Media Advocacy (Aug 2009 – May 2010)

Lectures every Thursday from 11.00 to 12.30 in Room 2.4 NAC
As from 8th September, class is on Tuesdays from 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m in Room 2.2 NAC

Module Outline

19th January
No lecture as I am taken up in a book launch. We will start on 26th January.

13th August

20th August
Key concepts
Official PRSA Definition
Targets and Images

27th August
Please continue reading the lecture notes on Targets and Images and the handouts ‘Key Concepts’ and ‘Official PRSA Definition’
New lecture notes to be read: Organisational Settings
Handout with MCQs to be worked out: Cutlip-questions

Please note that class will be held on Thursday this week, i.e. 3rd September from 11.00 to 12.30 as I am not free this Tuesday.
However, the lecture will be shifted to Tuesdays as discussed as from next week, i.e. 8th September.

8th September
Class in room 2.2 from 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Publics and models

15th September
Sorry for last week.
We will look at the lecture on Publics and Models this week.

22nd September
Planning PR

29th September
Reminder: Students should bring their SWOT analysis of UOM for discussion and information about the Texaco racism crisis.
We will work on a case study to be distributed in class.

6th October
We carry on with the SWOT exercise. All students to bring their answers to the case study.

13th October
Lecture on Press Relations
Also, students are expected to work in teams to carry out a survey with a particular group of stakeholders to determine the image/perceptions for UOM. The team composition and stakeholder group chose should be communicated to me in class.

20th October
We carry on with the lecture on Press Relations.
Reminder: students are expected to carry on with their groupwork about a stakeholder group’s perception of UOM. This part should be completed by next week.

27th October
I will hand out the MCQ we did last week and discuss your answers. We will also do a roundup of your assignment on the stakeholder group. The deadline for first phase has been extended to next week (3rd November), when I will validate your work so you can move on to the second phase (proposal for a communication strategy) which will be due by 17th November. As a reminder, each team will have to hand in a portfolio with the findings from the first phase and your proposal for the communication strategy plus do a brief class presentation. These will all count towards continuous assessment.

3rd November
Validation of first phase findings.

10th November
We will be doing some exercises in class

To read: an example of Press Relations Campaign
– E/S Orcelle Clean Ship Case Study for Press Relations
Presentation of case study
Trade release
Consumer release
Daily Telegraph article

Media Relations – lecture notes available on the MIT OpenCourseWare
Teams which have not already presented their phase one findings should bring these in class for a brief presentaion.
Reminder: all teams should be ready for presentation of their strategy and submission of portfolio on 17th November (which will be our last session). The assignment will be counted for continuous assessment marks.

17th November
Presentation of second phase of assignment by all teams and submission of the final portfolio for evaluation. I will let you know about the room number if I manage to get one on Monday. Please watch this page. I will also notify the class rep.
Update (16th Nov): Class will start at 12.30 in the same room. We can keep the room until 2.30 p.m. There is a PC with an RGB projector. Please try to keep your presentations under the 10-minutes duration.

26th January
Lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility

2nd February
We carry on with CSR

9th February
Class exercise and discussion on: Case Study on CSR from the Times 100 website. This case study describes how the work Amway does with UNICEF supports its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

16th February
Class exercise and discussion on: Case Study on Effective Communications from the Times 100 website

23rd February
Bring your answers to the case study on effective communications.
Lecture/discussion on Crisis PR Management.

2nd March
We carry on with Crisis PR Management.

9th March
Students (in teams of 2) should select a case of company crisis in the local industry (between 2009 and 2010) and provide an overview of the historical timeline of the incident(s). Teams will also have to look for articles published in the media about the crisis situation to assess how it was reported and how the company handled the problem as well as the impacts on the organisation.

16th March
Public Holiday

23rd March
All teams SHOULD present a brief overview of the crisis situation they have been assigned to cover. Duration should not exceed 5 minutes and there should be no notes or slides. Content should include an explanation of the nature of the crisis, the coverage it received in the media, the actions taken by the organisation and your own appreciation of the way the crisis was handled. All teams should bring a compilation of relevant press articles.

Note that the second phase of the assignment will be to invent a new episode to the crisis such that the teams will have to do a mock press conference in front of the class to present the organisation’s position and actions. Students will be assessed on the quality of their press conference (including ability to answer questions from the floor) as well as on their participation and questions to other teams.

30th March
All teams are expected to explain the details of the new episode to the crisis. We will do some MCQs in class.

6th April
All teams should write 3 lines in the comments section of this page to explain the details of the fictitious new episode to the crisis. Please do not write the real name of the company here (just provide a sufficiently descriptive phrase to hint about the real name, for e.g. ‘chain of fast food chicken’) as all content is visible to the public and we do not want people to confuse the fictitious with the real!

