New Forms of Media (Aug-Dec 2010)

Class on Wednesdays from 1 to 4 pm in Room 1.2 ET or Mediacom Studio

Module Outline

11th August

18th August
From now, class is in the Mediacom Studio
We carry on with the introduction and then we look at Manovich’s Principles of New Media
Dr Paroomal and Mr Chenganna will come at 2 pm to discuss about dissertations.

25th August
We discuss Manovich’s Principles of New Media
Reading material: New Media History by Patrice Flichy

1st September
Historical timeline for new media
We view Computer History – A British View – Part 1 of 3

Other videos:
Computer History – A British View – Part 2 of 3
Computer History – A British View – Part 3 of 3
History of Computers,Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Apple Microsoft

8th September
The Coming of Age of IT & the New Economy
Reading material: Technological revolutions and techno-economic paradigms by Carlota Perez

15th September
I will not be able to lecture this week due to the upcoming conference. Please make sure you catch up with all reading materials though.
If you are interested to attend or to help out in the organisation, please let me know. Details about the event can be found here

22nd September
New Media = New Theory?

29th September
The technophilia vs Technophobia debate
Read the introduction of the book ‘La Révolte du Pronetariat’ by Joël de Rosnay: Introduction-pronetariat
The book is also freely available at

Other recommended online reading resources are:
We The Media by Dan Gilmor
What is Web 2.0? by Tim O’Reilly

6th October
Sorry for last week. We look at The technophilia vs Technophobia debate and What is web 2.0?
I distributed a handout on Web 2.0 in class. Make sure everyone has a copy. Also, to complete the activities in the handout for next week.

Additional online resources:
Crowdsourcing: Turning customers into creative directors
The new sharing economy
Mobile internet will outstrip ‘desktop’ use by 2014, says ex-Obama adviser

13th October
We look at the activities from the handout. I will also distribute other handouts on the press and new media in class for discussion.

Additional online resources:
Newspapers Growing Audience: Proven Success
The Internet and the Mass Media
The Internet and cell phones are changing people’s relationship to news.

20th October
We did all activities in the handouts. Those who were absent, please make sure you catch up.
I also gave instructions for the assignment to be presented and submitted in 3 weeks time, i.e. 10th November.
In teams of 2, students have to choose one topic from the potential list below:
– Facebook users in Mauritius (chosen by Fabienne & Eesani)
– Twitter users in Mauritius (chosen by Jimmy and Sandiren)
– Skype users in Mauritius (chosen by Divya and Vinath)
– Flickr users in Mauritius (chosen by Aisha and Djemillah)
– YouTube users in Mauritius (chosen by Natasha and Lucie)
– Bloggers in Mauritius (chosen by Patrick and Neeta)
– News media using web 2.0 in Mauritius (chosen by Rodney and Kristel)

The idea is to find some typical and atypical intensive users of those platforms (users=contributors who create content not mere consumers), to conduct in-depth interviews with them. You should use either audio or video recording (or both) and edit the interviews to a maximum duration of 10 minutes for posting online subsequently. You will have to present your findings in class on 10th November.

All teams should let me know which final topic they are working on before next Wednesday through the comments section of this page. The next 2 sessions may be used for your fieldwork. Please make sure you report back to me regularly to keep me informed of your progress. Do not wait until last week to start the assignment as you will have to schedule appointments. Keep me informed of any difficulty you encounter.

Interesting online resources:
The Most Popular Phone in the World
Google’s self-driving car
Washington Post to journalists – don’t debate with readers on Twitter
Internet Users to Exceed 2 Billion This Year, Study Says
Is the iPad Really the Savior of the Newspaper Industry?

27th October
Students are expected to do fieldwork. Please inform me of your choice of theme before Wednesday 27th October.

Interesting online resources:
Failcon Privacy Panel topic: why are location services ignoring these guys?
The Latest Global Social Media Trends May Surprise You
Wikileaks defies feds, releases Iraq war files

3rd November
You can use this slot for fieldwork or editing in the studio.

