Media Advocacy (Aug-Dec 2012)

Class on Tuesdays from 9.30 to 12.30 in Room 2.5 NAC

Core for BA (Hons) Economics & Law Level 1
Elective for BSc (Hons) Political Science Level 2

21st August
Module Outline

28th August
We carry on with the Introduction and also discuss the following:
Key concepts
Official PRSA Definition
Targets and Images

4th September
We complete the class on Targets and Images (see notes above), then we move to Organisational Settings

11th September
We complete the class on Organisational Settings and do an MCQ in class.

18th September
No classes due to the Semaine de l’Étudiant. Have a nice week!

25th September
Class on Publics and Models and Planning PR

2nd October
Please attend the Research Week presentations. I will be in LT1.
Also, please ensure you read lecture notes on Planning PR for next week. Teams should also be set up for the 1st presentation.

9th October
We discuss Planning PR and Press Relations. We also finalise teams for first presentation.

23rd October
Oral presentations

30th October
We carry on with oral presentations then discuss the notes on Press Relations. Please make sure you read the notes before coming to class.
Next lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility.
Please note that we may need to have a replacement class to catch up on missed classes. Kindly check your time-table and we will discuss in class.

6 November
Class on Corporate Social Responsibility.

1. Press Release – Peacekeeper Cosmetics to be completed and submitted by Friday 9th November. Please put your assignment in the box next to my office door at FSSH 2nd floor.

2. Mock Press Conference
All teams are requested to finalise their fictitious crisis episode and describe it in the comments section of this page for approval.
The mock press conference will take place on the last week of semester i.e. Tuesday 20th November. Please be in class at 9 a.m. as we will have to listen to 9 teams. We may finish later than usual. Order of presentation will be determined randomly so all teams must come in early.
Each team will have 15 minutes maximum for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A
As explained, each team will be given collective marks over 10 for content. Each individual member will be marked over 10 for oral performance.
Also, the rest of the class is expected to participate in the question time and act as journalist. Up to 5 marks will be given to each student for asking pertinent questions.
Overall, students can earn up to 25 marks therefore for the whole exercise. And all students have to be prepared to stay throughout the class.

Continuous assessment marks
Marks-EcoLawYr 1-May2013

Special Session on Friday 10th May
To be confirmed upon approval of Dean




45 thoughts on “Media Advocacy (Aug-Dec 2012)

  1. hello ma’am, its to inform you that we will be choosing the IBL company for our presentation on 16th october, we are a group of three students- Selvee Dayamanee Karuppan, Seenundun Mooneshwaree Krishnee, Vani Vallee Chinapyel


  2. Our group consists of Gujadhur Raksha, Heera tanuja, Panchoo Hansrani. The presentation is on16th october and will be on Panagora Marketing LTD


  3. hello ma’am for the presentation of 16th october, in our groups there are 3 girls, Selvee Dayamanee karrupan, Vani Vallee Chinapyel, Mooneshwaree krishnee Seenundun, we will be presenting the IBL groups of companies ltd


  4. Hello Mam,
    We,that is, Mageshwaree Moorooghen, Rushmina Badurally Adam and myself Manjusha Daby would be presenting on KFC for the up coming week’s presentation.
    Kind Regards.


  5. Hello ma’am.
    Our group comprises of 4 persons, me – Gunasee Meethali Devi, Ashna Buddhu, Raksha Bhinda and Asha Kheejoo. We’ll be presenting on the Loterie Nationale company. I request you to advice us if the company is correct for the presentation or we’ll have to find another company.
    Thank you.


  6. Hello ma’am.
    Our group comprises of 4 persons, namely Gunasee Meethali Devi, Bhinda Raksha, Buddhu Ashna and Kheejoo Asha.
    We shall be doing our presentation on the State Bank Of Mauritius.
    Kindly notify us about your approval.
    Thank you.


  7. Hello ma’am.
    Our group for the presentation scheduled on the 16th October comprises of Tatiana Lee Kwai Yan,
    Niovani Runghen, Gaelle Anais Marie and Leenesha Devi Kaunhye.
    We shall be presenting on McDonald’s.
    Kindly notify us if we can opt for this company.
    Thank you.


  8. Hello ma’am, we decided to change the topic of our presentation because the topic on McDonald’s was already taken last year. So we decided to present on a new company. ”LUX*Island Resorts”
    Members : Tatiana Lee Kwai Yan, Leenesha Devi Kaunhye, Niovani Runghen, Gaelle Marie.

    Thank you for your understanding


  9. Hello ma’am.
    This is to tell you that our group will be opting for Oxenham Ltd.
    Members: Govinda Chinapiel, Kiran Ram and Niazi Jumun.
    Thank you.


  10. hello ma”am
    This is to inform you that my friend has wrongly informing you on the company we chosen for our presentation.we are taking PHOENIX BEVERAGES LTD instead of Oxenham ltd.
    member: Kiran Ram,Govinda Chinapiel and Niiazi Jummun.
    thank you
    kiran ram


  11. Hello ma’am..
    The group LUX crisis will be:
    Child fell into swimming pool while parents partying..
    Unhappy, they gave an interview later on…
    Hotel faced with huge losses.


  12. Hello Mme,
    there’s a concern about the press conference. Actually no one is prepared for the mock, we have a request to you to just have a trial of the press conference but not mark us for it and assess us on 2nd week of 2nd semester. We dont want to be penalised because of Joanna, only asses her group this tuesday. We want to make our best for this mock, consider this request please.

    Thank you,
    Class Rep.


  13. Hello Madam,

    Can you please email us the marks for our press conference and *peacekeeper* assignment.
    And can we please have a last class before the exams.

    thank you.


  14. Thank you…:) We are free this Thursday, we don’t have our ‘Droit des Obligations’ class which starts at 1.30 pm till 4pm. I’ve sent a mail to ask our lecturer Ms Vidya Jugoo asking her if we can have the room and i’m waiting for an answer from her. If the room is free can we have a class on that day?


  15. Hello Mme, the room 2.35 is free as from 2.30 pm on Thursday 02 May. Please inform us asap if we can have classes tomorrow. Thank you! 🙂


  16. Hello ma’am
    we are having a problem with a question, from may 2012 question 5, where it is asked that Explain the terms:
    a) B to B comunication
    b) B to C communication
    c) C to C communication
    can you please help us ma’am.
    Thank You


    • B to B = Business to Business
      B to C = Business to Consumer
      C to C = Consumer to Consumer

      Note that only topics and concepts covered in class will be considered for exam paper. Content may vary every year so past exam papers are just to be used as a guide for the style of questions which may be asked.


  17. Hello ma’am, could you please help us with the definitions of :
    1. Mail Analysis
    2.Content Analysis of press
    3. CATI Surveys
    4. Secondary data
    Thank you.


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