Bring answers to MCQs in class.
Lecture notes on Research

13th April
Mock press conferences (w.r.t. fictitious crisis communication episodes)

20th April
We carry on with the mock press conferences. We start at 11 a.m. This should be our last session so if you have any issues or queries, please use this session to voice out.

27th April
The very last session for remaining presentations. We start at 11 a.m.

Marks for Marks-media-advocacy2009-10


55 thoughts on “Media Advocacy (Aug 2009 – May 2010)

  1. Hi Madam,
    Sorry, to disturb but we will have 2 slides for our presentation, is it possible to have a projector to connect our laptop.
    Thanks in advance.


  2. Dear Danielle,
    Normally, there’s already a projector in class so it should not be a problem. But you were not required to do a full-fledged presentation for today… We were just supposed to validate your findings so you can move on to the second phase.


  3. Crisis :Scenario1

    An employee has been sexually harassed by his manager at the ‘chain of fast food chicken’ of Port-Louis. Feeling oppressed, she decided to take drastic measures by telling all the information she knew on the ‘chain of fast food chicken’ to the media concerning racial discrimination,low wage rate and unfair dismissal which leads to a major problem -not only media interferes but socio cultural groups and Government.

    Scenario 2:
    The ‘chain of fast food chicken’ sells chicken contaminated by virus H1N5-the board of directors are aware of the fact but decide to pursue their commercial activities.This causes 50 deaths -10 children.

    Madam we have to choose one of these scenarios we would be grateful if u could help us with the choice so that we can work out on the best scenario according to you.
    Thank you (Group members -Rajnee ,Joelle ,Dominique)


    • Both are interesting though I prefer Scenario 1 as it appears more plausible.
      PS: I have edited out the real name of the fast food to avoid unnecessary confusions from outsiders who visit this page and may not understand this is a fictitious case.

      C. Chan-Meetoo


  4. Dear Madam,

    Actualy we got 2 scenario, and both is about the financial crisis.

    Scenario 1

    The public TV station is facing a financial crisis. After an investigation by the anti-corruption institution, they found that some of the employees are over paid. All of theses employees were subject of an investigation by the anti-corruption organisation. And finally, the results of the investigation give some unexpected news. These employees were overpaid due to their political contacts. And the name of some politicians were revealed.

    Scenario 2

    The station is having financial problems due to the mismanagement of the TV show (sponsored by a cola maker). And the economic crisis has worsened the crisis. The station is taking new plan of action where the employees are not paid for extra hours of working, cut off from some facilities and also some rumors saying that salary will not be given to permanent employees for one month. As a result of these events, the employees are doing a strike.


  5. Dear madam,

    We came up with 2 scenario, both is about financial crisis.

    Scenario 1:

    The public TV station is facing a financial crisis. After an investigation by anti-corruption institution, it is found that some employees are overpaid. They were all subject to an investigation, and the result of it was that these employees were overpaid due to their political contacts.

    Scenario 2:

    Finanicial problems resulted from the mismanagement of the TV show (sponsored by cola maker) and the economic crisis worsen the matter. Employees are furious as they were not paid for their odd hours of working and some benefits are not given to them. As a result of these events, the employees are doing a strike and the TV station is not working…


  6. Ministry of …. v/s Ex-Planters of R… T….

    Fictitiously, we suppose that the 2 assessors and The Minister of …. agree to pay a global sum of Rs 900 000 and 10 perches as compensation to the 6 ex-planters after reviewing the case details. Consequently another major crisis crops up in the sense that the remaining 120 planters who initially received Rs120 000 as compensation after their agreement come forward and ask for the same sum i.e Rs900 000 and 10 perches. They ask for a delay of 5 days to fix a meeting with the minister and in case their demand is not satisfied, they threaten to go to court and even undergo a hunger strike which this time may take more time. Will the government be able to allocate 12 acres and Rs108 millions to the 120 planters?

    Group members: Sania & Neha


  7. Hello Mrs. Meetoo,
    I was wondering whether you would find this crisis better than the last one we offered.

    Here it is: (please do tell us on changes you would advice us to do)

    The international chain of jersey wears has undergone a great deal of complaints because of pollution at Verdun. This has been dealt successfully by the water authority. Now, there has been lately great smokes emission from the machineries. It has not only affected the environment but there was an amount of 20 employees who got sick at work. The medical reports firmly stated that they were contaminated by chemicals emitted from the pollution. Now the employees, afraid of their safety, refused to work further and went on a strike outside the building. The manifestation was so angry that police officers had to be brought in to put some order. But now, even the authorities are aware of the issue and the Minister of Environment has ordered the close up of that particular factory until the company comes with the best solution.