Interesting online resources:
Senior citizens: the new Facebook user
How Singapore Could Become the Most Important City in the Emerging World
Blekko, un moteur de recherche participatif
TechCrunch Review: The Blekko Search Engine Prepares To Launch

“WikiLeaks contribue à former une nouvelle chaîne de transmission de l’information”

10th November
Students’ presentations. Each team will get 15 to 20 minutes to present their work (audio and/or video recording + explanations)

Interesting online resources
The Times UK Lost 4 Million Readers To Its Paywall Experiment
It’s Official: News Corp.’s Paywalls Are a Bust
Note that L’express in Mauritius has also erected a paywall for the electronic copy of the newspaper that appears in print since beginning of November (not for
TV sur Internet: les chaines font de la résistance
L’Europe favorable au droit à l’oubli sur Internet
Facebook va diffuser des bons de réduction
Tag-Along Marketing
Listen (and read this blog) very carefully: the internet is not the enemy
The Shallows. What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains and Is Google Making Us Stupid?
Livre numérique : “Pas de scénario catastrophe”
Hadopi : les critiques de l’industrie des nouvelles technologies
Four year ethnographic study of Global Voices
MIT researcher finds that social networks influence health behaviors

Facebook Now On Pace to Serve 1 Trillion Display Ads Per Year

13th October
Guest talk by Avinash Meetoo
Please ensure that you complete your recordings and editing and then let Ketan know when he can upload your work.
About the last assignment:
Each student is expected to contribute to this page (through the comments section) by conducting a continuous technology watch until end of November. You are expected to write a brief summary that includes your thoughts on the topics covered (note more than one paragraph for each). The more you contribute (in terms of volume and quality and relevance), the higher the marks you may earn.

Interesting online resources
How the Cell Phone Is Changing the World
Android passe devant Apple, Nokia confirme sa dégringolade
ProPublica, le journalisme d’investigation financé par le mécénat

In 2014, You’ll Have Up to 10 Screens for Online Video

The art of unfriending: I’m just not that into you
Data for a Better Planet
Facebook generates 10% of Mail Online’s UK traffic
The internet’s new billion

Here are the provisional marks for Continuous Assessment (for first 2 assignments only)

Interesting online resources
“Ideas Generator” Charles Leadbeater to Illustrate New Learning Strategies – with Lessons from the Slums and
The Times’ Paywall and Newsletter Economics
Analysing data is the future for journalists, says Tim Berners-Lee
Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality
The splintering of the fourth estate
The mobile and the world by Amartya Sen
iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry C-Section comics

Student assignments 1

‘Facebook users’ done by Fabienne Pallany & Eesani Nagen

‘YouTube users’ done by Lucie Leste & Natasha Roseeawon


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  1. Hi
    Wikileaks is not available since this morning (monday). Is it because they announce that they will publish secret documents concerning war in Afghanistan? Is it a kind of censorship? Or it is a traffic jam as many people is trying to get access to wikileaks.


  2. Hi Chrisitina,

    Natasha and I will work on ‘YouTube users in Mauritius’.

    We will be in class today to do some research on you tube if possible..

    Thanks & Regards,


  3. Hi Aisha,

    ‘Facebook users’ has already been chosen by Fabienne and Eesani. You got to choose between ‘Flickr users in Mauritius’ and ‘News media using web 2.0 in Mauritius’..


  4. All ad men will be interested and attacted by the new kind of advertisement system proposed by google. The service consists of a new google search engine, which will not only display the images of the searched items but also provide information about the products, including their prices. Furthermore, advertisers will only pay when there is a purchase and hence share the revenue will google.


  5. Who hasn’t heard about Microsoft? Microsoft’s Windows operating system has dominated the world of Computers for years,but will it last forever??? This article interestingly describes the way Microsoft Windows got better and better with time and is still trying to top the list and the windows phone 7 that has been launched in the UK and the US. But the question is for how long will it survive? The article claims that it will be tough for Microsoft to dominate smartphones the way it did with PC’s.


  6. Facebook innovates with its new messaging system which is far easier and simpler and than the time consuming emailing system. This new system will be a facility for the 500 million users to interact with people as their SMS’s, IM’s,emails,facebook messages shall be seamlessly integrated. This article is a must for facebook users who doesn’t want to miss any messages and receive it instantly and in an organized manner.


  7. Hi Christina
    Eid Mubarak.
    Just to let yu know that I shall not be able to make it today. Taken up with Eid. I really wished to attend. Shall post articles soon




    I have been scanning through the media and Internet for technology related articles. Some are on paying sites; so I shall send to Christina to whom I would be grateful if she could relay to you.




