Media Advocacy (Aug 2014 – May 2015)

Semester 1: Thursdays from 11.00 to 12.30 in Room 2.37 FLM for BA Economics and Law
The first session is scheduled to start on Thursday 21st August 2014

Semester 2 Thursdays from 9.30 to 11.00 in Room 2.34 FLM (please scroll down)

Module Outline

21st August 2014

28th August
We carry on with the introduction. Then, we discuss the following: Targets and Images

4th September
We carry on with Targets and Images then, we discuss Key Concepts in PR.
Please also read the Official PRSA definition.

11th September
No class

18th September
No class due to Research and Activity Week

25th September
Class on Organisational Settings

2nd October
We will have a small MCQ test in class.
Then, we discuss:
Publics and Models

9th October
We will have the small test. Then, we discuss the notes on Planning PR

16th October
We discuss Planning PR.

23rd October
Public Holiday

30th October
We carry on with Planning PR, then we discuss Press Relations

6th November
We finish Planning PR, then discuss Press Relations. All students should make it a must to attend as this possibly will be our last session for the semester as Mrs Jugoo has asked to take over some slots. I will have to brief you about some holiday assignments to be done for January 2015.

Instructions for holiday assignments
1. Writing up of a press release based on the elements given in this document.
To be submitted on first week of Semester 2 in January 2015.
Here are a few tips on how to write a press release:
How to write an effective press release
A complete guide to writing an effective press release

2. Team work on real organisation (situation analysis).
Please read the instructions carefully and do not forget to post your team composition and organisation’s name in the comments section here. Please note that comments are batch moderated and thus please be patient if you do not yet see your comment published here within the next 48 hours. No need to post more than once.

So far, here’s the list of teams which have been posted. Teams which have not yet posted should do so quickly.

  • AgaSing Ashvinee – Hoollah Asheeta – Zeenat Bibi Mungroo: Phoenix Beverages
  • Korimbocus Bibi Moosira – Korumtallee Shariad – Khednee Ujwal Kumar: IFRAMAC LTD
  • Khudurun Aziya – Bheegun Divya – Jugroop Toshna: University of Mauritius
  • Doorgachun Thushti – Asita Gookuluk – Nicoletta Edward: National Transport Corporation
  • Edoo Haadiyah – Raheemeea Arrsaaha – Veerapen Vilashinee: Rogers Corporation
  • Crishny Boodnah -Divya Mudhoo – Tashveena Chumun: Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Limited (MTML)

22nd January 2015
Room and time to be confirmed by your PC
9.00 to 10.30
9.30 to 11.00 in Room 2.34 FLM

All students are expected to submit the press release assignment.
All teams for the situation analysis assignment are expected to bring their findings for discussion in class in view of the presentation which are due to start next week.

29th January
We have agreed to start at 9.30 and finish at 11.00 a.m.
Presentations for the first phase start. There will be a draw to determine order of presentations. All teams need to be present. Please remember that all team members should speak and will be assessed on individual presentation skills. Students are advised not to bring fully written notes for reading from. The presentation slides should only contain key ideas in the form of bullet points (don’t write full sentences) and the delivery should be conversational in style with proper voice volume and rhythm, eye contact, body posture and movements, etc.

Total duration per team should not exceed 15 minutes. There will be collective marks for content and individual marks for oral performance.

5th February
I was very unhappy to see many latecomers and absences for the first session of presentations on 29th January. ALL students and teams are expected to be present at 9.30 for the class on 5th February as well as for ALL other presentation sessions.

Latecomers and those absent will be penalised in their evaluation. All teams are expected to be ready to give their presentation. Teams which do not have their material will also be penalised in their evaluation.

12th February
We carry on with the presentations on the same terms and conditions. There will be a new drawing of lots for order of presentation. Please be on time so that we may have a maximum number of teams this week.