    Thank you

    Ibrahim Ollee and Nabiihah Ibrahim


  8. Hello Madam,

    Our (Danessa and I) new episode is the one concerning the education sector.

    Notice was given following the fact that sIV tea… are not conducting the EP. So the task would as from a certain date be undertaken by trainees. Classified in different zones, they are refusing to do the EP despite the additional allowance, for various reasons. They already expressed themselves in media, and now they are threatening to go on strike if M… doesn’t review the decision.



  9. hello madam,
    crisis on central bank:
    the deputy governor of the central bank was found guilty of money laundering. He was accused of keeping the money(amounting to more than 300 millions yearly)he obtained from drugs trafficking in terms of bonds held at the bank. further investigation showed that the board members were aware of everything but kept mum due to the huge revenue it generated for the bank. the media blasted the bank, questioning management integrity and raising concern for public safety.


  10. hello madam
    my crisis is :A strike AT THE TV station
    there was a complaint from an employee who is working at the branch of TV at reduit,that his working equipment available was defective.But his complaint was ignored by the Executive officers.Two days later he was electrocuted and died on the spot.On enquiring ,MBC stated that the employee died from his own fault as he didn’t know how to use the equipment: so the workers went on strike, thus all the work in progress of the new branch of MBC halted ..

    is it good ??
    thank you


  11. Dear madam, our case is as follows:
    Crisis in the mechanism for pricing, whereby intervention will be made by the ministry of f…..
    There will be a shortage of petroleum products on the international market. Our supplier,M… refineries ltd from india receives its supplies of petrol from the wells in Iraq, where actually war has broken out.
    Effects on mechanism for pricing:
    Exhorbitant rise in price of petrol, black markets crop up, the mechanism fails due to its inability to adapt to a situation of black market.


  12. Dear Madam, our crisis will be as follows:
    Shortage of petroleum products on the world market due to a war on the Arab Emirates and surrounding regions.
    Thus, the corporation importing these will have a limited stock of petroleum products.
    Exhorbitant rise in world market as well as on the Mauritian market. Consequently, black markets will emerge and the APM will crash as it wasn’t designed to face such a situation,and the govt, through the ministry of finance, will have to step in to remedy to the situation.


  13. Hello Madam

    Plane Crash

    A plane belonging to Air M… has crashed into the Indian Ocean shortly after it took off from the Airport. There were 175 passengers and 9 crew members on board. The plane experienced some technical problems before its take off. However they were rapidly sorted out and after verifications made by technicians, the plane was finally able to take off, 30 minutes later. The exact causes of the air crash are still unknown since ‘la boite noire’ has not yet been found. From our first analysis we suppose that the cargo door has detached causing an explosive decompression which resulted in the floor just above to collapse. Due to this, the control cables got severed, lefting the pilots without control of the left engine. The plane entered a steep dive and crashed into the sea. Luckily the plane did not entirely explode and due to the rapid intervention of the coast guards, 81 passengers were rescued. A fact finding committee has been set up to determine the exact causes of this disaster.

    Manisha Devi Rambaruth and Aureline Ste Marie


      • 3 crew members and 78 passengers were rescued, among which the 8 non-mauritian passengers!…..unfortunately the rest 94 passengers died!!


      • Hello again

        actually as we are preparing the press conference, we are realising that its a too major crisis!!….to many people died and its quite impossible for so many people to die since the plane crash in the sea near mauritius itself!!…i wanted to ask you if we can change the number of casualties!


      • The airbus which crashed in the sea was one of the two the A330-200 which the Air M**** possesses. one that day they were 198 passengers (52 foreigners) and 8 crew members….these are the following casualties after the air crash:
        -2 dead
        -15 seriously injured, currently in hospital
        -64 slightly injured, by now discharged from hospital
        -the rest 125 had been brought safe and sound on land by coast guards and other units
        -among the 52 foreigners on board- 3 injured
        – rest safe
        -among crew members- 1 dead
        – 2 injured
        – 5 safe

        It is mostly people at the back of the plane who died or were seriously injured, due to the minor explosion inside the airbus!


  14. Dear Madam!!here is our crisis:

    Bad storage of Cement at the corporation responsible for importing

    The corporation have had several complaints from almost all its customers and partners following the last trading activities during the past month. But the most dominant one from its huge and most promising client TANTASH Company limited. Actually due to the recent renovation of all of its stores, the corporation have suffered from bad storage of its cement. This have eventually lead to the cement becoming already 40% hardened.

    TANTASH Ltd, a construction company which buys a great share of the corporation’s cement, are prosecuting as this has caused big damage, loss, and really retarded the work and proper flow of the company. As such TANTASH ltd is asking for compensation and is asking the corporation to pay the fines for late works submitted.