  9. Konica Minolta is coming up with new technologies to improve its lighting system and be more environmentally friendly and contribute to prevention of global warming. It’s quite interesting to see that even cam corders/ video recorders and other such devices are making the effort to find some solution for a better world, and better service!

    The advanced technologies of Konica Minolta are now working to realize dreams which were thought to be impossible until just short time ago.From fashion and medicine to the field of space development…the technologies created by Konica Minolta possess the great strength to change the future.


  10. It takes energy to run the computers inside data centers—and then more energy to cool them down. For years, Intel and AMD have dominated the microprocessor market with high-performance chips. But as the cost of cooling chips becomes a bigger issue, these companies will face competition from low-power upstarts, some of which use chip architectures originally developed for cell phones and other mobile devices.Marvell of Santa Clara, California, and Calxeda of Austin, Texas, have announced server chips using ARM chips—a type of processor that dominates the mobile device market.
    These chips originate from a battery-constrained environment, which means that they are inherently low-power. Unlike Intel and AMD chips, ARM chip designs can be modified by other companies, which they can be optimized for specific tasks… an approach that saves space and cost.


  11. A Laptop You Can Break Down by Hand, Then Recycle
    The Bloom notebook computer is designed to combat rampant e-waste.
    Apple designs its products so that you’ll never have to take them apart. The Bloom laptop, designed by Stanford students concerned about e-waste, takes the opposite approach: you can break it down by hand into recyclable parts in 30 seconds flat.

    Here’s another article showing how technology tries to bring it’s share of help in reducing waste (e- waste), thus going towards a greener planet…or e- planet!!


  12. A New ‘Facebook Browser’ Faces an Uncertain Future

    The new browser- Rockmelt is actually designed to make connection with contacts much easier while browsing the net. However, it is derived from the Google Chrome browser and thus is not exactly Facebook’s propriety. There are some confusing features as well, and to use that new nrowser, a facebook user should sign in first!
    More details can be found here…


  13. Dear students,

    Please ensure you do not put duplicate news stories (even if they come from different sources). Merely add the resource as a hyperlink in response to your friends’ contributions in case you come across interesting articles about the same topic.

    Also, try to avoid manufacturer advertising material and give preference to third-party reviews which will show more objectivity.

    Can students who have difficulties in contributing comments please let me know what message they get?


  14. n the last lecture, we talk about Google android. In this article, experts emphasize on the facts that tablets using this O/S will know a boom in the coming years. Several companies like Samsung, Dell and Motorola are using android for their tablets. As Avinash told us, the world tendency is moving toward free services and softwares. People surely will be more enthusiast having a table which can ne used will different software.


  15. Caméras, GPS, réseaux sociaux en France; plus de 570,000 regards electroniques scrutent les moindres aller et venu des francais. Alors que certains pensent qu`ils sont trop surveillés, d`autres se rassurent en se disant qu`ils sont en sécurité. Si la balise GPS permet de localiser quelqu`un grace a une programmation faite sur Internet, certains francais esquivent cet investissement en optant pour des applications en ligne gratuites comme le tout recent Google latitude ou le Facebook Lieu, ou encore dismoiou. Comme a chaque nouvelle technologie qui fait surface sur le marché, il y en a ceux qui positivent et d`autres qui se sentent menacer. Interessant reportage de 100% mag, émission qui passe quotidiennement sur M6.


  16. La guerre entre facebook et google

    Les deux géants sont en guerre. Alors que facebook domine le réseau social, il rentre en guerre contre le roi de moteur de recherche Google. Malgré ces 500 millions de membres, facebook veut attirer les internautes qui ont une messagerie électronique. Il sera possible d’envoyer un mail à un contact à travers facebook sans même que il est sur votre liste d’amis…


  17. After the tremendous iPhone effect, Microsoft comes, a bit late indeed with its Windows Phone 7, which it says, will compete with the iPhone. Comments went down a lot since its introduction saying that the world doesn`t need Windows Phone 7, and that it is unuseful in the smartphone buffet. However, this smartphone has gone through intensive testing, with more than 10 million hours of automated testing. By the time Microsoft had finished the testing process, the battery life of the phone had doubled. In fact, microsoft feels that it`s good enough to be able to compete with other smartphones on the market. Here is an interesting link to Cnet News that got an exclusive visit inside Microsoft`s testing unit for Windows Phone 7.


