Principles of PR-Yr1 (Jan-May 2008)

Module Outline

Lecture Notes

29th January & 5th February
Introduction to PR

12th February
The nature of PR
Handout: The PRSA definition

19th February
Organisational settings
Stop press: Lecture today will be in room G2 (Eng Tower)

26th February
Organisational settings (part2)
Organisational Publics
Assignment to be submitted TODAY…
Stop press: Lecture for today is cancelled. Sorry for that.

4th March
Lecture cancelled upon request of the class due to massive absence in context of Maha Shivaratree. However, students are requested to download and study the lecture notes posted on 26th Feb.
You should also draw a detailed chart of your organisation’s publics and stakeholders and bring this in class next week as well as the assignment given 3-4 weeks ago.

11th March
Bring lecture notes of 26th Feb (Organisational settings & organisational publics)
If we have time, we will also look at the following: Planning PR
Exercises to be done in class: exercises.pdf

18th March
We will look at the lecture ‘Planning PR’. Do not forget the detailed chart of your organisation’s publics and stakeholders.

25th March
Press Relations
Also check out the following online resources:
Preparing the Press Release – a presentation by Marty Simon of Simon Group at a conference called Bus and Board in 2003.
Media Relations – lecture notes available on the MIT OpenCourseWare
Please finalise your chart of the stakeholders/publics of your organisation + SWOT analysis and bring in class.

An example of Press Relations Campaign
E/S Orcelle Clean Ship Case Study for Press Relations
Presentation of case study
Trade release
Consumer release
Daily Telegraph article

1st April
We completed the lecture on Press Relations. Then, we studied some examples of press releases and practised writing up of press releases.
Two sets of handouts were given in class about media relations; one from the book ‘Corporate Communications and Public Relations’ (Harvard Business School Press) and the other from ‘Exploring Public Relations’ (Tench & Yeomans).

Work to be submitted on Tuesday 8th April:
– Reformat the press release by Ministry of Tourism
– Finalise the press release for the Media Lab
All the above should be word-processed and printed.

Reminder: All assignments, exercises and presentations are graded and may count towards continuous assessment

8th April
Lecture on Internal PR. I have some problems uploading lecture notes. I will distribute some hard copies in class.

15th April
Lecture on Evaluation of PR. Still unable to upload notes.
Class is cancelled today as I am sick. Please pass on the message.

22nd April
Lecture was on Research and Evaluation in PR.
I gave back marked assignments.
We had a small test in class.

29th April
This will be the last session. We will address any questions you have about all topics covered during the semester. Please make sure you jot down any questions you may have for revision.

Lecture notes that were missing:
Internal PR
Research & Evaluation

Small tests we did:
First test
Second small test


Here are the marks for continuous assessment.
Some students have not submitted a few pieces. They are urged to submit urgently in order to finalise their marks or they run the risk of losing the marks altogether.
Reminder: you need 40% to pass overall but you need 30% in CA and 30% in Exams minimum to pass. That means you need 12 marks at least in CA to pass. A bon entendeur…


One thought on “Principles of PR-Yr1 (Jan-May 2008)

  1. Hi christina,
    unfortunately we have problem having the press release of ministry of tourism. i think the copies you gave in class were taken by only a few students and the majority of the class does not have the copies. but for the press release for the media lab,all students do have the guidelines and copies required.
    thanks for your understanding and see you in class.



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