  15. Hello Madam,

    Our new episode is the one concerning the education sector-Torrential Rain .

    With respect to the Ministry of E…. there is in place an elaborate system for ensuring
    that the school population is specially protected from risks. The criteria set
    down are to determine whether schools should be opened on days of torrential
    rain. This protocol however is meant for the protection of the schools paradoxically
    ended up in the particular events of 26 march 2008.and for there was no other
    system devised for the purpose.

    So, the Minister of E… has issued a communiqué whereby informing the public for in case
    of an event for some reasons or the other, the school population is constrained to
    stay at school in the event of a natural disaster and the risk of releasing
    them on the road is unsafe.

    As a result of which teachers would be the most valuable security agents for
    the students. They have therefore the responsibility of guarding their own pupils. They have
    to stay at the school to supervise the children during a torrential rain till
    it was safe for them to be taken home safely.

    But a problem cropped up that if the teachers are going to stay more than their
    usual time they need to be given an allowance to compensate for that
    additional duty. Still the minister stated that no allowance is going to be
    paid as it is part of their duty and hence the teachers union threatened the
    minister that they’ll go on strike if he does not fulfil their demand.

    Komal Aga sing and Danielle Souci


  16. Group: Venilen Soobhen & Rohaan Kistoo

    Company: G… C…, W..-to-E… Project.

    Crisis: According to what have been discussed in class last Tuesday, we made the following changes, upon your demand, so as to make the crisis much more realistic and therefore we preferred to stay in time and rather than projecting the crisis in the future.

    The company sponsored X in the Legislative May 2010.
    Large sum of money was involved.
    This was done in a very discrete manner.
    The reason behind the sponsorship was to obtain favours to make the waste-to-energy a reality.

    Auditing was performed.
    There was large sum of money transferred to foreign a account. This was not money used for the company resources but for the sponsorship.

    Later, the following was discovered:
    -Skipping of consultation
    -Refusing Press Conference
    -Avoiding phone calls
    -Environmental Impact Assessmen t(EIA) was not convincing (change in facts and it was obtained without the point of views of experts)
    -Court Matters

    That’s it.
    Thank You.

    Le RoaN.


  17. Company I…..
    Problem the company is selling and using contaminated milk. There is a mixture of the contaminated milk with good ones. To get rid of this contaminated milk the company is having promotions such as “buy 1 get 1 free”. The contaminated milk is being used for yoghurt also. Old people and children have health problems. Govt conducts some test on the products.


  18. hi Madam,
    Concerning tuesday next actually we wanted to have a precise idea about what we should do.So could you explain to us clearly about th steps we should take during the press conference.

    thank you


    • Why didn’t you ask that question in class? I thought it was already cleared.
      Anyway, you will have to formally address journalists in a mock press conference to present and defend the position of your organisation w.r.t. the crisis you have invented. And you will also have to answer questions from the floor following your presentation. All team members need to participate in the conference (speech and/or answer questions).


  19. Group: Bhurtun Yaasir and Herburrun Nawsheen

    Crisis: The Trade Union of employees at the transport company have decided to go on a hunger strike and they impose the following conditions on the management:

    1. A guarantee of a minimum of 2 years that their job will be secured and they will not be fired.

    2. The re-introdution of the conduct allowance which has been cut off recently.

    3. They insist on becoming shareholders of the company so that they are more willing to become efficient and to maximise profits.


    • I did say a maximum duration of 15 minutes per team… Up to you to decide how to allocate talk time within your team insofar as every single member speaks and/or answers questions. Each member should have a reasonable intervention to allow evaluation.


  20. Hello madam,
    Group : Yassir Duymund and Hiresh Etwaroo
    Company : Commercial bank


    IT System Failure

    Due to ventilation problems in the servers room, the server got overheated and brokedown. Due to this much important information was lost and customers could not carry out their bank transactions. Employees also lost all their back up making it much more difficult to run the bank’s activities. Due to this the company suffered huge losses and markets share prices also went down. A real situation of crisis for the company and its here where the PR come into play.


  21. hello madam
    sorry to disturb you. Actually i would like to know if we are going to have case study the way you gave us to work in the class ??? or it is going to be essay type questions.

    thank you


    • As I explained in class, there will be two types of questions: the first ones will be straightforward questions based on lecture notes and class discussions to test your knowledge. The last one will be a short essay on a topic covered where you will demonstrate more analytical skills and be asked to refer to real world examples to support your arguments.


  22. Hello Madam,

    I think there is a problem concerning the marks. The marks concerning the Crisis presentation (over 3). I got no marks for that where as my partner, Duymun Yasir,got 2 marks when he was absent for the presentation. I did the job alone on that day.

    Thank you


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