  18. When an iPhone is connected to a specially modified table it beams the image of its screen on to the device.

    With its special touch screen technology – called Table.Connect – one can then swipe the surface of the table – and make it work just like an iPhone.

    This was invented by three austrians and they are planning to bring the Table.Connect system to as many devices as possible. Currently it only works with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

    We wonder what next?????


  19. We all want to know more about this fantastic product of the 21st century, which is continuously shaping the technological convergence. Every one talks about it, some are even rushing to buy the latest model, and here, we are talking about the Android Phone.Onto that link, you`ll find a list of all android phones, and surprisingly,the Japanese company, Panasonic is joining the competition!After they quit from mobile phones production some years back, they forecast to sell 15 million units across the world until 2015! Additionally, Eric Schmidt, Google`s CEO, announced that the Android 2.3 should be out in the next few weeks. Other absorbing articles regarding smartphones and android can be found on the link.


  20. Quelques petites nouvelles pour vous dire que le secteur est en perpétuelle évolution que ce soit dans le domaine technique ou administratif.

    Suite à l’intervention de Avinash Meetoo sur le smart phone dans le domaine de la technologie, l’article qui suit vous donne une indication de la vitesse dont les choses évoluent dans le domaine web applications et logiciels


  21. Another brand new item is being added to the smartphone list competition: The LG Optimus 1. What makes this phone special is that it is one of the first to run Android 2.2, Froyo, the latest open source software, by Google. In fact, the Optimus series will welcome different versions such as the Optimus Chic. Scott Ahn, CEO and president of LG mobile Communication Company affirms that LG and Google have the same vision: helping people access information easily. This new range of smartphones comes up with interesting applications and smoother internet browsing. The LG Optimus 1 has already reached over 1 million sales worldwide.


  22. supporting Ptrick’s arguments and views and also giving an idea about what Mr Avinash Meetoo talked to us last week, here’s a website which talks about the Google Tv

    one can enjoy any film he/she wants to see and at the same time surf the net and even work at the same time. we speak about multi tasking during this technological age, here its multiscreens encompassing work leasure and de-stress and al at the same time.


  23. Can we imagine mobile phone replacing our credit cards?

    The answer is yes, technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that nothing seems to be impossible at the moment.

    A new mobile phone which will include a built-in payment system that could eventually replace credit cards.It will be called ‘Nexus S’ and will be manufactured by Samsung.
    check the link


  24. The web has known a substantial expansion since the early 20th century. The first version was web 1.0, which was mere reading.Then, surfaced the web 2.0 which was defined as collective intelligence whereby interaction, communication and co-creation was encouraged.But the evolution does not stop here. Today, bloggers and web specialists talk about the web 3.0. For instance, it is important to understand what the web 3.0 is all about, what are its features, how it deviates from web 2.0 and what is its positionning? There`s a website called Read Write Web that covers the utility of web 3.0, whereby it is defined as being the “web of openness”. It also explains that the web 2.0 is more about user generated content and social applications as opposed to web 3.0, which is termed as the intelligent web.


  25. Twitter is planning to make a huge step by launching an interesting free analytic service. The service will enable users to track their popularity on twitter, the popularity of their tweets, the number of retweets, replies and tweets received. Twitter is investing massively to attract marketers, and hopefully this new service will financially benefit the company in the long run.


  26. Facebook Apps Downloaded Over 100 Million Times From GetJar’s App Store

    Getjar is an independant mobile phone application store, which provides more than 60,000 mobile applications (second to Apple which provides more than 100,000 mobile applications).

    The company confirmed facebook as the most downloaded mobile application software ever, which has been downloaded up to now by more than 100 million people


  27. Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks said Monday it was planning to publish nearly three million more secret documents in its next mass release of confidential material, according to its Twitter feed. click on the link below to find out more…;_ylt=AhUxqcXPobO.gTwPJ.KSGHEjtBAF;_ylu=X3oDMTJhNTJib2VsBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAxMTIyL3dpa2lsZWFrcwRjcG9zAzMEcG9zAzgEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yeQRzbGsDd2lraWxlYWtzbmV3


  28. can you imagine charging ur mobile without plugging in a charger or changing the battery… if no then you need to stay updated with technology because its leaving everyone behind, moving with unbelievable pace.

