New Forms of Media (Aug-Dec 2014)

Module offered on self-study mode to students in Political Science Yr 3.

Here’s the Module Outline

First meeting: Thursday 18th September at 09.00
Lecture Notes:
Introduction to New Media
– Manovich’s Principles of New Media

Reading material:
New Media History by Patrice Flichy (to be summarised in key points)

Second meeting: Wednesday 24th September at 10.30
We discuss:
Historical timeline for new media
The Coming of Age of IT & the New Economy

Third meeting: Wednesday 1st October at 10.30
Please bring your summary of Flichy’s chapter (in the form of a bulleted list of key ideas)
You also need to update the data for Internet and mobile usage from the historical timeline.
We will discuss the notes on The Coming of Age of IT and the New Economy

New reading material:
Technological revolutions and techno-economic paradigms by Carlota Perez

Fourth meeting: Wednesday 8th October at 11.00
All students are expected to hand over the summary of Flichy’s chapter (in bulleted list).
we discuss New Media = New Theory?
Reading material: Introduction of the book ‘La Révolte du Pronetariat’ by Joël de Rosnay: Introduction-pronetariat. Please note that the whole book is freely available at

Fifth meeting: Wednesday 15th October at 11.00
Please be punctual.
We discuss: Technophilia vs Technophobia debate
If we have time, we will have a small MCQ

Sixth meeting: Wednesday 22nd October at 11.00
We discuss the quiz which was given last week, then we discuss Web 2.0
Reading material:
Additional reading:
We the Media by Dan Gilmor
What is web 2.0? by Tim O’Reilly

Seventh meeting: Wednesday 29th October at 11.00
As agreed, we will have a test.
Meeting and test was cancelled at your request.

Seventh meeting: Wednesday 5th November at 11.00
In-class test

Reading material:
Protected Resources for New Media 2014 (Note that you need to use the password which I have sent you by email in order to open this page as these are copyright-protected resources)


Interesting online resources
Key Indicators in Media & News (USA)
8 Key Takeaways about Social Media and News (USA)
Call for teens to self-regulate net use
It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens; The App Generation: How Today’s Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World
NEW: How Facebook Is Changing the Way Its Users Consume Journalism

Interesting videos
New Media, Part I: Redefining journalism
Computer History – A British View – Part 1 of 3
Computer History – A British View – Part 2 of 3
Computer History – A British View – Part 3 of 3
History of Computers,Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Apple Microsoft

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Some past exam papers
Past papers


7 thoughts on “New Forms of Media (Aug-Dec 2014)

  1. Dear Madam, I think there is a big misunderstanding concerning the class test. Last week none of us understood that it was scheduled for tomorrow and we were surprised to see your message this evening.


  2. Ok, Thank You and sorry for the inconveniences caused. Will the test be on the reading materials you sent also or just what we did in class ?


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