New Forms of Media (Aug-Dec 2008)

Lecture every Wednesday in Room C1 at 1pm

Module Outline

13th August
Introduction: What is New Media?

20th August
Inescapable Data
I will be in the talk in Room G1 at noon. Please join in the talk, then we will proceed to class.

27th August
Class will start at 14.00 in the Mediacom Studio (2nd floor of FOA phase 2 building). We will have Avinash Meetoo as guest speaker to talk about convergence in technology.

10th September
CMC, Internet and mobile communication
For reading & summarising: New Media History by Patrice Flichy

17th September
No lecture as per Ministry of Education instructions following torrential rains warning.

24th September
The Coming of Age of IT & the New Economy
Please do not forget to bring your summary of the key ideas in the paper by Patrice Flichy on New Media History
Dr Kasenally and Ms Paroomal will come to meet you concerning dissertations. Please bring your tentative ideas in class.

1st October
(In case there is no public holiday, otherwise, next lecture is on 8th October)
New Media = New Theory?

15th October
There is a problem with the electricity circuit in the studio so we won’t be able to use it tomorrow. We will meet in our normal classroom.
The technophilia vs Technophobia debate
We will read the introduction of the book ‘La Révolte du Pronetariat’ by Joël de Rosnay which may be freely downloaded at the following addresses: (HTML version chapter by chapter) (whole book in PDF version)

Other recommended online reading resources are:
We The Media by Dan Gilmor
What is Web 2.0? by Tim O’Reilly

22nd October
Please check your mail and let me know if you are interested in attending the Digital Video Conference on US elections at the US embassy from 11.00 to 12.30. Please let me know by tonight (21st Oct). I will myself attend.

Class will thus start at around 1.30 p.m. We will be in the Mediacom Studio for an online session.
Here’s the list of activities.

Please also bring your list of ideas for the audio assignment. The idea is to conduct a qualitative exploration of new media users and uses. We will have to plan in order to come up with a schedule for interviewing (and thus loaning out of audio recorders) and for editing as well. You will be expected to put these audio interviews online on the mediacom studio blog.

29th October
All students are expected to attend the panel discussion on the US elections at 12.30 p.m. in LT2. We will continue with our class right after the panel discussion in the Mediacom Studio

There, we will look at some texts on the Digital Divide. These will be extracts from some online readings which can be found here:

Read also ITU’s World Information Society Report 2007 and the Report on the World Summit on the Information Society Stocktaking 2008.

Reminder: all students are expected to finish their audio recording on new media users and usage by 5th November.

The next assignment will concern the creation of a class wiki on new media forms and issues where each student will be expected to contribute at least one page on a new media form or issue. Explanations will be given in class.

Update (29th October):

A series of handouts on Web 3.0 (from the magazine Sciences Humaines) were given in 4 copies in class (Rizwana Bahadoor, Wahab Goonoo, Ranjeeta Boyjoonauth and Melanie Anthony). Please make sure all of you make a copy for yourself.

BTW, here is the link to the video by Michael Wesch about Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing Us

I gave explanations in class about the wiki project. Basically, each one of you will need to compose at least one page on either a particular new media form or an issue related to new media technologies. You may write more than one page and will be given bonus marks for doing so. Additionally, each student is expected to comment, modify, improve on his/her other classmates’ pages. For all contributions you make (on your own page or on that of your classmates), you are expected to fully reference your sources of information and provide link to any online resources referred to or that may be useful for any reader who wants to learn more.
Needless to say that part of the marks will be allocated to your pages(s) and part to your contributions to other people’s pages. The more active you are, the higher will your marks be (taking into consideration quality of course).
I will post the link to the wiki and explanations on how to proceed very soon.
In the meantime, you are expected to prepare a list of proposals for your page and input these in the comments section so that we can avoid duplications.

Update about the audio interview assignment:
I have been asked to provide some additional information on the format and assessment.
Regarding the format, the interviews should not last longer than 3-4 minutes each after editing).
Regarding assessment, you will be evaluated on the originality of your subject, on the quality of the information collected (on personal use of the new media forms, on the impact of new media on lifestyles, etc.), and on your analytical comment inserted in the audio report.
Do not worry if the end product resembles a radio report. It is meant to sound like one.

For both assignments, please note that you are not expected to adopt a technical approach (like providing a how-to guide for instance). Rather, you are expected to provide insights into the social, cultural, economic or political aspects (inter alia) of the topic you have chosen. Some technical explanations may be given but the main focus should not be technical.

5th November
We meet in the Mediacom Studio.
We will listen to the audio interviews which have been completed so bring your recordings.
We will also look at the wiki. The address is:
You need to create an account (click ‘join in’ and fill in the required fields). Please use your real first name to facilitate.
Then, you should merely click on ‘Add page’ in the menu on the left to create your page.

12th November
We meet in the Mediacom Studio to listen to all audio interviews.
To read:
The Long Tail by Chris Anderson
The Long Tail on Wikipedia
The Future of the Media 2008 Report

19th November
We meet in the Mediacom Studio to listen to ALL remaining audio interviews.
To read:
Article from The Economist about convergence
Handouts about Internet and Democracy will also be distributed in class.
For the wiki: all students have to contribute at least one page by the end of semester for assessment.

26th November
Last session: wrap-up /revisions + info about exam structure
Roundup about wiki. All contributions on the wiki should be posted by 28th November for assessment.
And finally, we listen to any remaining audio interviews. BTW, those who not have respected deadlines will be penalised accordingly to be fair to the others.

Exam is on 4th December from 1.30 to 3.30 p.m. in Room 1.4

Here are the marks for Continuous Assessment.

The following 3 students are requested to contact me:
– Ranjeeta Boyjoonauth
– Joanna Seenayen
– Melanie Anthony

Other online resources for discussion:
The Digital Dark Age
A Brief History of Technology
Loi « Création et Internet » Répression des internautes ou rémunération des artistes ?


17 thoughts on “New Forms of Media (Aug-Dec 2008)

  1. Hello Mrs.C.Meetoo

    Here are my 3 options for assignment 2:

    1.The Digital Divide (thematique)


    3.The Impact of Technology (thematique)

    kindly let me know if any of these suit the requirements and on which one i could work.



  2. Hello Mrs.C.Meetoo,

    below are two proposals concerning options for the 2nd assignment:

    1. Adverts and Media co-existence

    2. New Technologies for Data Transfer

    Could you please let me know if any of these suit the requirements and on which one I could work.

    Many Thanks in advance.


  3. @ Satyam,
    Can you check with Varsha? It seems to me she wanted to write about the digital divide. About the impact of technology topic, impact on what?

    @ Christophe,
    Can you please give more details. The first topic does not seem clear to me. And which new data transfer tech would you refer to?

    @ Shamirah,

    C. Chan-Meetoo


  4. As the basis of the assignment may be oriented towards issues related to new media forms, I, wanted to write an article in concern with advertising and the obvious convergence towards new technologies and platforms…

    Concerning the data transfering tech, the latest of sony wireless data transfer…the Transferjet


  5. Bonjour,

    Si j’ai bien compris, Shamirah a laissé tombé l’idée de jeux vidéos en ligne? J’avais choisi le téléchargement comme thème, mais je serai définitivement plus à l’aise sur le thème des jeux vidéos. Si c’est toujours disponible.


  6. Dear Christina

    I would like to write on teleconferencing for the wiki assignment and may be id write an additional on mobile phones.



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