    POWERMAT wireless chargers charge your mobile without having to plug each one into the wall.

    You simply drop it onto a mat, using a special battery or case, and watch as the magic show begin.


  29. Media groups are trying adapt to fast changes brought by new media. The internet might be free, but people seems not willing to pay for info on line. Newsweek went almost bankrupt. In Mauritius, the first media group, La Sentinelle, to introduce e-paper online, paid version, is facing lots of difficulties. The number of visitors on it’s info site has dropped by more than 100 000, since the paid version was introduced a month ago.,11344.html


  30. Smartfish downsizes ergonomic mouse for travelers

    Smartfish Technologies, know to have developed the world’s first intelligent and healthy range of “injury avoidance” ergonomic keyboards and devices, will launch a new whirl mini notebook laser mouse in December.

    The device will be smaller than its predecessor, the famous award-winning Ergomotion, with enhanced usability for laptop users and travellers. It is designed to work naturally with hand and wrist, providing an extra comfort to the user.

    The product description, specifications and price are described in the link below:


  31. Le smart phone qui en compétition directe avec l’ordinateur gagne de plus en plus en popularité. Introduit il y a un an,l’achat en line à travers le smart phone (Android Apps, I Phone Apps etc)est exploité à fond en cette période de fin d’année. Un commerce sans nul doute fructueux aux Etats Unis qui compte 50 millions d’utilisateurs et une centaines d’applications pour faciliter le shopping. D’autant plus que les acheteurs peuvent comparer les prix et bénéficier des coupons de réduction entre autres…


  32. RIM co-operates with the United Arab Emirates

    RIM has signed an agreement with the United Arab Emirates’
    The deal is reportedly intended to improve the country’s e-government services.

    The Emirates threatened to shut down the blackberry service for non- compliance with their local rules and regulations. Blackberry immediately attended and signed the contract for more business there.


  33. Opera Mobile for Android coming soon

    The launching is planned for next month. The first public beta version of Opera Mobile for Android will be available from and Android Market. It will allow opera to run smoothly and more rapidly due to its hardware acceleration. Navigating a page, panning and zooming will be faster than ever. The world is moving a pace faster with each minute!!


  34. Google search teams up with Windows 7…and it’s no surprise!
    However, users are not quite satisfied as they report poor integration, with a dull look and just a web shortcut to search engine.
    Looks like both will have to review the apps for better use and integration!


  35. This article is taken from the presentation by Mary Meeker, acclaimed web analyst,at the recent San Francisco Web 2.0 convention. It consists of interesting data on the use of Internet aroudn the world and also hints to the growing popularity of web 2.0 applications.
    Learning: China and the US are also both homes to the largest social networks, Facebook and Tencent, the Chinese IM based social network with 637-million active users (currently larger than Facebook).
    USA, Japan, China, Brazil and Indonesia are among the biggest Internet mobile users.
    The future of technology is through mobile phones with the parallel advances in internet-based and mobile phone engineering technologies creating new business possibilities by the day.


  36. This is yet another article further to the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco. The author talks about the growing importance of social media. The examples given are indeed interesting: for instance, imagine one buys shirts online, chances are that a list of shirts by category will be given. Imagine shirts are categorised by folksonomy. That would add the winning element to the website.


  37. Next version of Android coming up soon- Android Gingerbread.
    This new version will be compatible to 2.3 Android version instead of the 3.0 version (which is perhaps the future Android Honeycomb)!! What do we not hear now!

    And now it looks like Sony Ericsson will soon launch its smartphone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X12, which will have integreted Android Gingerbread.


  38. Google’s driverless car 🙂

    Interesting one, described as a “Super Cruise Control” by a Google engineer.. The car is being tested over and over; and it seems like the project is a success. It has already travelled 140,000 miles. Just tell it your destination and it plots a route for you, taking into consideration speed limits and traffic patterns.
    However Google has still not made up its mind about comercialising it because of the undefinable cost of course!!



    Sony revealed the ‘world’s first’ 16.41 megapixel sensor. Something which all cameras aim now is the quality of images thus going for higher number of pixels. Beside the record-breaking sensor, Sony also announced the 8.13 megapixel IMX105PQ sensor which can record 720p video (@ 30 FPS).
    Interesting path, which will touch mobile phones soon.