19th February
No class due to public holiday

26th February
We carry on with the presentations on the same terms and conditions. There will be a new drawing of lots for order of presentation.

5th March
We will discuss your submissions for the press release exercise. And I will give you a new press release to write.

We then discuss the following slides: Crisis Communication in preparation for the next phase of your assignments. As explained in class, we have completed Phase 1 (situation analysis). We now embark on Phase 2 (presentation and analysis of a real crisis faced by the organisation you have chosen) which will be started on 19th March. All teams should bring their material for discussion (news reports, etc.). Each team will get around 10 minutes to present.

Also remember that Phase 3 will concern the fictitious crisis episode for which you will have to give a press conference at the end of the semester.

19th March
Phase 2 starts with presentations on a real crisis faced by the organisation you have chosen. Please refer to the lecture notes and explanation given on Crisis PR Management. You should explain the nature of the crisis, how it was reported in the news media, analyse the reactions of the organisation (how they handled the situation in their communication, whether they did well or committed errors).

All students should submit the press release on Ruby Bank.

The presentations have been postponed to next week at your request. To compensate, you will all need to ensure that you are present on time for presentation sessions and that you all deliver your presentations within imparted time so as to optimise duration. Remember that we will proceed with drawing of lots to determine order of presentation.

Lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility

26th March
Presentations for Phase 2

2nd April
We carry on with the presentations for Phase 2.

9th April
Class exercise and discussion on: Case Study on CSR from the Times 100 website

Reminder: All teams are expected to prepare for the last phase of the assignments (Phase 3) which is a mock press conference for a fictitious crisis situation for the company you are working on. Please input your fictitious crisis episode in the comments section here for approval.

Each team gets 10 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for Q&A. All students are expected to arrive at 9.30 sharp. All students are expected to participate as presenters but also as journalists for the Q&A (marks will be given).

There will be a draw at the beginning of the session to determine order of presentation.
For any questions, please post in the comments section below.

The presentations are scheduled for 23rd and 30th April. There will be no session on 16th April. So please make sure you ask any questions well in advance.

Past exam papers
May 2012
December 2012
May 2013
June 2014

Here are the marks for Continuous Assessment


37 thoughts on “Media Advocacy (Aug 2014 – May 2015)

  1. Organisation chosen: University of Mauritius.
    Crisis: problems faced by students on campus and graduates.
    Team: 1) Khudurun Aziya (1413731),
    2) Bheegun Divya (1415964),
    3) Jugroop Toshna (1414125).


  2. For holiday assignment
    Team members: Doorgachun Thushti, Asita Gookuluk, Nicoletta Edward
    Company chosen: National Transport Corporation


  3. Dear Mrs Meetoo,
    Please kindly note that for the forthcoming class presentation, our team comprising Crishny Boodnah, Divya Mudhoo and Tashveena Chumun.
    Company chosen: Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Limited (MTML)


  4. The fictitious crisis that our group(Thushti Doorgachun, Asita Gookooluk and Nicolletta Edouard ) are working on is: NTC bus catches fire followed by its repercussion.


  5. Company :Phoenix Beverages
    Crisis :Insect found in cans of beer

    Team comprising of : Hollah Asheeta
    Agasing Ashvinee
    Mungroo Zeenat


  6. Company :Phoenix Beverages
    Crisis :Insect found in cans of beer

    Team comprising of : Hollah Asheeta
    Agasing Ashvinee
    Mungroo Zeenat


  7. can you outline the answer briefly of how we should answer this question for 10 marks…
    Using examples, list and explain 2 levels in Carroll’s CSR pyramid. (10 marks)
    actually it is from a friend of our class who asked me this but I wanted to comfirm with you…


  8. Dear students,
    Please note that I do not provide model answers. I prefer that you do not rote-learn answers. Instead, I will appreciate if you express your answers in your own words rather than in mine. I will especially appreciate if you can also show critical thinking and even be creative in your answers.
    Thanks and good luck for exams


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