier et c tt! si ttfois vous le reconnaissez ou si ttfois il verifie le blog, svp dites lui de rentrer en contacte avec moi par mon mail avnt ce soir! Merci….


  7. We were going to present on mauritours but we changed for MBC because we found a crisis concerning MBC more interesting.Thank you for agreeing to the sudden change


  8. We have been presenting on Air Mauritius and we wanted to ask if we can include two problems that is on the first instance there is a food poisoning and many complaints about airplanes hygiene and secondly there is an air crash of one of our airplane A319 which resulted in death of Mauritians as well as foreigners. When investigation was done, it has been found that no prior proper maintenance was effected. In the company’s account it is showed that it has been done, when it has been done. So then crops up problems like where the money had gone and how each and every problem was tackled.


    • Dear Rista,
      I would advise keeping only one crisis. The airplane crash (due to absence of maintenance) coupled with possible falsification and embezzlement of the funds devoted to maintenance is quite big enough for this exercise.
      C. Chan-Meetoo


  9. Thank you very much for the advice Madam, we will take it into consideration. In fact while doing our research work we came across certain cases which could be associated with it.Anyway we will keep the air crash issue.


  10. Dear Madame, this is to inform you that my group which consists of Irshad,Warda,karuna and myself,Natasha will be presenting the crisis situation for the mock press conference on “food contamination/poisoning due to the use of expired ingredients”.

    Yours faithfully,
    Natasha Phoolchand


  11. Dear Madam,
    The New Crisis for our group (zohra, dorothy, anaelle, neha) will be as follows:

    Doubtful Vegetarian Menu at Mc Donald’s:
    An employee claims that the veg meal proposed to veg clients are not 100% veg, the employee reveals to the Ministry of Health and Safety that the food processors used to make veg burgers are also used to make non-veg burgers. H/S officers made a check in both Mc Donald’s resto and took food samples for analysing and the test proves the presence of beef and chicken residues in Veg burgers.


  12. we have been presenting on mbc and we would like to know if we could eventually have a crisis on the fact that the rays emitted from the new station at moka is causing problem to the equipments at Apollo hospital because we have seen that mbc is doing the installment of some dish satellites which will probably emit certain rays


  13. Dear Madam,

    I want to apologise for this delay. My group (Valerie Pitchee, Anoushka Allgoo, Dorina Friquin, Heleneka Begue and I) will be doing a “Rape” as our fictitious crisis episode.Thank you.

    Ramchurn Pooja


  14. Hi, every one, we would like to have any ideas from ur part for a crisis for CWA coz we have been thinking about various crisis but we found out thats its something which is not really fictitious so we would like to have an idea from you dear friends and we will cntinue to look for a crisis on our part too… thanks…..


  15. Dear madam,
    im from pascalina group and we had an idea on CWA opening a tender to repair all its pipes but one months after the reparation some of the pipes in a region break causing flood and injuries….


  16. dear all,
    sorry for the short notice.My group( ravesh, yasser, faizal, dinesh, tejvansh), have chosen ” defective products found on the market due to mismanagement of stock”.

    And once again sorry for the short time notice.


  17. Dear Madam,
    i wish to inform you that we will be needing a projector for our presentation.

    Thanking you in advance.
    tanuja govind


  18. Dear Madam,

    my group (Air MRu ,team ) will be projecting smethngs so we would appreciate if a projector could be available fr this purpose.

    Sorry for late notice,we knw that you have already asked this in class, but it was a last min change of plan, hope it wnt be of much trouble to you.

    Thank you.


  19. Dear Madam,
    My group consisting of Hema, Vanessa, Pravika, Tanuja and myself would like to apologise for this late notice. We would like to present some pictures to our friends for our presentation and we would be needing a projector.
    In fact this request was supposed to be done earlier but one of our team member, irresponsible as she is did not post this even we told her to many times.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused, we hope our request will be taken into consideration.


  20. Dear Madam,

    I had to tell you that I was present on the day we had the MCQ test and I had submitted my paper along with everyone else but my answer sheet is missing. Perhaps my paper has been misplaced? I request you to take the matter in consideration and keep me informed about this.

    I hope that you had a nice flight too.

    Thank you.


  21. Dear Madam,
    I wish to tell you that I had submitted my MCQ answer Sheet along with everyone else on the 14th of February 2011 but I was told that my paper was missing. Please, could you keep me updated about this?

    Thank you.


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