  40. Can anyone imagine opening their door without a key, but…with their mobile phones. A successful trial has successfully been done at the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm using NFC (Near Future Communications) mobiles. Just place your phone near the lock, and in a tenth of a second, the Near Field Communication (NFC) sensors verify your identity and open the door. Guests can also check-in and check-out using their mobile phones.


  41. We are continuously being drowned by new technological terms nowadays.For instance, the term `cloud computing`has taken much ascension since last year. But, as a matter of fact, definitions flow from everywhere, whereby lots of them do not describe the real purpose of that term. Basically, cloud computing refers to an internet-based network whereby resources, software and information are shared to computers. Accordingly, different kinds of cloud computing have emerged.In that same path enterprises have created their own systems to follow that trend. Other popular sites like Youtube and Amazon have become the leaders in terms of cloud computing. The first link summarises the latest updates of cloud computing whilst the second shows how cloud computing might help in maintaining India`s ecosystem.,0


  42. First look at new Facebook rival

    Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and computer science students in 2004. It is now ranked as the most used social network site worldwide. However, following the social network privacy crisis earlier this year, four students from a University in New York launched a new social network service this Tuesday – DIASPORA.It is described as a new rival to Facebook. The service is not bad for a start but to be able to match facebook, more interesting features should be added.


  43. Microsoft includes videos in BING Search

    Bing , a web search engine launched by Microsoft in June 2009, is adding additional features to complete with the search engine market leader – Google. Microsoft has tied hands with giants of the market to enhance the search features of Bing. It has collaborated with the British library so as to target a particular European community whose first choice is Google. On the other hand, it has tied hands with Facebook so that upon searching for a person’s name that is on this social network site, his entire public information is automatically displayed. Aside from these features, Microsoft announced this Wednesday that they will incorporate TV clippings in the Bing search results. Although these features are already available in Google, one thing is certain that in the coming years, Google is going to face serious competition from Bing.


  44. Microsoft has come up with an enhanced tool to help users of PowerPoint. Those using it for their presentations will be glad to note that now it is possible to do your presentation without going from slide to slide.
    In other words, your slide presentation will no longer be linear. The add-in gives you a number of dynamic templates which you can use to reorganize your presentation. For example, you can group related slides into sections, and then, during the presentation, zoom “out” to view the entire group, make a slide selection, and then dive deep back to your selected slide.;content


  45. Microsoft TV in the works?

    Microsoft is planning to compete with giants like Netfix, Apple and Google, by launching its own streaming TV service. The company is in talks with several TV networks to stream contents through its Xbox 360 and Windows 7 mobile phones. Before the launch itself, Microsoft is regarded as a big competitor as recent report suggests that the Xbox 360 surclassed both Nintendo and Sony PS3 in sales figures.


  46. Strand Consult, a privately owned Consultancy Company, analyses the mobile TV industry and publishes a report: “The Moment of Truth, A Portrait of the Mobile TV Market”
    This article highlights the fact that mobile TV needs to be more attractive for end-users and needs to look for new business models to succeed in this field.


  47. Rodney:

    Je poste ici, un excellent édito de Thomas Legrand de France Inter. Il s’intéresse ce 1er décembre 2010 aux révélations de Wikileaks qui relancent le débat sur le métier de journalistes.

    France Inter: Par Thomas Legrand

    Les révélations de Wikileaks ouvrent-elles des débats sur le métier de journaliste?

    Oui, et il y a depuis le début de la semaine, de la part des commentateurs français, une sorte de musique assez critique, une défense bien sage des pouvoirs qui seraient violés dans leur intimité.

    Voici le lien:


  48. Le Nokia N8 souffre de composants défectueux?
    Des rapports éparpillés sur Internet déclarent que le Nokia N8 sous Symbian^3 ne fonctionne plus.

    Les utilisateurs ont noté que l’appareil ne s’allume, ni ne se charge. Hexus a reporté le problème lors du test de l’appareil, notant qu’il ne s’allumait plus. Un tweet d’Eldar Murtazin, de Mobile-Review, confirme la plainte: “L’histoire se répète. Le Nokia N8, comme le 5800, a des composants défectueux dans les volumes de sa première production. Le N8 est en train de mourir à travers le monde. Tous les téhéphones sont affectés.” IntoMobile a rapporté qu’un distributeur en Malaisie et un utilisateur en Thailande ont remarqué cette défaillance du power on. Nokia n’a encore sorti aucun communiqué à ce sujet.


  49. FOLIO 100

    Accès global à divers contenus multimédia, aux réseaux sociaux et à l’Internet mobile : votre FOLIO 100 est une tablette multimédia personnelle.
    Elle permet de profiter de tout ce que la vie a à offrir, où que vous soyez. Démarrage immédiat, webcam, véritablement portable grâce à sa conception ultra compacte (14 mm), interface tactile multipoint et simplicité!


  50. Depuis plusieurs années, les expérimentations vont bon train pour déterminer quel est le meilleur vecteur pour la publicité mobile. Publicités textuelles, bannières, SMS, Bluetooth, publicité embarquée dans des applications…de nombreux canaux sont disponibles mais tous n’ont pas la même efficacité.

Tandis qu’ Apple se prépare à lancer d’ici le mois de décembre son système iAd qui veut justement apporter une nouvelle expérience publicitaire plus interactive et séduisante, la dernière étude Comscore rappelle qu’en Europe, le SMS reste un canal privilégié pour la publicité mobile.


  51. One month of technology watch and i can say that technology has declared war on a daily basis.War against human beings and war against itself.

    This war against human beings has started since a very long time.It is argued that technology has helped in broadening the unemployment gap. The question is: how far this is true???

    Secondly, the war against itself occurs in the sense that each day new technological inventions are cropping up, fighting to survive and seeking our attention and affection. Various functionalities, upgrading method and applications for the “betterment” of people are being introduced.

    Ipad, Iphones, Ipods, ebooks, netbooks, xbox, 3D TV, you name it. Though these names are somewhat scary, yet they have found their places in our vocabulary. “Apples” and “Berries” have become part and parcel of our lives.

    The Smartphone era is here and all set to make our world “smarter”.

    Technological advancement is prevalent in every sphere of the society. For example in the medecine world, ways of curing brain diseases by growing new cells and anti-ageing medicines are now available, thanks to technology. Automotive metrology, Ultra 3D gaming devices, Space Telescopes and other super-tech devices have enabled scientists to study planets and other solar systems. People have even walked on the moon due to technological inventions.

    What’s Next???

    Built-in Solar Cell, Android phone, net phone, net TV…

    However, in some cases, people are losing their real identities and taking up virtual identities. A sort of Paranoia is created among people. Instead of using technology for their own benefit, some people are letting technology use and abuse of them. Technology has become idol and people, worshippers.

    Hopefully, there’s still time before the world turns into a place for survival of the fittest.


  52. Cloud computing; a rather new term that has emerged some couple of years ago and which is layering up the stairs very rapidly, especially in businesses, large companies and organisations that have a website. The advantages of cloud computing are:
    1. Scalability
    2. Instantaneous
    3. Saving money
    With cloud hosting, enterprises can stop worrying about their hardware and instead emphasise on the expansion of their business.

    Here are two links that define cloud computing very concisely:


  53. Podcasting is the latest technological revolution that has surfaced in the World Wide Web. Apart from being the newest way to broadcast, podcasting is also a new medium in publishing shows. This innovation functions a bit like a blog, whereby Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed is used to locate the sources of the contents. What is interesting with this new medium is that you can download music or show both on your computer and on any portable device that is compatible with your computer. It is therefore convenient as the user does not have to stick to one single place to view a show or listen to music.

    Please check the link:—Pod-casting-For-Beginners.shtml


  54. Technological convergence, technological revolution or technological innovation, are all terms that define new forms of technology. Are we sheltered from those ongoing development towards new technology? Are we given choices? Should we accept or decline the change? What are the impacts? Interrogations do not stop. Nonetheless, the evidence is here; technology has power, both at a hegemonic level or an individual level. Below is an interesting article that helps understand the growth of technology and analyses its impacts.


  55. The mobile phone is defnitely the most prominent technological device of this century. With the smartphone competition, functions have been added to provide greater reliability, efficiency and strenght. However, new cell phones are being populated on the technological market with an additional function: the style. The more the cell phone is attractive in its look , color and form, the more its sales will go up. Some people chose their cell phone according to their status, their personality and their fashion trends. This page criticises the positionning of the cell phone today, by highlighting in some paragraphs the evolution process it went through.


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